Gmail Not Working

What Gmail can serve is better than other email services or not? Well, this question is not tough to be answered because Gmail is already standing in the first position whenever required to mail something or else receive the mail. Many mail channels do not support chat and calling process, but Gmail controls this feature. Even a large MB file can be converted and then send to the particular person or authority.

In case if your Gmail stops working or responding then what can be the outcome in such a case? The solution cannot be discussed unless you are aware of the problem. Let’s control this phenomenon and resolve the trouble.

A nuclear option can be friendly

If your Gmail account creates a problem in several cases then you can only do is remove the particular account by opening the settings option on your mobile phone then stepping towards the accounts option, select Google and then select the desired account to be removed. Switch to the three dots shown on the top of the screen and hit on remove an account. Once you have removed the account, your applications won’t work now which were associated with Google. Add the account again and make sure your data connection is working properly.

You can also forget your password any time

A person can also fail to grab their Gmail account if they have forgotten the password due to any circumstance. Google incorporates a number of options to recover the account. To recover the account easily, you need to visit your official Gmail sign-in page, enter your email ID and hit on “forgot password”. After this complete the verification procedure as asked by Gmail and end by creating the new password.

Sync issues can be hectic:

You need to turn on the sync option of Gmail from the settings options and then accounts after that toggle on the sync button of Gmail. This helps you in refreshing your Gmail in the latest versions. Keep your Gmail on the latest version as this may also be the reason for not responding to the Gmail.

You are unable to receive the messages:

In case your Gmail does not receive the mail in the inbox then you must look in the spam folder or else your trash folder. Look for more options on the screen checkout the missing messages if lost. Whenever your Gmail does not responsible for a while then quickly get in touch with the other folders to look out for it.

Which issue breaks your incomplete task from completing

  • Unable to receive or send the email
  • The username or password might be incorrect
  • Mail server isn’t responding properly
  • The IMAP server is not responding fast

Opting for the right solution can increase the level of perception from which you imagine at a time when you think of quitting and creating a new account. But the only solution can be acquired is the key points mentioned so far. Highlight your queries and tap on the correct solution. Gmail performs several activities but when the main activity does not respond, it feels like destroying each and everything kept in front. Where mail is the key point of Gmail on the other side its misbehavior extends the pending work for days.

Gmail Not Working

Here is the Solution:

  • Check if you are connected to the Internet.
  • Log in another Gmail account if you have another one
  • Remove Your Gmail account from your devices immediately, might be it contains a virus
  • Re-verify device's users access via web

If you are worried about that do these steps work in all three, Android, iPhone as well as iMac, then you are at the right place. It is always suggested that whichever mailing website you use must be virus-free. Always try to clean the spam files and also keep a backup of your important emails for future use.

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