Why Google Search Not Working & Not Responding

Google is the top most internet service provider with lots of features and aspects. Google mails provide easy mailing option to the users and Google chrome is the browser for easy access to the emails. Google Hangouts enable live chat with friends & family. Google search engine is the top rated search engine and works as the resource medium to get all the necessary details. But there be certain problems at times when the Google will be down and out. Common issues need to be addressed correctly and this article will prescribe the latest steps to fix the Google problems.

Is Google Broken

Google can be too slow to access at times and there can be two basic reasons for that. Google can afford to be thoughtful and patient. They are always into the new updates for the Google platforms and modern technologies for Google are always on course. Also, at time it is hard to avoid unintended side effects. A semantic analysis of the pages are performed and a complete map is built for all the interlinking they see between the pages.

What is dashboard in Google

It enables the internet users to view and manage the personal data collected about them by Google Inc. It allows the users to have a summary view of Google+, Google web history, YouTube, Google Play Apps, etc. Summarize the data for the each product and uses providing direct links to the products. The program also allows setting preferences for personal account products.

Why does my Google not work on my phone

There can be various reasons behind the problem and try out the troubleshooting steps for help:

  • Check the language settings and later some of the settings as required to access Google on the phone.
  • Also, check the microphone of the device as it is a voice-based system.
  • Are you having Samsung device? Disable S Voice.
  • Re-Train OK Google voice model and rule out the simple fixes.

Google Search Not Working or Responding Problem with iPhone

Sometimes, Google users complain that the Google application does not respond on the iPhone. Therefore, to solve this problem, users should follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Users should verify this problem after following each and every one of the steps mentioned below:

  • Check the latest version of the Google application in the App Store.
  • Make sure your mobile data or WiFi connection is ON for Google.
  • Restart your iPhone and then try to access Google.
  • Exit Google.

To do this, press the start button twice and then slide the Google up and then press the start button once. If the Google search still does not search the iPhone after following the steps mentioned above, contact the help team for highly reliable assistance from highly qualified and certified technical professionals. They will provide solutions for all kinds of technical problems related to Google. Without much stretching, they can solve problems in a short space of time. It does not matter if the problem is big; they have solutions for each problem.

 Some common problems of Google

  • The Google application does not respond on Android
  • Why is my application not working on my Android?
  • Unable to open the Google play store app
  • Google application does not work on Android phone
  • All Google applications do not work on Android
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  • The Google application does not work on mobile data
  • Google apps do not work on iPhone

What to do when your Google search application stops working on an Android Smartphone

 Do you use Google to search various things on the internet on Android? Then, within a short period of time, you can easily obtain the result of your search. But many situations arise when you face difficulties while working at Google. There may be several reasons for this problem. If you do not know how to correct the Google search not working on the Android, read this article.

 Steps to Fix Google Search not working on Android Device:
  • Press and hold the power button on your screen and then click the Restart button immediately.
  • Sometimes, this problem occurs because the system of your Smartphone is not updated. In that case, users must update the Android operating system as soon as possible.
  • Along with that, one thing users can do is navigate to the Google Play Store application and then go to the My Applications & Games link.
  • There, they have to update the Google application in the best possible steps.
  • Sometimes, users also have other methods, such as stopping this application by force, which helps users to close it and start it correctly.
  • In addition, clearing the cache and application data from the Google application of the Configuration also fixes this problem and you should definitely try this method.
  • The last recommended method is to uninstall this application from your Smartphone and then reinstall it from Google Play Store and we guarantee that the Google application on your mobile will start working again.


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