How To Recover Google Account Password Using Phone Number

It could be that your phone number may be linked to your Google account and you may have forgotten the account password for the same. So users need not worry at all as there is a way through which users can recover my Google account password using my phone number. But for doing the same users will need to follow an effective and legit procedure. Users looking for the same can get the same by moving down the tutorial and following the below mentioned step by step procedure for Google account recovery with phone number. In case of doubts and discrepancies feel free to get in touch with us and we would be more than happy assisting you and resolving all your issue and query in one go.

Steps to recover Google account password using phone number:

Step 1: The process can be started by the users by visiting the official website of the Gmail account while also ensuring that users have a sound internet connection.

Step 2: Once that has been done in an effective manner then users can click on Forgot password which they can find it just below the password field.

Step 3: In case users remember the last password that they have set then they can click on Next and in case they don’t tend to remember then users can click on Try a different question at the bottom of the gray box or continue clicking on Try a different question until and unless they can find the correct answer and then click on Next.

Step 4: Users can next choose phone number as the option that is linked with their Gmail account doing which users will get a phone number.

Step 5: Users can open the message that they must have got on to their screen and then they can simply enter the verification code as per the receivable.

Step 6: Users will now have an option to enter and confirm a new password for their email account in their respective fields.

Step 7: Once that has been done in an effective manner then users can click on Change password and then they can simply click on Continue.

Users can now sign in to their account with the username that they have already been using and also the newly created password so that they can enjoy uninterrupted services with the email account.