Gmail Password Change

Gmail – it is the email service provider which is developed by Google, one can access the same on the web and using third party with the help of synchronize email through POP or IMAP. Initially Google used to provide storage of one gigabyte per user however now it comes with 15 gigabyte of storage. You can receive emails up to 50 megabytes with attachments and can send emails up to 25 megabytes. In order to ensure the security of the account it is password protected.

Change Gmail Password On Desktop 

Gmail Password Change- as we all know that the email is password protect and from the security point of view it is essential to change the password from time to time by taking the actions as below:

  • Open the Google Account
  • Now you will be required to sign in
  • On the page at the top towards the right look for the gear icon and among the listed options click on Settings
  • Among the options listed at the top click on Accounts and Imports
  • Under Change Account settings click on Change password
  • Gmail will verify if it is you trying to do by asking you to enter your password again and then click on next
  • Please enter the new password and renter the same for the conformation make sure that you have selected the secured password click change password
  • You will be given conformation that your password has been changed

Change Gmail Password On iPhone app

  • On the device at the top towards the left look for hamburger icon and then from the options click on Settings
  • Now select the Gmail account for which you want to change the password
  • Now under the option Account click on Manage your Google Account
  • Now please look for the option of security
  • Now sign in to Google and then click next ensure that you enter the correct password, it is for the verification purpose that it is owner of the account who is making the changes
  • Now in the required field please enter the new password and reenter the same for the conformation make sure that they are 8 characters and then select option Change Password
  • Once all the actions have been taken, you will get to see the conformation screen stating that the password has changed

In case you have forgotten the password one can also recover the same by opting for one of the following:

Get the Gmail Password Verification code by Phone number

  1. Go to the Google Login page or Google account recovery center and enter the email address which you want to recover and hit on next
  2. On this page click on forgot password
  3. Among the listed options, if you do not find the one you want to recover the password click on Try another way
  4. In the given field enter the phone number and click send
  5. Choose between the option how do you want to get the code by message or by a phone call
  6. Now enter the verification code and click on next
  7. All you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions and reset the password.

Get the Gmail Password Verification code by Recovery Email

  • First and Foremost, go to Gmail Account Recovery Center and in the required field enter the Gmail address and click next
  • Now hit on Forgot Password
  • Look for the option how do you want to recover the password until you find one click on Try Another Way
  • In the given field enter the Recovery email address and click on Send
  • In order to get the verification code on the email address please first enter the recovery email associated with the account
  • Please check the recovery email you will see the message in it
  • Please ensure that you follow the onscreen instructions to reset the password of your Gmail Account

By taking the steps as above one will be able to reset the password and in case one does not have the access to the phone number or the email address, then you can opt for answering the security questions.

How To Change Gmail Password

However by taking the steps as mentioned above you will be able to change the password and not only this but will be able to reset the password as well, if you have forgotten the same.