Google Account Recovery

Google has revolutionized the way we have been using technology. Being one of the prominent leaders in the market, one of the common problems which many of the users face is difficulty in accessing the account when they forget the password. We would certainly want to help such users so that they do no lose any of their important productivity as well as their time. This tutorial is an exclusive guide for Google account recovery. There are multiple ways through which users can recover their Google account.
One of the quickest ways through which recovery of Google account can be done is by contacting the experienced technicians through Google account recovery number which is available all through the day and all through the year. Users would be guided with different ways through which they can have a quick and efficient recovery of their Google account. The other way through which Google account recovery can be quickly and efficiently done is through manual procedure. For manual procedure, users can move onto the next section of the tutorial and get the desired information with regards to their Google account.

This is one of the best ways to recover a Google account via mobile number. For the verification, Google will send a code via SMS and users can easily recover their Google account. To get instant recovery, users need an alternate mobile number which should be under the Google account.

let’s see the below complete process:

  • First of all, open any web browser Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other.
  • Type ‘Google account recovery’ in the search bar.
  • Select the link to the Google recovery page for the account.
  • Then, enter the associated ‘Email address or mobile number’.
  • Press on the ‘Next’ and choose the ‘Try another way’ option.
  • Just enter your recovery or alternate mobile number in the text box. (Google will also hint at the 2 digits of your recovery mobile number)
  • After confirmation of your mobile number, just hit on the ‘Send’ button. 
  • Next, Google will send a verification code via SMS to your mobile number.
  • Check the sms and write the correct ‘Verification code’ in the required field.
  • Finally, set a ‘New password’ and confirm the same password into another box.
  • Now you are done!

How can add Birth date to my Google account

Google allows adding your personal information like gender, name, date of birth, and many more things. If you want to add your birthday to your Google account.

  • First thing, you need to Google the account page.
  • Just, sign in to your account via credentials.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Manage My Google Account’ button.
  • Select the ‘Personal Info’ option under the account page.
  • Press on the birthday option and enter your correct ‘Date of Birth’.
  • After then, tap on the ‘Update’ button and your birthday will addon to your Google account.

Two-Step Verification Enable Process

This is the excellent security feature of the Google account where users can provide an additional security layer to their account. It protects various threats and saves passwords from the stolen. Users can activate 2-step verification features in any Google account without any cost.

Just go through the activation process of 2-step verification:

  • First of all, sign-in your Google account via credentials.
  • Then, click on the ‘Manage your Google account’ option. (Situated at the upper right-hand corner below the email address)
  • Then, select the 'Security' option from the list.
  • Tap on the '2-Step Verification' option under the signing into Google.
  • Enter your correct 'Password' in the text box.
  • Click on the 'Next' button and press on the 'Get started' button.
  • Again, verify by entering your password, and again, press on the 'Next'.
  • Tap on the 'Try it now' button.
  • Press on the 'Yes' option.
  • After approving your Sign-in, you have to option via 'Text message' or 'Phone call'.
  • Tap on the 'Send' button and enter your code in the box.
  • Your 2-step verification will enable the particular account.
  • When you sign in to your account then, you have to go through with 2-step verification.

Easy Ways to Google Account Recovery

Nowadays, forgetting the password problem is one of the common issues faced by many users and trouble in accessing the google account. So, if you are also unable to access Google account & its services due to forgetting or lost password issues? And you are thinking ‘how to recover a google account without a password’? Then you don't require tension. There are various ways are possible through which you can recover your google account easily and quickly. Then, just follow the below-mentioned simple steps to reset a Google account password and get back into your account.

Way 1: Recover google account without recovery email ID

You can get the information about ‘how to recover google account without recovery email’. So,

Follow these steps to quickly resetting a password for google account:

  1. First, open the Google account login page.
  2. Now enter Google/Gmail associated email id that password you need to reset.
  3. Then just click on the ‘Forgot the password’ blue link.
  4. On the next page, select the option recovery mobile number and then go to the further step.
  5. Then you will get a password ‘verification code/OTP’ into your mobile number.
  6. Check your mobile number to see the verification code and then submit that code into the required text field.
  7. Next, a pop-up window will open to allow you to create a new password for your Gmail account.
  8. Now you can type a new password in the password text field. Then again type a new password into another text field.
  9. Once you have done the process, then click on the ‘Save’ button.
  10. Done.

Way 2: Recover Google Account with Security Question

You may also know the information ‘how to recover google account without verification code’? So, here is an easy procedure for recovering Google account with security questions.

Follow the steps now:

  • First, open the Google account signing page.
  • Then, enter the Google username/email address. Tap on the 'Next button.
  • Next, enter the last entered password in the text box or else select the ‘Try another way’ option for picking the security question recovery option.
  • After selecting the ‘Security Question’ option as your recovery way, you will need to provide the right answers to the security questions that you had set up while the account was set up.
  • Then type a new password in the password text field. Make sure to choose a very strong password.
  • Then again enter the new password again to confirm it in the confirm password text field.
  • Finally, tap on the ‘Done’ button to save all the changes and complete the process.
  • Now login to your Google account by using a new password to ensure that you have completed the recovery procedure and you can access your Google account or Gmail services.
  • Done.

That’s all about ‘how to recover a google account without a password’. Hence all the above ways will help you in resetting a new password of your Google/Gmail account and retrieve the account in an easy and fast way.

How to recover Google account without phone number?

In case you don’t have a phone number linked with your Google account then too you can quickly and efficiently recover the Google account. There is a step by step procedure which will need to be followed by the users in order to get the account recovered in a quick and efficient manner. Such steps is mentioned down in the tutorial. In case of any doubts when following the same then feel free to reach out to us at any point of time and we would be able to help you with the same and get the same resolved in one go without any hassles or second thought.

Steps to recover Google account without phone number:

Step 1: Users can start the process of recovery of their Google account by visiting the official Google account recovery page verify identity.

Step 2: After having done that, the next page will appear in which the users will need to select I don’t know my password and once selected then users can simply click on the Continue option.

Step 3: Users will now be required to choose I don’t know and then they can choose Secret answer method as the mode to recover their Google account.

Step 4: Users will now need to answer to security questions which they must have setup at the time of creating the account.

Step 5: Once the same has been answered then users will now go to the page where they can now create a strong and secure password password for the account.

Step 6: Users need to ensure that they have the correct combination of characters and symbols when creating the account and once created then users can click on the Save button.

Step 7: Once done then users can now login to the account with their newly created account password and enjoy uninterrupted services for the same.

Users can access Google account recovery support via a third-party program if they are facing any issue to recover their Google account. Users can also solve critical Google account recovery issues such as account blocked or hacked as well as users can add more hidden security features to their Google account. The Google account recovery phone number is completely free and users can call anytime from all over the world.

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