Google Chrome Not Working

Google is a world-class company and operating in the IT field for several years. Google is a US-based company and offers several products and services. The list of Google’s products and services is long which includes names such as Google search engine, Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Duo, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Phone, Google Calendar, etc. Google Chrome is a popular web browser that works well on all devices. Without a browser using the internet is not possible except for using apps directly. If you want to search for anything on Google, you need Google Chrome browser or any other browser. Google chrome is quite a safe browser and works on all devices that include a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. You need a single Google account to use all services of Google including Google chrome. So, you can create a Google account and use it for all of Google’s services. You can sync a Google account on all devices and thus for different devices you don’t need a different Google account.

There are many methods to solve Google chrome not working

Google chrome is very easy and safe to use. It keeps records of all your browsing history and allows you several extensions as well which you can enable and disable as per your choice. You can open any website through Google chrome browser but it may restrict some websites for safety's sake as well.

Why Google Chrome Not Working

Every day you keep opening your web browser for searching and opening different websites. Suddenly if you find that your favorite browser such as Google chrome is not working, you want to solve the problem immediately. Though you can try another browser for the time being many people love to use chrome only because they find it easy and safe to use. Also once you are used to it, there is browsing history available to you. You can bookmark files and websites. So, if chrome does not work you ask why Google chrome not working. Well, there may be various reasons for this. Like there might be an internet connection issue, there might be virus problems, third party software problems, system update issues, cookies issues, cache memory problem and so on. You can check one by one and see if the problem is resolved. Once the problem is solved, you can enjoy browsing again. You should clear history and cookies on a regular basis also to avoid this problem.

Google Chrome Not Responding

Google chrome is a favorite browser of millions of people around the world. If for a moment chrome browser does not respond many people feel frustrated and start fixing the problem on their own. You can fix the problem if you know exactly why Google chrome not responding, but if you don’t know the reason why it is happening you may waste your time completely. You can check for internet connection, malware problem, extension issue and so on and if that is so, you can easily fix the problem but if you fail to find the reason, you can seek help from experts to get the solution quickly.

Google Chrome Not Working Solution

If you see that Google Chrome is not working, you can try some tips to fix the issue.

Here are some of those tips that you can easily try to fix the problem:

  • You can close other opened tabs, extensions, and apps on your device.
  • You can close Chrome and restart it.
  • You can restart your computer.
  • See if there is any malware on your device.
  • You can try opening the same page in another browser.
  • Check if there is any interne issue and fix it if there is any.
  • See if chrome is already open.
  • Check if no other app on the computer is causing trouble.

I sure your Google chrome not working problem is fixed.

Google Chrome Not Working

You can try several things if you find that Google Chrome is not responding. You can immediately check for internet connection, malware problem, extension and third party app issue, an issue with other tabs and so on. You can also restart chrome and your computer completely. If this solves the problem, it is fine but if it does not solve the problem, you can seek help from Google.