Google Search Not Working

Google is the most popular and fastest search engine, used by millions of users on their PC. But sometimes users are reported to face issues when Google search stopped working in their Google Chrome browser. Google is the top IT giant that is been used across the globe for a number of things like their products or services such as G suite containing Gmail, Google Drive, or other things. Google is also been giving services to its users in the form of the Google browser. Nowadays people rely on information provided by Google so much. So just in case, you feel that you are trying to search for something but you are able to perform your task since you have some issue while searching for something. Then, in that case, you should never panic instead you can always get the right steps to fix this issue in normal ways. All that you need to do in order to fix Google search, not working issues.

How to fix Google search not working

At that time users were looking for the answer that How to fix google search not working! so they can get out of the issue quickly.

Common reasons when Google search not working or stopped response:

  • Internet connection issue 
  • Google version update issue        
  • malware or malicious applications problem
  • modem or router resetting issue 
  • Cache issue, and so on.

Thus, if you are also facing the same issue, then don’t worry. Here are mentioned some troubleshooting solutions which will help you to fix Google search not working issue promptly.

Easy Troubleshooting Solutions to fix the issue:

Verify internet connection: First, you must verify your internet connection as it’s working properly on your PC.

Check for malware: Often Google search feature stopped working on chrome due to malware or extension problems. Then verify your PC (Windows or mac) and find and remove unwanted software.

Verify your modem and router: If the page did not load in another browser, then it could be an issue with your network or the website itself. Try to restart your modem and router.

Check Google app updated:  Google search not working or stopped working, due to the older version of Google application. So, verify and update the latest version of Google application on your PC.

Clear cache: Further, you should also try to clear all caches from your PC for smoothing running the Google chrome browser.

Restart computer: You should also try to restart your computer after closing all the applications. Press the ‘Power’ button and tap ‘Restart’. check Google search now.

Google search not responding

Now the simple things that you can do in order to fix Google search, not responding issues are mentioned below:

  • The very first thing that you have to do is to restart the phone, restarting the device that using always proves to be fruitful as it solves a number of issues. So you just have to follow some simple steps to restart the device. This will definitely solve your issue and just in case it does not then you always have a number of other ways also so do not take any tension.
  • The second thing that you can do is to look at the internet connection that you are using, so many times it happens that we may not know that internet connection has broken up. In this case, you can always try to check the internet connection and if there is some issue then you will definitely get the issue resolved if you connect it to the wifi.
  • If both of the above things do not work then there are other methods too like re-adding the search widget, so if you find that the search bar is creating the issue then you can always try to add the widget again and this will definitely solve your issue.
  • If restarting the device does not help then you can also try one more thing that is restarting the Google app, this will solve your issue but you have to follow few steps like going to the settings option and then moving to the apps and notifications. Once you reach there then you simply have to tap on Google app followed by tapping on the force stop and then again you can start the app.
  • One more thing that you can try is to clear the cache of the Google app and for this, you simply have to go to the settings option and then to the application manager. Once you reach there then you can simply go to the storage option and there you have to tap on clear cache and you are done with this.

Google Search Not Working Is It Down Or Affected How To Fix

So these are few ways you can always follow in order to get rid of this issue and just in case you feel that this is not solving your issue then in that case also you should never panic since you can always get rid of issues like this by contacting the support team of the company. The only thing that you have to do is to get in touch with the support team of the company and that can easily be done by calling on the toll-free number of the company. So you can always get help from the executives who pick your call. Once they pick your call then you have to tell them your issue and they will definitely come up with some of the easy ways to the answer of how to fix Google search not responding. Once they respond to you with the easy solution steps then you can simply follow them and your issue will be resolved in no time. Now if calling on that number does not work then you can also try to raise your concern in a more formal way like drafting a mail and then sending it to the concerned team and then they will revert to your issue on the same mail. So whenever you get into issues like these, never forget to seek help from the right people and that too at right time.

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