Kodak Printer Troubleshooting | Not Printing

Kodak printer made through complex and critical coding via highly educated developers, for this reason, users got multi-features and compact printers with various models. If you are working in the photography profession, you must aware of Kodak Printer. People can print immediate and beautiful HD photos. The portable and easy-to-charge feature make the printer the best printer. Despite all the features, still people face some issues with this Kodak photo printer. If you also face issues with your favorite Kodak printer, don’t worry at all. This article will narrate a detailed process of Kodak printer troubleshooting. Before you go for the Kodak printer troubleshooting procedure, you must know the proper reason for getting problems in the Kodak printer, not printing. But, sometimes, users face lots of issues with this printer so if you are one of them and your Kodak printer not working so just follow the below presented instructions and learn the simple troubleshooting steps.

Follow the list of problems that face with Kodak printer:

  • Printing low-resolution with Kodak Photo printer
  • Paper jam issues in Kodak printer
  • Kodak printer not printing
  • Kodak printer is not responding
  • Kodak printer is printing light images
  • Unable to feed paper on the paper tray
  • Connection problem in Kodak printer

Reasons when Kodak printer not printing

There are plenty of reasons where Kodak printer doesn’t respond. Just see the below presented actual reasons:

  • Due to the old version of the software’s.
  • Outdated Kodak printer drivers.
  • Ink cartridges or ink tank issue.
  • Paper jam and paper alignment problem.
  • Virus, malicious, and malware issues.
  • Due to the poor internet connectivity.
  • USB cable connection issue.
  • Kodak printer setting issue.
  • Port setting problem.
  • Control display panel problem and many more issues.

Moreover, if your Kodak printer not working due to the above-presented any type of similar error so you can directly contact with Kodak printer troubleshooting expert which is available 24X7 with a toll-free number facility or you can also learn the below-given troubleshooting steps.

Precautions before Kodak printer troubleshooting

  1. Check the physical connection: Before starting the troubleshooting process, just check USB cable quality and connection. As well as check the connection of the port and paper tray alignment. Also, set the bunch of black and white papers. Check the flow of the connection between printer power cords and electrical outlets.
  2. Check the WIFI or Wired Connection: Users always provide a high-speed connection to the printer and if you are using a wired connection so just check the cable is properly working. Go to the control panel and check the wireless wizard setup and network strength.
  3. Check the Ink cartridges: Install the best quality ink cartridges in the ink tank but if you are using a color Kodak printer then, load the ink according to the color-wise.

Effective solutions through Kodak printer troubleshooting

Step 1: Update All the Drivers of the Brother Printer

Due to the old drivers of the printer sometimes, Kodak printer is not working so update all the drivers using the below-given steps:

  • Press the Windows + X simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Select the Device Manager and tap on the Printer option.
  • Right-click on the Kodak printer and select the Update driver option.
  • After then, tap on the Automatic Update drivers.
  • Finally, Reboot the Kodak printer before using it.

Step 2: Change Kodak Printer Settings

Kodak printer settings are very complex so due to the incorrect setting; Kodak printer shows error messages. Just, rid of this issue via below mentioned guidance:

  • Initially, hit on the Control Panel of the PC and choose the Network Discover option.
  • After then, select the Device & Printer, and then choose your Kodak printer.
  • Right- Click on the printer and tap on the connection settings option from the list.
  • Then, tap on the Reset Setting option.

Step 3: Set as a Default Kodak printer:

  • Tap on the power button of the printer.
  • Then, press the Windows + I button of keyword together.
  • Click on the Device button from the list.
  • Select your Printer and Right-Click on it.
  • Choose the See what’s Printer option from the list.
  • Finally, tap on the Set as A Default Printer.

Moreover, users can also remove the printer offline status via the above-presented steps but after applying all the steps, if again showing Kodak printer not printing error so just follow another resolving troubleshooting steps.

Step 4: Check the Kodak Printer Paper Jam Issue:

  • Just Plug Out your Kodak printer.
  • Ensure that paper should not be Damaged and Loose.
  • Remove and Clear the roller from the paper.
  • Clean the roller with help of cotton and align it into the Right position.

Step 5: Restart the Kodak printer

After completing all the Kodak printer troubleshooting steps, users need to reboot their Kodak printer and then, they have to use it because if you are not providing reboot after applying the above-given solutions so your printer will not refresh and the process will not apply correctly. After following all the troubleshooting solutions then, you can directly contact with Kodak printer troubleshooting expert using a helpline number and after the connection, your call, just share the issue with highly talented and qualified technical experts and you will get prompt assistance without much more effort. Users can call anytime from all over the globe and get immediate help for any type of complicated and critical Kodak printer issue.

Kodak Printer Troubleshooting

Is your Kodak printer not running? You can go for the Kodak troubleshooting process to fix the issues. First of all, switched off the printer for some time and then again switched on the printer before going through any further trouble shooting procedure. Rebooting the printer may fix the printing issues. Now, check for connecting which your Kodak printer is connected through Wi-Fi or cable. If the printer is connected through Wi-Fi then check the connection after reboot, if you still face the same issues you can go for further Kodak Printer troubleshooting procedures. There is various troubleshooting process.

Follow the below steps where we include all possible tips for the Kodak printer troubleshooting:

  • Troubleshoot Kodak printer low-resolution printing: If you find low-resolution printing from your Kodak printer you need to check the power cord of the printer whether it is correct or not. If not correct then connect the correct cord with the power cord or if the power cord is loosely connected then fix it tightly and restart the printer to fix the issues.
  • Troubleshoot Kodak Paper jam issues: Sometimes we may face an issue with Kodak printer due to paper jam. If you face paper jam issues then switched off the printer of Kodak printer and then clean the jam and again place the paper in the paper tray and again power on the printer and try to print again.
  • Troubleshoot when Kodak printer not printing: Sometimes the Kodak printer not printing, in such a situation, switches off the printer and again switched on and then check the cartridge is inserted properly or not. If not then inserted the cartridge properly and try to print again. If you responded then go for a further step.
  • Troubleshoot when Kodak printer not responding: If your Kodak printer is not responding for a long time then you can switch off the device and wait for some time and then again restart the device and try to print.
  • Troubleshoot Kodak printer when printing light: If you find a light image from your Kodak printer, you can change the cartridge and then restart the printer. After restart, try to print again.
  • Troubleshoot when the Kodak printer not printing from a Digital camera: Sometimes we can’t print from a digital camera, to fix the issues we need to check the USB connection which is connected with the printer and with the camera. Moreover, you can check the battery of the camera, if the camera is not charged, then change the camera. After that, try to print the document again.
  • Troubleshooting when paper running out from paper tray: Sometimes we don’t look after the paper tray and the papers are running out, resulting in the printer will not work. In such a situation, we need to be more careful and if the printer is not working then check the paper tray and load papers.
  • Troubleshoot when we can’t load papers on the paper tray: Sometimes we are unable to load papers on the paper tray. To fix the issues you need to switch off the printer and remove the paper feed roller after removing the tray from the printer. Now clean the paper feed roller and the paper tray with a lean and dry cloth. After that, given time to dry the paper feed roller and then reinsert the roller. Now, again switched on the printer and try to print again.
  • Troubleshoot connection problem of Kodak printer: connection problem is also another vital issue for Kodak printers are not working. If your Kodak printer is connected through Wi-Fi, then check the Wi-Fi connection by connecting to another device, or if the printer is connected through cable, then check the cable connection. If any issues with the connection, then fix the issues and try to print again.

Otherwise, due to overload Kodak printer gets overheated and the printer is not printing. In this situation, you need to wait and let the printer get cool down and then try to print. Hopefully, all the above information helps you with Kodak printer troubleshooting. If you still face issues with your Kodak printer, you can call technical help and get rid of the problem with the Kodak printer, not printing.

Frequently asked questions

  • If the ink levels are properly but, your printer is not printing so just follow the below instructions to fix this issue.
  • Clean the print head before printing a page.
  • Check the ink quality and match the ink number as per the requirement.
  • Ensure that, you are using your blank paper in proper alignment, size, or layout.
  • Clean the paper tray before starting the printing.

If the print head has clogged then, your printer will not properly work. Follow the below-presented ways.

  • Open the 'Control Panel'.
  • Then, choose the option of Fax and Printer.
  • After then, the printer will automatically clean the process for a few minutes.
  • Finally, it will install the print heads during the process.

After trying many times, if your Kodak printer is not printing then, you need to follow the below-given troubleshooting instructions and fix this issue:

  1. Update the printer drivers:
  • Open windows laptop or desktop.
  • Then, go to the 'Search Box'.
  • After then, choose the 'Device Manager'
  • Now, select your Kodak printer and right-click on your printer.
  • Tap on the 'Update ‘option from the list and your driver will update.
  1. Set Kodak printer as a default:
  • Go to the 'Device & Printer' option using the control panel.
  • Find and right-click on your Kodak printer.
  • Then, select the ‘Set default Printer'
  • Finally, click on the 'Yes'
  1. Cancel all printer jobs:
  • Again, go to the 'Control Panel'.
  • Now, you need to select the 'Device & Printers'
  • Then, right-click on your Kodiak printer.
  • Select the 'See Whats printing'
  • Next, open the 'Printer' menu and choose 'Open as Administrator'
  • Finally, select 'cancel all the jobs & documents' from the list.

If your wired or wireless Kodak printer is not working properly then, you can easily troubleshoot your Kodak printer using the below-presented instructions. Before doing anything, just learn How Do I Reset My Kodak Printer?

  • First of all, ‘Switch off’ the printer from the electrical outlet.
  • Then, open the ‘Ink cartridge’
  • After then, turn on your printer.
  • Next, go to the 'Control Panel' screen of the Kodak Printer.
  • Then, choose the 'Maintenance' option under the menu category.
  • Then, press the 'Ink Level'
  • If your Kodak printer doesn't recognize any error or showing the message on the display screen so it means, your printer has been reset.
  • Finally, tap on the 'OK' button and again, restart your printer.


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