Fix Google Play Download Pending

Your apps are still in the pending list to be updated. Google play store is highly serving the best this time because people often need the latest version of the desired apps. Whenever you select an app to get an update and you encounter the download pending issue, you may directly check out your entire device for the error meeting Google play store. It cannot be a tough journey if you perfectly reflect the solution on your pending downloads on Google play.

We are answerable here. Come out of your stress and pick up the amazing solution to stop your pending list of apps to complete the downloading. Look here:

Configure the data and WiFi connection

Whenever you download results pending of the applications you might receive a notification stating “a data saver feature located in somewhere in your settings”. This indicates your settings show to update or download the files on through WiFi. Sometimes the size of the file also depends on the pending of downloads. To overcome this issue, you can even set up the settings to both “data usage” as well as “WiFi”. Moreover, WiFi has the caliber to update your apps in a few minutes more than your data.

The cache must be cleared immediately

Clear the cache memory along with play store storage in case you see a pending app to be downloaded. You may either restart your device after checking any update is going on in the play store. Force to stop and restart again. Look here,

Move to settings > open storage option > visit internal storage > then cache data > End with “clear”

Restart and begin to download again.

15 seconds downloading may sometimes interrupt 

Some mobile phones do not take the time to download or update the apps. This may happen because of your internet speed and no pending applications left behind. But sometimes this internet connection might not support you instantly and thus it breaks the speed of download. In this case, you can troubleshoot or reboot your device.

Let the previous update come to an end

Maybe you begin downloading an app and already an app is getting updated or downloading behind in a meantime. This can also be the reason for the failure. Wait for the app to finish updating only then you must push the second application forward.

Force to stop

In case you are unable to stop downloads going on in the Google play, you can visit settings then apps option > tap on play store option > hit on “clear cache and data” or else you may tap on “force stop” button. Try to begin the download again.

Log out and re-login with Google

You can also update the play store by signing in again with the Google account. Just log out of the play store and quickly re-login to begin the updates.

Internet connection is stable or not?

Check your internet connection as well as it might be the cause of your downloading failure. Grab an area that serves better connectivity all the time.

Free space from SD and storage

SD and storage can also be the problem of your downloading if you have no less storage left in your device. Clear the unwanted applications and begin to download again once you see free space.

Google Play Download Pending Restart

After attempting the above steps, you still find pending apps, then the only option is left to restart the device after a few seconds and then begin downloading.

Thus, these are powerful results that may help you out instantly to overcome the Google play download pending issue. Make sure you have checked the entire device whether any malware is interrupting. WiFi may also sometimes stop responding and you keep on restarting the download. Check your validity or else the data storage left.

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