Gmail Account Recovery

You can easily recover your Gmail account by resetting your account password. Remember to have access to your alternate email address or the Gmail password recovery phone number. Even if you do not have access to your registered email account or phone number, do not worry. Gmail offers you the other option to complete the account details and information that Google itself verifies before providing you with the right to reset your account password.

Here are the steps to recover your Gmail account:

  • Open the Gmail log-in page and press the "Need help?” Option
  • Now enter the last password you remember and click next.
  • You are given the option of receiving a verification code through SMS on your mobile phone.
  • For other options, click on "Test a different question".
  • Choose the means of your choice to receive the verification code, that is, a mobile phone number or an alternate email ID.
  • You can also choose the option to complete the details of the account.
  • Now, once you enter the verification code you received in the space provided, you will receive the password reset page where you can create your new Gmail password.

Gmail account recovery with security questions

If someone has lost the password of the Gmail account, there is the possibility of recovering the lost password with the help of a security question. When we create a Gmail account, Gmail asks about the security question for security reasons at that time. These security questions are useful for the password of the recovery account and to protect an unauthorized user's account.

The user must follow this process to recover the lost password:

  1. First, you must go to the Gmail sign-in page
  2. Enter the Gmail ID. "If someone does not remember the password,
  3. Go to the link I forgot my password,
  4. Now you will see the security questions that you already answered when creating the account."
  5. They have to write the answer to the security question.
  6. If they answered correctly then the account will be open.
  7. Now they have to go in the configuration options and then in the privacy option.
  8. Here you must click on the option Change password and enter the password according to the user's choice.
  9. After that, all users can log in to the Gmail account with a new password.

Gmail account recovery without alternative email

  • For Gmail password recovery users are required to visit the accounts section on the website
  • Then select the recovery option.
  • There you are required to select the reason for which user is not able to log in to the account.
  • These options are ‘I don’t know my password’, ‘I don’t know my username’,’ I’m having other problems signing in’.
  • You are required to select ‘I don’t know my password’ option then enter the email address for which you want to change the password.
  • When you’ll enter the email id then it will ask the previous password which you have set for the account.
  • If you have set an alternate email address then it will send a unique code on that number through which you can access the page where you can set a new password of the account.
  • Passwords should be case sensitive and difficult to guess by someone else.

Gmail account recovery without phone number

If you have lost your Gmail password, follow the steps mentioned in this article and recover your Gmail by resetting the password. Just keep in mind that you need to have access to your registered phone number or email address to verify your identity.

Step 1: Open the Gmail login page and click on the ‘Need help?’ option.

Step 2: On the next page click on the radio button ‘I don’t know my password. Now enter the account to be recovered in the box provided and click on ‘Continue.

Step 3: On the next page enter the last password you remember and then click on ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Now if you have access to your registered mobile number then choose the option to receive a code in your mobile for verification or else click on ‘I can’t access my phone. In case you have access to the registered phone number of email id, you need to fill the account details which would be verified by the system.

Step 5: Now once you receive the code in your mobile, enter that code in the space provided to access the password reset page.

Step 6: Create a new password and recover your Gmail account.