Gmail Sync Error

Gmail is the email service provider which is developed by Google. One can access the Gmail on the web and the same can be accessed using third- party by synchronize email through POP or IMAP. Initially the user was provided with storage capacity of 1 gigabyte however now it is increased to 15 gigabytes. Gmail has made life easier by the means of communication on the personal as well on the professional front.

Gmail Sync Error 

we are living in the technology driven world there can be error which one might have to solve the same one can take the following steps:

  • Check if Gmail is working – first and foremost check if the Gmail is up and running and it can be done by opening Downdetector as through this one can check couple of services if it is up and running, if it is down there is nothing which can be done one will be required to wait.
  • Ensure that the app is updated –one is required to use the latest version of app and check on the same by going on the Play Store or App store and then update the latest version as it comes with new features and bug fixes.
  • Manual Sync- if one comes across the sync error to overcome the same one has to sync manually Click on Settings and then go to Sync and click on Google and now you can see all the apps installed on the phone and now ensure that the sync option is selected, click on more at the bottom of the screen and choose Sync Now.
  • Add Google account again- first remove the account and add the same by clicking on Settings and look for the option Remove account and on the same screen you will be required to enter the Login details and two –factor authentication then give some time to sync.
  • Old Data – old data gets corrupted easily and hence once might come across sync error and this is not only specific to Gmail it is applicable for all apps and to overcome the same go to Settings and click on Manage apps and search for Gmail, click on clear data which you will see at the bottom, clear all data and cache here and then you will be required to sign in.
  • Authorization- apps ask for permission in order to access different type of data stored in the phone, and in order to work properly as well it also needs permission and to check upon the same click on Settings, hit on Apps permission, and then under Gmail select calendar, contacts, storage and ensure all three of them are selected.
  • Account Compromised – we being humans take all the best possible measures to keep our data safe and secure however as we are living in this technology driven world hence nothing is impossible and to check upon the same sign in the Google Account and in case if one gats the email stating that app or service used your Google account to sign in and in case you do not remember doing it then you are requested to change your password and even Google PIN as well and then move down to look for the option of Recent security events in order to view the full list, if you find something wrong can contact Google

One can also sell all the devices which are currently logged and can access the Google Account and in case if you do not recognize anyone one can take that off the list at that point in time.

Fixed Gmail Sync Error

By taking steps as above one will be able to overcome the sync error and will be able to:

  • Send and receive emails
  • One will be able to open the new email
  • Will start getting the notifications as well