Google Pay Not Working

Google Pay can make everything easier from buying to filling users' cars with gasoline. It is much more convenient to search for users' phones instead of searching for cash or a credit card.

That is, of course, when everything works as planned. The user may encounter situations in which he cannot use Google Pay. Most of the time this is because the store is not compatible with Google Pay or the user's phone does not have a battery. However, sometimes, Google Pay simply does not work, which can be frustrating, especially if the user travels frequently without cash.

Make sure Google Pay App is not down

If Google Pay does not work, the user may assume that something is wrong with the users' phone or tablets, but that is not always the case. It could simply be that the web service that Google Pay users in the backend is currently idle. If this is the case, the user may only have to wait a few minutes until he backs up again.

The good news is that the Google Pay user does not get caught wondering if that is the case without confirmation. Google Pay users can check the Google system status website to see if there is a problem with the Google pay service. If Google Pay is working according to that page, the user can go to the other tips here.

Try using a different reader

If the user is trying to use Google Pay in a store, we are assuming that the user has already verified it to ensure that the store is compatible with Google Pay. Even if it does, the user may have problems in certain terminals. If this is the case, the user may want to verify if the store has another terminal.

If there are several terminals available, try them. It could simply be that one of the terminals does not work well with Google Pay. If another terminal works for the user, keep this in mind for the future if you are a frequent user of the store.

Restart the Smartphone

If none of the above options works for the Google Pay users, or if the user is not using it in a store and is using it to buy something online, there are some other steps that the user can try. The simplest is to simply restart the phone.

People often assume that such a simple solution will never work. In reality, a large number of statistics and data fragments are reset within the user's phone when the user restarts it. It is possible that one of these affected Google Pay, so a restart should fix it.

Google Pay Not Working Conclusion

With luck, one of the previous steps made Google Pay start working for the user. If it was a faster solution, be sure to consider it or even write it down for future reference. If the user had to add any bank account again, it should work smoothly from now on. Now that Google Pay is working correctly, it's time to put it to use. Not sure where you can use Google Pay? We have gathered some tips to find stores that support Google Pay in the user area. 

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