How to Fix Google Play Download Pending Problem

Google play store is highly serving the best this time because people often need the latest version of the desired apps. Your apps are still in the pending list to be updated. You may be trying to download a couple of apps from Google Play store but when trying to download you may be facing certain issues associated with it. There could be number of reasons as to why the users may face such kind of issue. Whenever you select an app to get an update and you encounter the download pending issue, you may directly check out your entire device for the error meeting Google play store. It cannot be a tough journey if you perfectly reflect the solution on your pending downloads on Google play.

Come out of your stress and pick up the amazing solution to stop your pending list of apps to complete the downloading. Look here:

Configure the data and Wi-Fi connection: Whenever you download results pending of the applications you might receive a notification stating “a data saver feature located in somewhere in your settings”. This indicates your settings show to update or download the files on through Wi-Fi. Sometimes the size of the file also depends on the pending of downloads. To overcome this issue, you can even set up the settings to both “data usage” as well as “Wi-Fi”. Moreover, Wi-Fi has the caliber to update your apps in a few minutes more than your data.

The cache must be cleared immediately: Clear the cache memory along with play store storage in case you see a pending app to be downloaded. You may either restart your device after checking any update is going on in the play store. Force to stop and restart again. Look here:

  • Move to settings > open storage option > visit internal storage > then cache data > End with “clear”.
  • Restart and begin to download again.

Solution of Google Play Download Pending

15 seconds downloading may sometimes interrupt

Some mobile phones do not take the time to download or update the apps. This may happen because of your internet speed and no pending applications left behind. But sometimes this internet connection might not support you instantly and thus it breaks the speed of download. In this case, you can troubleshoot or reboot your device.

Let the previous update come to an end

Maybe you begin downloading an app and already an app is getting updated or downloading behind in a meantime. This can also be the reason for the failure. Wait for the app to finish updating only then you must push the second application forward.

Force to stop

In case you are unable to stop downloads going on in the Google play, you can visit settings then apps option > tap on play store option > hit on “clear cache and data” or else you may tap on “force stop” button. Try to begin the download again.

Log out and re-login with Google

You can also update the play store by signing in again with the Google account. Just log out of the play store and quickly re-login to begin the updates.

Internet connection is stable or not

Check your internet connection as well as it might be the cause of your downloading failure. Grab an area that serves better connectivity all the time.

Free space from SD and storage

SD and storage can also be the problem of your downloading if you have no less storage left in your device. Clear the unwanted applications and begin to download again once you see free space.

How to fix download pending Google Play store issue

Let us try to understand the different troubleshooting methods and then try to understand which works the best in order to get the issue resolved in one go without any hassles.

Different ways to fix download pending issue with Google Play store:

Check the download and update status: Firstly users are advised to check the download and update status. It may be that users may be downloading multiple apps in parallel as a result of which users may be facing this kind of issue. In such case users can simply do is pause some of the apps and then resume downloading in one by one manner in order to get the issue resolved on a quick and efficient basis.

Check the connection: In most of the cases errors usually arise because users start to try to perform the operations without having an internet connection. Users need to ensure that they have a good internet connection when trying to download any of the apps from Google play store else some sort of issue will arise.

Check the phone and SD storage: Many a time it may happen that your phone or SD card storage may have been full as a result of which you may be facing such kind of issue. Users simply need to check their phone or SD card storage in order to get the issue resolved in a quick and efficient basis. If by any chance it is full then users should firstly clean the same and then try and perform the operations.

Restart the device: Lastly if nothing is working for the users then users should simply restart the device and then try and resume operations with their Google play account in order to enjoy uninterrupted services for the same.

After attempting the above steps, you still find pending apps, then the only option is left to restart the device after a few seconds and then begin downloading. Thus, these are powerful results that may help you out instantly to overcome the Google play download pending issue. Make sure you have checked the entire device whether any malware is interrupting. Wi-Fi may also sometimes stop responding and you keep on restarting the download. Check your validity or else the data storage left.

Google play waiting for download

Shucked download at 55 percent from last fifteen minutes. Trying to download an app from the Google play store app but can’t succeed, which is very annoying. If you also ever experienced this kind of problem, then you are at the right place. Read this write-up thoroughly up to last without skipping any point. This write-up will elaborate on all details about its reason and the best possible methods to fix the issue. After getting such a download error on Google play check the internet connection of your device. Most of the time low internet connectivity or after exceeding data limits this type of issue is being faced by its users. In that case, you can try after changing the connection. After changing, if also getting the same issue, then go to further steps. Below narrated some possibilities to get the error of can't download apps from the play store.

Go through the below steps:

  • Inadequate storage in your device
  • Due to the device’s software issue.
  • Backdated Google play software
  • Incorrect time and date setting of the device
  • Due to parental control settings in the device
  • Due to disabling permission of the device setting
  • Turn on the Bluetooth app

Methods to fix Google play is not working:

  1. Check storage of the device
  2. Go to Device setting.
  3. Then open the storage
  4. Here you will find storage details.
  5. If there is less storage then clear some space and then try again.

Update device software: If you face an issue related to Google play waiting to download issue, then you need to check the update of the device. If the device is not updated properly, then this kind of issue will arise. So, update the device and try again to download the same.

Update Google play software: If you face the issue with error downloading of software with Google Play, then check the app is updated or not. If not then update the same and try again.

Check the device time and date setting: Sometimes, Google play can’t download apps or games for the incorrect setting of the time and date of the device.

In that case, check the setting and fix it first:

  • Open Phone setting.
  • After that, go to the date& time setting.
  • Here correct the time and date and hit the option ‘save’
  • Now, restart the device and try again to download.

Check the parental control setting in your device:

  • Open the play store app of your device.
  • After that, go to the parental control option.
  • Now, check the setting, whether it is off or customized. If customized then make it off. 
  • After that, hit the option save.
  • Now, similarly, restart the device and try again to download.

Allow enabling permission of the device setting: To download any app from Google store or play store requires permission to download. In that case, make sure you enable the permission setting for that particular app download. If not permitted, then allow the permission and then try again to download.

Turn off Bluetooth app: Some of the phone’s getting error in difficulty when the Bluetooth is on such as for Samsung. In that case, first, switch off the Bluetooth app and then try to download the same.

Moreover, rebooting the device means switching off the device and then waiting for a minute and then again restarting the device. Most of the time by restarting a device can fix the issue of error downloading from Google play. You can also reset the app preference setting. You also can play store cache and data by going to the device setting. After going through all the above processes if still get a problem with the Google play store app install, then you can contact for technical help.

How to Fix Google Play Store Stuck on Downloading

Many times, users encounter a problem with Google Play. Thus, whenever you experience a Google Play Store problem at some point when downloading or installing apps. So, then you don’t need to worry. In this post, you will learn how to fix Play Store Stuck on Downloading issue on Android phone devices with the best troubleshooting solutions.

Easy Solutions to Fix Play Store Stuck Downloading:

Step 1: Verify Internet Connection: First, you should verify your Internet connection on your Android device. Try to switch the Wi-Fi, Mobile data, and airplane mode or vice versa, and back again. After doing this, you will definitely see the issue is resolved.

Step 2: Confirm Current Downloads and Updates: Sometimes, the Play Store Stuck on Downloading issue occurs when any download app is pending. Or downloading multiple apps or updating simultaneously. Then you will need to go to Google Play > Menu > my apps & games. Then check there which applications are in the procedure of being downloaded or updated .Press on the “X” button to cancel the download and proceed with getting the app you immediately requires.

Step 3: Clear Cache and Data: You should also try to clear the app cache and data of the Google Play store app, frequently resolving a lot of difficulties, downloading or updating pending issues involved.

  • Go to your Android device. Switch the setting section.
  • Press on “Storage” option.
  • Under “device storage” select "Internal Storage”.
  • Hit on “Cached data” option.
  • Tap “OK” to clear all app cache.

Step 4: Restart your device: If the above solutions didn’t assist you to resolve the issue Play Store Stuck on Downloading. Then you should try to restart your Android device. For this, you will need to just press and hold the “Power” button on your device and then tap on “Restart”.



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