How to fix Hangouts Not Working

Hangouts as we all know is an application developed by Google that efficiently functions like a cross-platform multimedia messaging application. One can use Google Hangouts to keep in touch with his/her contact or with one person or even a group. Are you not satisfied with the audio and video calls on Google hangouts? Encounter it! Go through this write-up and learn some effective techniques for dealing with your problem! Numerous factors are there that can affect the quality of your audio and video calls on Google hangouts. The troubleshooting techniques we have given here are based on the Google Hangouts app, internet connection, hardware issues, and software issues. Well, the first thing you need to check is the use of this program whether you are using Hangouts on multiple devices. If yes, follow the first workaround given here.

Are you using Hangouts on multiple devices?

Google Hangouts gets an overload issue as it sends notifications to every single device that is running this program. Notifications will pop up on all the devices if you have opened it on your desktop, laptop, and phone simultaneously. No matter you are engaged with all of these devices or not. Just sign out of your hangouts on devices or browsers in which you don’t want to get notifications. Else, close the app altogether.

Google Hangouts Not Working on Android

Google Hangouts has been made available on mobile phones, and it can also be installed on desktop, laptops etc. to make a video as well as voice calls. At times, you may experience situations where Google Hangouts suddenly stops working on your Android device without any reason.

Without worrying, you are suggested to apply the simple hacks or fixes that are mentioned below:

Step 1: However, the first thing is to make sure that you sign in using the e-mail ID registered with your Google account.

Step 2: The first thing to be always checked is your cellular data. Please make sure that your cellular data is turned on, and that also find a strong signal on your device.

Step 3: In case if you are using Wi-Fi, then cross-check your Wi-Fi signal. Simply turn it off and then back on again may serve the purpose.

Step 4: In case if, after trying the steps above, if you are still facing the same issue, then try signing out then sign in back again of the Hangouts Application.

Step 5: If the above-mentioned have not worked for you, you may uninstall the Google Hangouts application from your android device and install it back again.

Hangouts don’t work in IE browser from the Windows 8 start screen

  1. Do you know Hangouts requires a plug-in to operate on the IE browser? If you are Windows 8 user and using the start screen to launch Internet Explorer, your Hangouts program may not work well. You can do two things to troubleshoot it. Either you can switch to another browser or run the IE browser in Desktop mode by launching it from the desktop instead of using the start screen and then install Hangouts.
  2. Hangouts automatically rotate the sent photos: The portrait mode photos sent via Hangouts over MMS automatically rotates and turns into landscape photos. Is it your problem? If yes, try to take pictures separately if you want to send them via Hangouts. It is suggested to avoid using the camera within Hangouts to snap photos. Portrait photos seem to come through with the proper rotation intact if they are sent via Google Hangouts.
  3. Restart your computer and browser: Another way to troubleshoot this issue is to restart the computer. This method is effective if you are using the Default option for webcams, microphones, and audio devices. Instead of using the Default option, select an option from the three options given to you. And then restart your computer and browser.
  4. Is your issue related to the video calls: Hangouts won’t initiate the video calls? If you are not satisfied with the video calls, follow this workaround! The web browser powered by Google, i.e., Google Chrome, doesn’t require a plug-in for Hangouts to work unless you are using the Google Apps. Under such circumstances, you are instructed to install the Hangouts Chrome app, which adds Hangouts to the Chrome app launcher. If you have done this, you won’t get a similar problem in making the video calls.
  5. Are you unable to install the Hangouts plug-in: Hangouts Browser plug-in disappears, therefore, it won’t install. If so, you need to make sure that the IE browser you are using is not a 64-bit web browser. Make sure that the plug-in of 64-bit Internet Explorer is not supported on this browser. Are you using Google Chrome and facing difficulty in installing the plug-in? If yes, go through the chrome: //plugins/ to check Google Talk plug-in is installed and enabled. The uninstallation and reinstallation of the plug-in could also be a great way to resolve the concerned issue.

Troubleshoot Google Hangouts Not Working

Hangouts is a service product of Google, It is a web app which requires no downloading. It allows you to video call. But sometimes it can be really irritating when video related issues come out.

Camera Settings & Permission: If it's showing camera is not detected and denied for Hangouts camera access. It is because of the permission. So basically to fix this thing you have to go to your Chrome browser.

  • Go to chrome browser click on three - dotted Icon.
  • Now select settings.
  • Now go to "Privacy and Security".
  • After clicking on privacy and settings, click on site settings.
  • Check the block list & If you see Hangouts in that list allow it use camera.

External Camera Connection Issue: If you have an external camera attached to your PC and Hangouts is having trouble in connecting to it.

To solve it follow these steps:

  • Simply unplug the camera from your computer.
  • Now close hangouts call window.
  • Now attach the camera again to your computer & open the Hangouts again.
  • Check if it is detecting the camera.
  • Still if it is not detecting the camera then you should try to connect it with other computer. There might be issue with your PC ports.

Display adapter Issue: If you can't see others while having a call with them, it might be because of the fault of your video card. You might be having corrupted or out-dated drivers in your PC.

  • To solve this go to the device manager in your Windows PC.
  • Now after this go to display adapters.
  • Now click on the driver coming under the display drivers, It will show the properties of that driver.
  • Now click on the driver under properties & there will be an option update driver click on that.
  • Once you have clicked on the update driver button, select search automatically for updated drivers.
  • Now it will install the updated drivers.
  • In case the person you're calling can't see you simply check if your camera is on or turned Off, It's off then please turns on it and the person on the other side will be able to see you.

Google is also known for its flawless and highly satisfactory customer service. To serve the Hangouts users, it has recruited a skilled team of support engineers and trained them with the entire range of issues faced by Hangouts users. These engineers are qualified and have been associated with the support industry for a long time. You can contact them via a number of ways, including phone and chat support. The Hangouts experts are driven by quality and putting their highest level of effort into assisting the globally spread users.



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