Forgot Google Password

Don't worry if you have forgotten your Google account password which is used for a multitude of different apps and services. Not remembering the account password could put you in big trouble, but you can deal with it and get the lost account back. Today we have come with a set of solutions for you. Whether you follow this Google forgot password processor, it won’t take more than 10 minutes. However, many users consider the act of password reset as a very simple task. Check out all the possible ways of account recovery and then we will move into the process of resetting Google password on Android phone.

Check out the 8 ways to recover lost accounts

  • Reset an account with the account recovery number
  • Reset an account with an alternate email address
  • Reset an account with a familiar device
  • Reset an account with a familiar web browser
  • Reset an account with the account security questions
  • Reset an account with your date of birth
  • Reset an account with a contact email address which can provide you with all required information about your Google services use
  • Reset an account by providing enough details

Reset a forgotten Google account on Android phone

  • Open the Settings app on your Android phone and scroll downwards
  • Click on Google and hit the Manage your Google Account
  • Then you need to click on Security
  • Select Password and hit Forgot password?
  • Enter it if you remember the last password you used for your account
  • Else, tap Try another way
  • Then click on Yes to initiate the two-factor prompt
  • Click Yes to confirm it's really you trying to change your password
  • Click Send to send the verification code to your backup email
  • Check your backup email for the verification code
  • Then you need to enter the code and tap Next
  • Now you are suggested to make a new password
  • Enter your new password and confirm it
  • Save the changes

Reset a forgotten Google account with the date of birth

  • Open the Google account recovery section and enter your email address
  • Enter the email address that you use in your account login
  • Click on Forgot Password?
  • Try another way to move the way forward
  • Then you need to follow the on-screen instructions
  • Now you will have to enter your date of birth
  • It will enable you to create a strong password
  • Create a password which was not used for this account
  • Enter the new password and confirm it
  • Save the changes
  • You have successfully retrieved your lost account
  • Your Gmail account is not ready for login

Reset a forgotten Google account with account recovery number

After you have accessed the account recovery section and entered your email address (used for login), you need to click Forgot Password? and Try another way. Hence, you will get the chance to enter a phone number that is associated with your account, i.e., account recovery phone number. The management team will send a verification code to this number. We suggest you collect it and enter it to deal with Google forgot password. As soon as you enter it, you will get the chance to configure a new password.

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