Why Outlook not Receiving Emails

You are able to send emails but couldn't receive. There may be some issues that needs to be inquired and fixed. It may be concerned with your manual settings or with your mail server. Let's have a look on some measures regarding outlook troubleshooting. There we go.

Check the connection and working mode

Foremost point, make sure you are having a stable internet connection. Once confirmed regarding connection, check you are in online mode in outlook.

If the status indicators are either disconnected or working offline, it reflects you are offline.

On send/receive tab, click work offline option. If it's clear then you are connected otherwise disconnected.

In send/receive preference, click all the send and receive folders.

Check whether message is sent or still in outbox folder

Check your email junk folder

It may be possible that your emails are drifted to your junk folder.

If marked as junk, right click on emails and select them as not junk. They will automatically move to your inbox.

Setting up a new outlook profile

There might be a probability that your outlook profile is corrupted or being prone to any malware. This may render you to receive emails. In order to troubleshoot outlook complexities set up a new profile.

  1. Click on File tab
  2. Click on Account Settings
  3. Select Manage Profiles from the drop-down list
  4. Tap on show profiles
  5. Click add
  6. Enter a name for new profile in the Profile Name box and click OK

Follow the alert to set up your email account in the new profile

  1. Restart outlook
  2. Click File
    • Tap on Account Settings
    • Select Change Profile from drop-down tab
    • Click OK on outlook will close message
    • Restart outlook
    • Select your new profile name you created in the Profile Name list and click OK

Clear out your inbox

It may be possible that inbox overflows the static limit of message. Make a space by emptying your irrelevant junk folder. Another aspect to troubleshoot outlook is to use sweep tab. Sweep automatically deletes email from a particular sender.

Check whether your account is blocked

It might be possible that your account is blocked due to some unusual sign-in activity or to avoid any sort of intrusion.

Outlook not Receiving Emails in Outlook for Mac 2016 or Mac 2011

Check the connection and working mode

Check your internet connection and working mode. Check outlook menu about working status. Click on work offline to drift online.

Turn on SMTP Authentication

You won't receive emails if your email service requires authentic credentials but your settings aren't driving that way.

  • Start Outlook
  • Scroll to Tools menu and click Accounts 
  • Choose the email account in the left pane of the Account box
  • Tap more options under outgoing server
  • Select the authentication mode on the pop-up menu
  • Figure out the alert option to insert the requisite credentials

Check the other tab

Inbox is categorised as Focused and Other in order to scale up crucial messages to you. If Focused is enabled , it might be possible that some messages received are in other tab. You may change the status of a message to Focused, it will always be in the focused tab.

Check your email rules

  • There might be some rules that obstructs us to receive email or even the emails get deleted. In order to troubleshoot outlook there are following measures.
  • Select Settings and visit all outlook settings
  • Choose Mail in left pane and Rules in right pane
  • If you find any rule resisting you to receive any email either delete it or select the rule, then opt edit to change rule settings and further save it.

Check email forwarding

  • Check whether email forwarding is enabled or not.
  • Go to Forwarding setting.
  • To enable forwarding, select Enable forwarding. To disable forwarding, clear the check box and click save.

If you have forwarded another email account to your outlook.com inbox make sure forwarding hasn't expired and properly configured. Hope these measures figure out to troubleshoot outlook.


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