Why Brother Printer Not Working & Not Printing

Brother Industries is one of the world's leading electrical and electronic companies, based in Nagoya, Japan. It offers printers, sewing machines, fax machines and much more. The features and services of Brother products are greatly admired by customers. Today Brother Printer is trending in the market due to its excellent features, such as easy access, easy to use, economical price, easy to install and print is better on its own.  

How to fix Brother Printer not working issue:

Brother Printers are widely used all across the world for various business and personal purpose. But in the recent times there have been complaints from the users they are facing certain problems with their printer as a result of which there normal productivity is getting hampered. In case the users can find out the root cause of such issue then it becomes very easy to tackle and then perform troubleshooting steps to fix the same on an instant basis. This will eventually enhance the users’ productivity. In case you are one such user who have been facing difficulties in handling the Brother Printer then this tutorial will help you in identifying the root cause of issues or errors happening and then the troubleshooting steps which can be performed by the users in order to fix such kind of issue on an instant basis.

Errors in cable connection: The cable may not be connected to the computer or the desire device as a result of which it may be failing to serve its purpose. Users can simply do is switch off the printer and the respective device unplug and then again plug the cable nicely. Once done then switch on the system and printer and start performing the operation. If that is the root cause of the issue then it should certainly be fixed.

Check if the drivers are installed effectively: It could be that you may not have installed drivers effectively in your desire system in an effective manner as a result of which you may be facing such kind issue. In order to fix this issue users simply need to do is uninstall all the driver from the respective system and then reinstall the same. If that is the really the root cause of the issue then it should certainly be fixed in one go.

Installation Problems: It could be that users may not have installed the printer on to the system in an effective manner as a result of which they may be facing such kind of issue and error. This is one of the major issues which many of the users face and then they tend to land up with nothing. Users can simply do is uninstall everything which they have done till date and then again reinstall the same. This should certainly work for the users and then they should be able to get one stop solution for the underlying issue and error.

Printer Offline Problems: There would have been many a times that the users’ printer may be going offline as a result of which users may be facing such kind of problems. In order to fix such kind of problems users simply need to do is install the software on their system and then perform scan on the system and then they can be certain enough to get one stop solution for the underlying issue and error.

Print jobs stuck in a queue: It could be that you may have given several print commands but the print may not be coming out of the printer. In short the print jobs may be getting stuck in a queue. It could be that paper may not be placed in an effective manner in the Brother printer as a result of which users may be facing such kind of problems. Users can simply do is check the alignment of the paper and then they should be certain enough to get the issue resolved in a quick span of time.

Why Brother Printer Not Printing:

One question that arises for many of the users is that why the Brother printer is not printing. Yes that’s an obvious question as the basic functionality of a printer is to give print commands and its failing its purpose. There could be varied range of reasons due to which the users Brother printer may not be printing.

Let us try to understand the root cause of it:

  • Cartridge may be running out of ink
  • There could be some errors in the cable connection
  • There could be some discrepancies in the drivers installed in the system
  • Printer may be running offline
  • There could be some installation problems in the printer
  • Print jobs may be stuck in a queue

Next section of the tutorial will help you to get the issues fixed of the printer on an instant basis and that too without any sort of hesitation.

Brother Printer Not Printing

Go through some key points which will guide you to overcome these troubles:

  • Make sure you are printing with the right size of the paper to avoid paper jam as well as rough or invisible printing.
  • Do not try to fill unnecessary paper inside the feeder.
  • Install the latest version of the Brother Printer driver which will help you to remove some of the glitches.
  • If there is an insufficient amount of ink in the cartridge, for that you need to refill the printer ink whenever your printer is not working.
  • Sometimes due to incorrect settings of the printer leads to improper working of printer which can become a blunder mistake for an important document.

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