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Gmail offers an excellent class web email service provided by Google. In the present scenario, Gmail has become a trusted and reliable email service. Users can use Gmail account personal and professional way. Gmail provides amazing storage capacity, advanced search features, Insta email receiving facility, best email configuration and much more best quality features. But sometimes, users face lots of trouble with Gmail so if your Gmail not working and looking for reliable solutions so just follow below mentioned accurate methods.

Gmail not working problems:

  • Gmail password recovery issue
  • Gmail account password resets or changes issues
  • Gmail account setup on Android devices
  • Gmail account stopped working
  • Getting forget Password issue.
  • Facing sync issues in your phone.
  • Gmail email loading issue.
  • Unable to receive emails.
  • Gmail updating issue.

These are the major and critical issues of Gmail and due to these kinds of problems, users cannot operate the Gmail account so if you are facing above mentioned similar type of issues and your Gmail not working just follow below given methods.

Gmail Not Working on Android

Sometimes Gmail users may face issues such as Gmail not working on android.

Therefore, users can solve this issue easily with the step by step guidance below mentioned:

Step 1: Check Internet Connection: First, you should try to verify that the internet connection is working properly on your android device.

Step 2: Update Gmail App: Verify that you are using the latest version of the Gmail app. Because sometimes an outdated Gmail app creates many problems and Gmail not working on Android.

Step 3: Verify your Settings: On your Android device, open the settings app. Tap on ‘Network & Internet’ option, and then turn off airplane mode.

Step 4: Check Gmail Sync Settings: Open the Gmail app on your Android device. At the left, tap on Menu, and then Settings. Tap your account. Validate the box next to ‘Sync Gmail’ is checked.

Gmail Not Working on iPhone

Follow these steps to fix Gmail not working on iPhone:

Step 1: Check internet connection: You should verify your internet connection and its speed is working properly or not on your iPhone device.

Step 2: Check for alerts: Verify check for any alerts by visiting the Gmail Website. If there is any message appearing, so click on it. 

Step 3: Check IMAP is enabled: In your Gmail account, go to the Settings option at the left. Click on settings, then ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab, and then go to the ‘IMAP Access’ option, and then tap on ‘Enable IMAP’.

Step 4: Clear storage: If your iPhone is running out of space, syncing won’t work. Try to clear space on your device. And uninstall apps you don’t use.

You are unable to receive the Email

In case your Gmail does not receive the mail in the inbox then you must look in the spam folder or else your trash folder. Look for more options on the screen checkout the missing messages if lost. Whenever your Gmail does not responsible for a while then quickly get in touch with the other folders to look out for it.

Forgot Gmail Password

Follow the steps to reset your forgotten Gmail password:

  1. Type Gmail in your search engine.
  2. Go to sign in the option of Gmail.
  3. Then, you have to enter your Gmail id. (Enter that email id, whose you forgot password)
  4. After entering the email id, just click on the next button.
  5. Now, click on forget password link or option.
  6. Click on try another way.
  7. In this option, you have to enter your register mobile number.
  8. After entering your mobile number, click on the send button.
  9. Here, you will get a verification code.
  10. Type your verification code and click on the next button.
  11. Finally, you will get the option for reset password.
  12. Type your password and make sure your password should strong. (Character, Alphabate and numeric)

Therefore, your Gmail account will open through the above mentioned easy and simple steps. If your Gmail not working through the above-given method so try the second method. Gmail is a very authentic email service provider that’s why, users have to go through various process and the Gmail sync issue is a very common problem, which always faces users. If you are facing a Gmail account not synced issue so just follow the given method.

Gmail Sync Error

  • Go to the Gmail App on your mobile.
  • Click on Gmail app.
  • After then, you have to click on three lines (Situated in the upper left corner)
  • Scroll down and click on settings options from the list.
  • Again, scroll down and here you will get sync Gmail option.
  • Then, click on the sync option.
  • Your email will automatically sync.

Likewise, your Gmail account will sync successfully and your Gmail will work smoothly. But if Gmail not working and generating issues so go through our third method. Gmail always uses heavy memory of the android phone and due to the corrupted memory, Gmail doesn’t work so you have to clear your cache memory. To reach this option, you have to go through below presented method.

How to clear cache memory of Gmail

  • Go to the setting of the phone.
  • Scroll down and click on application.
  • In application, you have to go to the application manager.
  • Now this time to click on Gmail.
  • After then, click on the clear cache button.
  • Restart your android phone and use Gmail in a very smooth way.

Thus, your Gmail will work successfully but if Gmail not working after above methods, so update your Gmail app because due to lack of update, sometimes Gmail doesn’t work.

Gmail Not Working Support

Check if you are connected to the internet. Log in another Gmail account if you have another one. Remove Your Gmail account from your devices immediately, might be it contains a virus. Re-verify device's users access via web. If you are worried about that do these steps work in all three, Android, iPhone as well as Mac, then you are at the right place. It is always suggested that whichever mailing website you use must be virus-free. Always try to clean the spam files and also keep a backup of your important emails for future use.

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