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Google is an American multinational technology company which expertise in internet-related products and services as a search engine which is primarily used across the globe and others are cloud computing, it also provides its services in software as well as hardware. It is considered among the top four technology companies.

Google is the friendliest used account across however as it provides a couple of services, they have ensured that security is maintained which can be done by keeping the password when the account is created the individual is asked to provide certain details as a recovery email address which enabled the individual to recover the password in case if the same is forgotten and to ensure the security Google also asks for a mobile number where they can send the code for the verification at the time of creating the account. In order to ensure more secure one can also opt for 2 step verification and to move one step ahead for high profile public figures, Google provides them U2F Keys.

Google password generator on Android

if the individual is not able to keep the strong password one can take help from chrome by taking the following mentioned steps:

  • It is essential to turn sync on in chrome otherwise the password will only be stored on Chrome on the computer and will not get stores on Google account
  • One will be required to be on the website and log in
  • Click on password box
  • Click on Suggest Strong password
  • One will be able to see the preview, in order to select the same click on Use password
  • Now the individual will be required to complete all the details ad once done the password will be automatically saved

If the individual is still facing the problem, there is nothing to worry about or even if one wants to bring some changes as listed below

  • See, delete or export password
  • One wants to stop saving the password or wants to initiate again
  • Managing password

For the above-mentioned reasons, one can seek help from the Google help forum.

Google password Generator

Google password Generator at the time of creating the account the individual is required to share some personal information, so one has to be sure that the same is not being misused hence the same can be done by keeping the password. One has to ensure that the strong password is used which should be a combination of characters, alphanumeric and special characters. If the individual is not able to keep a strong password can seek help from chrome.

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