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Dell laptops are known for their impeccable performance and longevity. But still, there are times when a few hardware or software related glitch hamper the performance of the laptops. It may cause a lot of annoyance among users as they may not know the troubleshooting steps. But to the delight of users, they can easily avail the solution steps by taking some help from a proficient team.

Following are the basic issues with Dell laptops which can be resolved by calling at Dell customer service number

  • There is no power in the laptop (the power button is not working)
  • A laptop is restarting frequently
  • Users are unable to open the system in Safe mode.
  • The laptop is getting heated up very quickly.
  • The battery backup is very poor.
  • Some of the keys of the keypad are not working.
  • The system is hanging up too often

Following are the steps to follow if the power button is not working which can be learned by calling at Dell support number

  • In the very step, users must ensure that the battery is fully charged
  • To proceed further with the process, users must remove the Battery and then disconnect the AC Adapter;
  • Once this is done, users must hold the power button down for about 5 seconds in order to discharge Static Flea Power
  • In the next step, users must reseat the battery on their laptop and power it on
  • Once this is done, users must again remove the Battery from their laptop and then power it on using only the AC Adapter
  • It must be made sure by users that the Power LED on the AC Adapter is on, which will signify that the AC adapter is functional. Users must also go for an AC Adapter if available.

If users have some doubts about the solution steps for the power issue with their laptop, then they must call at Dell laptop customer support without having any second thought.

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There are other issues with Dell laptops besides the power issue that requires expertise and experience. Their team of certified technicians proves to be successful in both these aspects. Users must not hesitate to call them and avail their round the clock services. They will receive some of the finest and easiest solutions for all kinds of issues with their laptops. All solution steps will be provided via a remote desktop. Users also have the option to post their queries on the online forums.

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user : Date :May 14, 2020

contract : Hi. I want to buy a new Dell note book core i5 4th generation but it lacks warranty.I'm from Myanmar. And do you give service to it.

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