Change Yahoo Password

Yahoo mail account plays an important role in our life. It is an American based web service provider. Yahoo is one of the best and most popular platforms to send and receive mail from one person to another with the same mail setup. Millions of people are using Yahoo mail account all over the world. Yahoo mail account helps to communicate also with each other by send and receive the message. In this generation, the user of Yahoo is increasing day by day. In other words, Yahoo used a lot because everything is going digital in this computer generation. There are no people who have not to hear the name of Yahoo, almost every people know about Yahoo.

How to change Yahoo Password

Every Yahoo user has their own personal access to email as well as the mobile phone number. If you want to change your Yahoo mail account password you can do it easily. Sometimes the user does not know the procedure of Yahoo password change then do not worry just adopt the given instruction to get change your password.

Step by step instructions are illustrated below to change the Yahoo password:

  1. First, you go to the Yahoo login page.
  2. Then enter your username or phone number and password to log in.
  3. When you get logged in you will see your name on the right side, when you click on your name, then account information screen will open.
  4. Scroll down and click on the account security option. Click on that option which is shown on the left side of the screen.
  5. In the section of ‘How to sign in,’ you can see the option of change password which is shown on the right-hand side.
  6. You will see three options in your change password screen like a current password. New password and re-enter the password. Enter the current password in the top field, and then click on the set password to complete your process.
  7. Enter the new password and re-enter the password to confirm it. Make sure your password should be strong in alphanumeric foam. After that click on continue.
  8. By adopting the above steps carefully your password has been changed. Now you can log in to your account with a new password.

Learn Best Method: Yahoo Password Change on Android

Nowadays, everyone is accessing their emails or other important things on the android phone. Hope you are also accessing your Yahoo account on the smartphone and you are not stratified with your recent running password so you can change by below given easy steps.

Steps to change Yahoo password on android:

  • Tap on the Yahoo mail application.
  • Press the three horizontal lines. (Situated upper left side)
  • Pick the settings option from the list.
  • Then, tap on the 'Manage Account'.
  • Touch on the 'Account info' under the review information.
  • Next, select 'Security Settings'.
  • Here you have to select 'Change password'.
  • Enter the New password and confirm it into another box.
  • Finally, hit on the 'Continue' button.
  • Now you are done!            

Therefore, you can simply change your Yahoo account password via the above-given steps but this time makes a strong password but after sometimes, your yahoo password change not working so don't need to worry.

Yahoo Password change not working

you can easily change your Yahoo account password via the below-given steps:

SOLUTION 1: Usually, users don’t make standard passwords meanwhile they don’t provide the combination of upper or lower case, numeric, and character.

Example: X1@sV0120 (Strong Password)

SOLUTION 2: After changing the password, just reboot your smartphone and then enter again.

SOLUTION 3: Update your yahoo mail application from the play store or settings. Learn the method of update:

Just visit the play store.

Find the Yahoo mail through the search box.

Hit on the Yahoo mail app.

Tap on the update button. (If it is available)

SOLUTION 4: Uninstall the Yahoo app and then, re-install.

Go to the settings of the Android phone.

Hit on the application option from the list.

Scroll down and select the Yahoo mail.

Tap on the un-install and after then, re-install from the Play store.

SOLUTION 5: Remove and clear the cache and data of the Yahoo mail application.

How to reset Yahoo Password

The most common problem in this generation is the reset password. Sometimes users lost her contact number by mistake and they need to reset the password because without your correct password you cannot use or login your account. Many attempts are getting failed to log in your account in this way your issues will not fix. If you are looking for a Yahoo password reset, then you no need to go anywhere because the best and excellent steps are illustrated below to get to reset your Yahoo password.

The reset Yahoo password steps are explained below:

  1. First of all, go to the Yahoo website and enter your username and click on next.
  2. Yahoo will ask to enter your password to log in. If you do not know or forget the password then click on ‘I forget my password’. This option will show on the bottom of the password field.
  3. After that, they will ask to confirm text to the phone number which should be associated with your Yahoo account, enter your email that you can check immediately. Select one option from the following for verification number.
  4. In this way, you will get verification code, open your applicable email, or text SMS from Yahoo.
  5. When you enter the verification code in the field of the screen, you will get the reset password page.
  6. Create your new password and re-enter the password clicks on the submit button.
  7. Now your password has been recovered login your Yahoo account with the new password.

How to instant call to change Yahoo Mail Password

If the entire steps are not beneficial for you then don’t regret it. Just make an instant call to the customer care contact number. The number is available for all particular things to get in touch with the support team. So the password recovery number is also available secretly, no any information you will get in this number. If you do not know how to contact Yahoo password reset number then you just go to the official website to get the number. The contact number is available everywhere, you can get the contact number from the official website of Yahoo or you can get through any search engine. If you ever feel suggestions from customer care regarding Yahoo mail account then you can contact through phone number.

There are many ways to get in touch with support:

  1. Users can get in touch with phone numbers.
  2. Users can get in touch by email.
  3. They also get end to end support through live chat.

When you call on that number customer support will pick your call within a short time. They always try to make satisfied to the user, without satisfaction they will never put your call. There are lots of technical supports that are sittings around you for your help. The company takes care of every Clint thus it accelerated the contact number of Yahoo account. You can contact through email as well as live chat. But sometimes chatting is inconvenient so contact number is the best authentic way to get in touch with them. The contact number is active all the time, people who work at night can also dial on the same contact number if you feel there are some issues with your Yahoo product. The technicians are very supportive for all clients.

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