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Microsoft account is quite famous across the globe, for its excellent and easy to use services and features. They are also renowned such as Outlook and Hotmail account. However, Microsoft accounts permit its uses to accessibility to use its several services such as fully organized, automatic syncing with contacts, and other data offline email access, various ways for email lookup, and so on. Also, convenience use to various Microsoft features such as Windows OS, Microsoft App store, One Drive, and Xbox, etc. But, first, the users need to create a new Microsoft account by providing the required details and then configuring a secure password. After then go to “” users can view & manage the whole thing, such as Office, Microsoft Edge, Outlook, Skype, Bing, OneDrive, Cortana, Mixer, MSN, and Windows. Therefore, often Microsoft users face some issues while using its service. The most common issue is that forgetting the password of Microsoft account, and then the users look for reliable help. Thus, to solve this issue or reset the password, users need to open the browser on their computer/Laptop and then go the search bar and type this link that will redirect users on the Microsoft password recovery page.

How to Reset Microsoft Password Using

When users as you forget the password of your Microsoft account and you’re unable to remember now, then the below given simple steps help to fix the issue quickly. Then, reset the Microsoft account password.

You need to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the page of Microsoft Password Reset
  • Then you need to provide the required account details like email address, phone number, or username associated with the live account.
  • Now, provide an alternate email address that you wish to use to recover your account.
  • In case, if you don’t have an alternate account other than the one linked to the Account Live. Then you can create a new one by selecting the link “Create a new one with”.
  • Enter the “Captcha” characters on the given box, which prove you’re not a robot. Then click “Next”.
  • Next, you will receive a verification code into your email address to verify it. Now you should verify your email where, you will get code, and then enters that code in the field. Then click “Verify”.
  • Follow the on-screen steps. then you will forward it to the password reset page.
  • Then create a new password, and then retype the password to verify it.

Now you’re done. In this way, you can easily reset the password of your Microsoft account or Account Live account. Now access your desired Microsoft products & services with just one login.

1-888-303-0834 Microsoft Password reset using is BROKEN

If you have forgotten the password of your Microsoft account and you are unable to login into your account? Then you don't need to worry. You can easily Microsoft account password reset using Https://, and get back your account again. So, let's see the recovery the below-given recovery steps.

Steps to Password Reset Using Https://

  • Firstly, open any web browser and in the URL type "Https://" to open the Microsoft Recover page.
  • Enter the Email ID or Phone number associated with your Microsoft account in the text box. Press on the Next button.
  • Then click on the Forgot Password option. Press on the Next button.
  • Now, fill the correct Captcha Characters into the required text box.
  • Tick the checkbox "Text”. Press on the Next button.
  • Click on the “Send Code” button. Then you will receive a four-digit verification code via SMS on your recovery mobile number.
  • Verify your mobile to see the verification code, and then submit it into the required text box. Click on the Next.
  • Then create a new password, and re-type the password to verify it. Click on Save
  • Done.

In this way, you can simply Microsoft account password reset using Https://, and then login into your account with a new password. password reset Enquiry Form

Microsoft provides safest and easiest products which users can use all the time without any hustle. We are commonly used Microsoft accounts for signing windows 8 or Windows 10, Windows store, windows phone devices, Video games, or office 365 which is highly appreciated and used by billions of users all across the world.

  • First of all go to the and provide the details of the account you are trying to retrieve using your email address, username, or phone number.
  • In order to connect you for your application, help us with your email address, the one which you are trying to recover.
  • Click on “I am, not a Robot” and select Next.
  • The a window will pop up, and inviting you to check the email address.
  • Check the email address with the safety code, enter the code and select confirm, fill in as much information as you can if you are still not sure.

BY following the steps mentioned above you can easily reset your password and check by login with the new password and email address by logging in into the If you are facing any issue with your account, never hesitate to get in touch with the most genuine distinguishes team who are highly professional and knowledgeable and always available to provide the best support of all your queries in a very the stipulated period of time.

How to change the Account Live Password

If you are facing trouble while signing in to your Microsoft account or not being able to access it there are many reasons behind it may be you forget your Microsoft Account password, sign in from a new device, you’re not able to complete the verification process, etc.  Below are a few of the suggestions mentioned by which you can easily able to access your account again?

Common ways are-

  • While entering your password make sure that the caps lock key is turned off and then only your enter password.
  • Try signing in to your account from another web browser after clearing your browser history.

If still after this also you are facing trouble while signing in to your account then you can also make a call on Microsoft customer service number, experts will guide you with some instruction and solve your problem as soon as possible

Here are also few steps while that also, you can easily able to access your account again:

  1. Visit to from any web browser using your smartphone or desktop.
  2. Go to the reset your password page from the setting menu.
  3. Select the reason why you want to change your password and click on next.
  4. While making your Microsoft account you have used any email address, phone no, or Skype id please enter that. (There could be any email address and email ending in Microsoft domain or
  5. Enter the characters displayed on the screen and click on next.
  6. If you have security information on your account, we will the one-time password to the alternate phone number or email address that you have provided while making your account with Microsoft. After entering that code in the box displayed on On your screen, you will be able to make the new password.
  7. With the help of your new password, you can easily able to sign in again with your Microsoft account.

Microsoft team also provides live customer support also if you are still not able to access your account then you can easily contact our live support team through live chat they are trained, the staff they will quickly resolve all your queries.

How to fix the problem of in

Most of the time users are facing that their account is not signed in. In this case, it may be they are entering the wrong password or not able to remember the correct password. If you also forget your password and want to recover your account but do not know the process then you no need to get worried about it because every problem has a solution so that you just adopt the given steps of to fix the problem.

Step by step instructions are given below to fix the problem of sign in:

  1. First of all, you should open the from a browser to recover your account.
  2. When you reached then the email address field will appear, you just type in that field. Then click on next.
  3. They will ask to confirm verification code via the phone number, alternate email, etc. If you want to receive the verification code on your phone then you should select the option via phone number.
  4. When you select it, you will receive a code. The company wants such kind of confirmation because they want to confirm that you are a real user of your account or not a robot. Then click on next.
  5. Again they will ask you that by which method you want to receive a code by alternative phone number or email. Select one of the following options and gets your code. One thing you should make sure that your phone is in your handy and network should be available to respond to get messages or call.
  6. When you get the verification code then enter the field.
  7. The next screen will open to create your new password. The first field is to type a new password and the second field is to confirm the password which you have created. Then click on the submit button.
  8. You must be sure that your password should strong between eight to sixteen characters in an alphanumeric form with at least one symbol.
  9. In this way your password will be recovered successfully.
  10. Now you just log out and log in again to confirm that your account’s password is working properly or not.

If the above steps are not helpful for you then you just directly consult with customer support. When you call on that number then they will pick your call within a minute you just share your problem they will definitely try to resolve it. The benefit of the contact number is that you can get multiple solutions to your problems at the same time.

How to Contact Expert

In case, if you are having trouble signing in to your Microsoft account, and its use services. Then don’t worry! Get help to solve Microsoft account-related issues such as recovery password, change password, reset password, and others. You just need to go with this link contact Expert and go to the Microsoft live chat support option to communicate with experts to quick help. A Microsoft customer service team of certified and experienced experts are available 24x7/365 days to give you hassle-free aid and solve Microsoft account or Live account regarding problems within a few minutes. The experts will listen to your issue, and provide for the simple solutions or steps to fix the glitches that you are facing. Hence, contact with Microsoft live support experts anytime to take immediate support 24 hours and prompt help to tackle the various kinds of problems regarding Live account or Microsoft account or Hotmail or Outlook account.



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