How to fix Google Assistant Not Working

Google assistance also is known Google home offers user friendly and top-notch services to its users. It is can run various platforms like Android, Chrome, IOS, Linux, and many more. Also, it is available in various languages. If users don't want to type their figures in keypad or keyboard so then users can use Google assistance and it saves your efforts and time. but, due to some reason, the user faces lots of technical difficulties with Google assistance. So, if your Google assistant not workings technical reasons don't worry because here you will get complete solutions in a very easy manner.

Just follow the below-given Steps to Enable Google Assistance:

  • Firstly, go to the "Setting" of your android phone.
  • Then, select "Google" from the list.
  • Tap on the "Voice" option in the list. 
  • Now, enable the "Access Voice Match" option & then press on the "Next" button.
  • After all, click on "I Agree" and read the agreement of the voice.
  • Now, add your voice like "OK Google".
  • If your voice is verified then again press the "Next" button.
  • Finally, click on the finish button.

Moreover, users can use Google assistance through above given steps but if your Google assistant king after enabling Google assistance so you can go another process.

Google Assistance Not Working

When you are trying to access the Google assistance so that is showing this "not available on this device" this type of irritating error on your device.

Just follow the below-described steps for the solution:

  • Press the “Setting” icon.
  • Scroll down and select "Google".
  • Click on the "Advanced" option.
  • After then, click on the "App" option.
  • Now, you will redirect for "Play Store".
  • Here finally, tap on the "Update" button.

Google assistant not working on iPhone

We all live in the digital environment and it's easy to say “OK Google” to bring up Google assistant as it is a voice-controlled digital assistant. It offers services such as voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, allowing you to perform a number of tasks after you have said the "OK Google" or "Hey Google" words. Google assistant works fine on all smart phone devices. However, some android users have found the feature Google assistant not working on iPhone when they repeat the words "Ok Google" twice again. So, if you are also facing the same issue as when you say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google phrase”, and after that, it returns an indifferent result on your iPhone? Then don’t worry about it. You can easily fix the issue Google assistant is not working on the iPhone with the below-presented troubleshooting solutions. Thus, there could be various reasons behind the problem.

These such as:

  • Google assistant turned on the issue
  • Internet connection issue or Wi-Fi network on your mobile device
  • An issue with turned on Microphone or speakers
  • Language settings setup issue
  • Latest app updating issue on your Apple TV

Quick Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix Issue: Therefore, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting solutions to fix the issue:

Solution 1: Check Language Setting: Sometimes, the issue Google assistant not working on iPhone occurs when you speak the wrong language. Then you must check the default language setting.

  • Open the Google assistant app and then tap on more.
  • Press on settings, then voice, and then languages.
  • Select your language which you want to be set as your default language, and press & hold the language option.

Solution 2: Update the Latest Google Assistant App on TV: When Google assistant not working on android tv that means you will need to update the app on your Android TV in the following way.

  • Head to settings on your Apple TV, then about.
  • Then pick the system upgrade option, then check for upgrade and then check now.
  • If your PC desires an update, then choose Download.

Solution 3: Update the Latest Google Assistant App: Still, if Google assistant not working on iPhone then you should check if your Google assistant app is updated or not. If not, then update the apps on your Android device.

  • On your android device, open the play store.
  • Then search for the Google app.
  • Now press on the ‘Update’ option.
  • That’s it.

How to get help for Google Assistant not Connected

Google has launched its voice assistant in which people can search using their voice. Google assistant has wide range of voice control system that controls your phone through your voice. Google Users can use both text as well as voice command for searching the web content. What can Google assistant do: Google assistant allows users to search web contents using their voice as well as they can use Google assistant by saying “OK Google” to perform various other tasks.

Google Assistant performs the following tasks:

  • Controls your device through your voice.
  • Controls music on your phone.
  • Controls various scheduled dates and appointments.
  • Controls your apps like opening and closing.
  • Read the notifications.
  • Reads the directions, weather report and news for you.

How to Fix OK Google Home issue

"Hello Google" again "OK Google", if you are adding a similar voice on your Google assistance but that is not working. Nothing to worry,

Because here you will get very simple steps to make it perfect with a few minutes:

Reboot the Device: When you face this issue, first you have to do the rebooting your phone. It is a very simple and easy effort and most of them might be more familiar with the rebooting of the devices.

Voice Detection Issue: Due to some corrupted cache issue, Google assistant not working so don’t worry the clear your Google cache through below given steps:

  • Go to the top of the phone and click on the setting icon.
  • Now, click on the “App” option.
  • Scroll down and tap on "Google".
  • In the Google application, click on the "Force Stop" button.
  • Now, clear your all cache from the phone.
  • Then, check your Google assistance through your voice.

Having Trouble Connecting the Wi-Fi with Google Home

If you are facing connectivity issues with wireless networks so don’t worry here you will get an accurate solution with this type of error. If you are getting very low network so setup Google home closer to the router and eliminate interference or move device.

Just see the mentioned following:

  • Now, open the Google home application on your mobile.
  • Then, tap on your Google home device.
  • Click on the setting option and then, select the Wi-Fi.
  • and then, hit on forget the network.
  • You will automatically return on your Google home screen.

The above-given instructions are very common and top issues after applying steps if your “Google assistant not working” so there might be some software issues. Otherwise, users can easily solve Google assistance issues via the above-presented steps.

Google Assistant Not Responding

Is your Google assistant not working or responding to “Hey Google” on Android phones & tablets? Then you do not take tension. Here are mentioned all the possible solutions that will help to fix the issue and get back Google assistant responding to you.

Fix Issue Google Assistant Not Working with Easy Solutions:

Solution 1: Turn ON Google Assistant Option: Make sure the “Google Assistant” or “Hey Google” or “Voice Match” options are turned on your device. If not enabled then try to turning on the options back to fix the issue Google assistant not working quickly.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, launch the Google app.
  • Then tap ‘More’ at the lower side and the pick “Settings” option.
  • Now say "Hey, Google” to open assistant settings.
  • Then tap “Voice Match” underneath the "Popular settings" section.
  • Turn on the “Hey Google” option and then set up voice match.

Solution 2: Ensure You Are Connected to the Internet Properly: Reminisce Google assistant always uses the good internet connection to retrieve messages for you. So, when Google assistant not working or responding, then ensure that your android phones & tablets device is having internet connectivity via Wi-Fi or cellular data with a strong signal for proper performance. Also, try to restart your device again.

Solution 3: Ensure That Assistant App Is Updated with the Latest Version: Sometimes the problem occurs when you don't have the latest assistant app version. Then fix this problem by updating the app with the latest version.

  • Open the Google play store on your device.
  • Then go to the Google app page and then find and tap on the “Update” option.
  • If the page tells “Installed” that means you already have the latest version of the Google App.

Solution 4: Retrain the Voice Model: Many times, Google assistant has problems trying to identify your voice, and that’s why Google assistant not working or responding to “Hey Google” on android phones & tablets. Then you should try to retrain the voice model on your phone again to detect your voice properly. 

  • On your android or Tablet device, launch the Google app.
  • Move to the “Settings” section, then select “Voice” and then “Voice Match”.
  • Then find an option that says “Voice model” and toggle the option on.
  • Tap on the “retrain voice model” option to begins the retraining process.
  • Then say the words “Hello Google” or “OK Google” and then “Hey Google” so that the assistant can adequately identify what you say.
  • That's all.

Google assistant not working how to fix it

Few users have complaint about Google assistant not connected. This is a common issue and can be fixed in minutes. You just need to delete the paired bluetooth device and then pair it again. If the issue remains same then you need to contact the Google support centre to get a resolution. The best team of experts is ready to assist the users round the clock throughout the year.

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