Google Play Not Working

All of the android enthusiasts are well aware of the fact and importance of Google Play on their android device. Dependency increases for people who are always keen to explore some new apps on the device. So it is necessary that users Google play is working in an effective manner all the time. But even if it’s not working there are quite a few troubleshooting steps that can be performed by the users at any point in time and get relieved of their issues on an instant basis. What the users have to do is simply move down the tutorial and follow the below mentioned different kinds of troubleshooting steps in order to get a one-stop solution for the issue. It could be that your Google Play store may keep stopping at regular intervals. If that is the cause or the concern for the users then users simply need to do is uninstall the Google play store from their device and once done then they can simply reinstall the same. Things should then certainly work for the users and then they should start enjoying uninterrupted services of their Google Play store. Also, it could also be that there could be some hindrances in the network connectivity.

Method to troubleshoot Google play store not working and not responding problem:

Look for updates:- There could have been a possibility that users Google play has not been updated for quite a long time as a result of which it must have stopped working on a sudden basis. If that is really the concern for the users then they can simply move on to the settings section of their screen and look for updates and if any available then they can simply update the same and enjoy uninterrupted services of their Google play account.

Google play clear cache, Cookies, and History

There could be many of the users who may be accessing their Google Play account on their browser in their mobile device. Such users simply need to do is clear the entire cache, cookies, and history from their browser and then try accessing their Google Play account. If things are well and good then Google Play should work for the users and then they should be able to enjoy uninterrupted services of the browser.

Google play uninstall and reinstall

If none of the things are working for the users then the best thing which users can do is simply uninstall the Google play from their respective android device and then they can simply do is reinstall the Google play on their device. Things should then definitely be working for the users and that too in one go.

What should be do when Google Play Not Working Properly

If your Google play is not responding so there are several reasons but it can be solved via little bit efforts.

Just follow the below-given solutions:

Step 1: Install the latest Google Play App:- If you are using the old version of Google play so it can be generating issues. For better use, you have to install the latest version of the Google play application.

Step 2: Clear the cache & data of Google play:- Due to the bad cache & corrupted data, Google plays not working properly. Just see the below-given steps to remove cache & data immediately:

  • Open the smartphone and tap on the settings.
  • Pick the Apps option and find the Google play store.
  • Press the Clear cache & Clear data button.

Step 3: Check the internet connection:- This is a very common issue where Google Play doesn’t respond, If you are using any types of the internet such as wireless, Mobile LTE, or wired before doing anything you have to check the speed of the internet or validity.

Step 4: Update the Google Play Application:- Google always works as an update system, if you are not providing updates from time to time so it can create an issue for further process. But, after applying the update process, if Google not working properly so just follow another solving step.

Google play not working after factory reset

If you have done a factory reset but after then, Google play is not responding to your Google play is facing several issues because after the factory reset everything has cleaned and cleared. In that case, you must contact the Google support team which is available 24X7 with toll-free number connectivity. The Google representative will find the issue via tools and techniques and provide you a secure and fast solution.

Fixed Google Play Not Working

In that case, users can simply fix the issue by ensuring that they are having flawless internet connectivity all the time so that the stopping issue does not occur in the near future. Apart from this in case of users are having any other issue or doubts then they can feel free to connect with us and we would be more than happy to offer all the necessary assistance and resolve the issue in one go.

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