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Having more than 750 million worldwide users, Hotmail and Outlook are standing tall as two of the world’s most popular webmail service providers– Microsoft owns both of these. As these webmail providers are backed by massive user-base, the chances of getting hacked are also higher than the other webmail providers. Protecting the password is the easiest and most reliable way of ensuring the security of these email accounts. As per the email account security officials associated with Microsoft, changing the account password on a regular basis keeps the accounts away from the hackers. Check out how to change Hotmail password on this page! 

Steps of Hotmail password change:

  • Open your most preferred web browser
  • Type in its browsing bar
  • You will be insisted to make your account sign in if you are not already signed in,
  • Enter your Hotmail account login credentials to make your account login
  • Click on Next
  • You might be prompted to generate a security code
  • Click on Send Code and enter the code that is sent to your email address or phone number
  • Here you will have to enter your current password
  • Go to the upper portion of the window and enter your current password
  • Now enter your new password twice
  • Select Make me change my password every 72 days if you expect to change your password regularly
  • Click on Next
  • Your password will be changed within a short while

How to recover Hotmail Password with the phone number

  • Open and enter your email address
  • Go to the below section of the email address and click on Add Account
  • It will open the password entry page
  • Move downwards and click on the Forgot My Password icon
  • Also, check the block in front of this icon
  • Move towards the bottom-end section of the page and click Next
  • A new page will open with a set of CAPTCHA characters
  • Now you are suggested to enter the CAPTCHA characters appeared on your screen
  • Define phone number recovery the account recovery option
  • We recommend choosing account recovery via text message
  • Also, enter your recovery phone number
  • You will see the Send Code option in the lower-right corner
  • Click on it and get a six-digit recovery code
  • Enter this code and set a new password
  • Enter the new password twice

How to recover Hotmail Password with Alternate email

  • Open the password reset page
  • Type in your browser
  • Go to the upper portion of the page and select I forgot my password box
  • Go to the bottom section and click on Next
  • Enter your Hotmail, Live, or Outlook email address now
  • Enter the address that is required to be recovered
  • Plus, enter your phone number or Skype username if you have added it with your account
  • You will now see code below the email address text field
  • Enter this code into the Enter the characters you see the field
  • You will find a New icon next to the code box – it will help you to reset the account
  • Remember, the letters and numbers in the code box are case-sensitive
  • Now you will have to select an account recovery option
  • Click Email on this page, and you will see the recovery Email here
  • Hit the Send Code icon and get an email featured with a recovery link
  • Click on the account recovery link and get two blank boxes to enter a new password
  • Enter your new password here

Forgot Hotmail account password

Did you realize that you cannot sign in to your Microsoft Hotmail account? Does the notification that you have forgotten the password for the Hotmail account appear and become confusing? So now you can relax your nerves since we are here with a solution.

Here is the solution:

  1. First of all, you need to visit the Microsoft account recovery page (
  2. Then click on the “Forgot Hotmail Password” button.
  3. Enter your username that you want to recover and press "Next".
  4. Microsoft will be asked to select a recovery option. Tap on the recovery using the recovery phone number.
  5. Enter your recovery phone number or email
  6. Now fill the CAPTCHA characters you see on your screen to prove you are human not a robot.
  7. Then a verification code is sent to the linked mobile phone number or mail id. Verify the SMS and enter the code in the given space and touch "Next".
  8. Now Microsoft will ask you to create a new password for your Hotmail account. Enter the secure password that is sufficient and easy to remember and touch "Accept".
  9. Your password will be changed correctly and you can log in to the account with the new password.

The instructions mentioned above to change the password of the account and recover the forgotten problems of the password. In this case, Hotmail experts recommend going to the program or device support website for more instructions.

How to Change Hotmail Password on iPhone

Before user know how to reset Hotmail password, user must know Hotmail. It is one of the most popular web-based email platforms and earns a reputation among its million users for its reliability and performance. However, those users who have a Hotmail account can access their webmail portal through the Microsoft account since Hotmail was merged with the Microsoft email portal. Sometimes users want to change the password for their Hotmail account, but because they are less knowledgeable, they don't do the same. For the same reason, this blog mentions all the necessary instructions that help to reset the password:

Take a look at how to change Hotmail password on iPhone:

Step 1:  In the first step of the users, the user must start a web browser on the users' iPhone.

Step 2:  In the next step, the user must visit or the user can also visit the official MICROSOFT website.

Step 3:  Now, the user must go to the "Email" tab and enter the Hotmail ID and password in the respective field.

Step 4:  After that, the user should click on the "Login" option and navigate to the "Account Information" tab.

Step 5:  Here, the user must provide the essential information and enter the Hotmail password.

Step 6:  Next, the user will have to go to the "Manage password" option and then to the "Security" option.

Step 7:  Re-enter the password for the active Hotmail account once the online account management page opens.

Step 8:  Next, the user must set a new password and then retype it to make sure there are no errors.

Step 9:  After that, the user must click on the "Save Changes" option to apply the changes correctly.

Change Hotmail Password

Microsoft is not only providing high-quality products but also delivering classy and satisfactory customer care services to its globally spread users. Today you will get to know how to contact Hotmail password reset phone number. As Hotmail is now a Microsoft product, the same rule is applicable to the users of this webmail. Hence, the Hotmail support is easy to access and promised to be available throughout the year. They are connecting the users via a globally accessible phone number and delivering flawless support services. You can effortlessly collect this number from the official website. As soon as any user dials this number, highly skilled customer support engineers take the responsibility to resolve his/her issue. However, these professionals deal with technical issues like how to change Hotmail password with phone number with maximum care and utmost professionalism.

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