How to fix Google Drive Not Working

Google Drive is considered as one of the best online storage space available for all the Google devices users. With the use of Google drive services, people who are using their Google devices can easily store and save their photos, videos, applications, files, and lots more things in it and can use it in the future whenever they wish to. Getting displeased due to Google Drive? Then it’s time to take a high relief because you can get rid of major problems and that also in a quick span of time. Google retains the Google Drive expert, whose prime aim is to resolve the issues and provide the efficient elucidation of any issues. Now, you may think about what the issues are and what kind of solutions they have provided? This service is widely used by the customers and the same is effective too. The team uses advanced tools and improved technology to fix any issues.

Causes of Google Drive Not Working Problem:

  • Unable to Share Files on Google Drive
  • Backup problem with Google Drive
  • Google Drive not responding issue
  • Google Drive unable to create a new folder
  • Google Drive is unable to download files
  • Videos are not downloading from Google Drive
  • Google Drive closing regularly

Google Drive is one of the best and most popular file storage and synchronization service. Google drive is the product of Google's company. People save so many files to the cloud and use it on the mobile, laptop, computer, etc. People can store their documents, image, videos, etc. on Google drive. Google drive’s service makes it easy to transfer files from one device to another without any email or any sharing app.

How to fix the problem of Google drive not showing all files

Google drive is accessible on all devices like laptop, computer, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc. Sometimes Google drive not uploading or Google drive not downloading in the system and most of the people do not know the process, if you are also facing that your Google drive is not appearing all files then you no need to get fret because this issue is very common you can get resolve from this problem by adopting the given below steps.

Step by step instructions are given to fix the issue related to the Google drive:

  • First of all you should open your Google drive and try to make it pause and resume.
  • Then you should restart Google sync.
  • When you have started Google sync then you should run the Google backup app as administrator and then resign in.
  • After that you can view un-synced files online.
  • You should make sure that all folders are checked to sync.
  • In the firewall settings you should be sure that your antivirus allows Google drive to communicate with the internet because without this it will not be able to sync your data.
  • If the process is not working then don’t wary because the process varies from antivirus to antivirus so that you should check out the website of developers to get more information.

How to contact the Google drive support team to resolve the issues

You have another option to resolve the issue of Google drive. If the above step is still not helpful for you then you should directly contact from customer support, when you call on customer support number they will definitely resolve your issue. They will always try to resolve your problem because all technicians are well educated and have years of experience. Without your satisfaction, they will never put your call. When you call on that number support will pick your call within a minute you just share your problem and get the instant solution.

Uninstall your Google Drive and reinstall it

Methods to contact Google drive not working support phone number and below mentioned methods are simple and easy ways to contacting Google drive for any kind of technical glitches that occurs while we use Google drive applications.

The best ways in which Google Drive support can be contacted are:

Step 1: The very common and reliable way to reach support is by calling them. In this, the user has to simply dial the number and select options to reach the executive in the support department. The user can dial the support number and then discuss the issue with them. There will be an instant solution for the reply. Firstly the executive will collect the info about the issue and then provide the best possible solution to the user.

Step 2: The other way to reach them is through the web support. In this, the user sends an email to the support in which the issue is listed. The executives, on the other hand, will reply within a given frame of time such as 24 hours or 48 hours or so. So, it will take time for the executive to get back to the user.

Step 3: Another way is to contact the representatives is through a live chat. In the live chat option, the user has to initiate the conversation in which they can discuss the issue. The executive on the other end will give instant replies as they are online. This customer service is also a good option for the user to get instant solution for the issues.

Step 4: The experts provided by Google Drive can be availed at any time of the day as it is available for 24*7.

Step 5: To know more about the services or any issue related to Google Drive services.

The user can simply contact the support by any of the above-mentioned ways. The support representatives will be available in all the contact methods that will provide the best possible solution. The information for reaching them via different methods can be found on the website owned by Google or Google Drive.

Google Drive not responding Problem

Want to fix Google Drive problems such as uploading, downloading, and responding glitches then you can simply resolve these issues by following the below-mentioned steps to reconnect your Internet connection:

  1. In the first step, you have to turn off your Wi-Fi and then turn on.
  2. Now, need to switch the internet connection.
  3. Connect with a new internet connection.
  4. Try, Open Google Drive to use without facing any further problem.


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