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Communicating through the medium of mails has become a basic necessity of the professional world nowadays. It is also an easy medium to keep a record of your things and hence has gained momentum since 2 decades. Now since there are a number of options available one may always get confused about the service they have to opt. If you are also not able to decide the mailing service then we come to your rescue and give you the words about amazing mailing service by the Microsoft which is commonly called as Hotmail.

Easy Guide To Recover Hotmail Account In No Time

Hotmail is easy to activate and use and hence it has a large user base. Now sometimes it happens that we are using a number of mailing accounts or we have to remember a number of email id and passwords and in such a case that's quite possible that one may forget the credentials of the Hotmail.

In such a situation you can simply follow the steps written below to recover your Hotmail account:

  • The very first thing that you have to do is to go to the official site of the Hotmail site.
  • Followed by going to the recovery page of the Hotmail service.
  • Once you reach there then you just have to check the box that says forgot password.
  • As you do so you will be able to see the next button and hence you have to tap on the Next button.
  • Then comes the time to enter the email address, after entering the email id you have to simply enter the verification code that is being sent by the Microsoft.
  • After that, you have to simply enter or create a brand new password for yourself.
  • Re-enter the new password followed by tapping again on the next button.

By doing as written above the recovery process will be completed and then you simply have to sign in to your account with the hotmail account recovery phone number or using the new credentials that you have created. Just in case you get stuck somewhere then helping hands are just a call away. 

How to change Hotmail password

One of them is, "how to change Hotmail password?" steps:

  1. To change the password, log in to your Hotmail email account, click on your profile picture, and choose View account.
  2. Next, tap on Change password, enter your current password, and then Sign in.
  3. Then, you'll need to verify your profile. To complete this process, click Send code, now you need to enter the code that you had receive via your mobile phone or email address registered One cannot keep calm unless his trouble gets convert into an appropriate outcome. Deciding for a while that what are those easy steps which can be applied to Hotmail issues? Spit your worries and look for the answer in another form “to recover Hotmail password”.
  4. Email: when you were setting up your Hotmail email account, you would have mostly been asked to fill up a recovery email address. If you have, you will be able to remind Microsoft to send a verification code to operate the password reset process. This is the most assured way, but you must have set up a secondary email for this to complete the process.
  5. Secret Question: Similar to the recovery email address, you will need to set this up. This is the simplest way to reset your password, served that you can answer the question perfectly because everything is done in the same frame at a time.

Recover Hacked Hotmail Account

Once you have learned that how to recover Hotmail password, now you can easily gain the knowledge about recovering hacked Hotmail account:

  1. If you are still able to access to your account, then a quick password change is the simplest way to regain control.
  2. The gear icon is viewed in the upper right corner beside your account name.
  3. Choose “More Mail Settings” from the menu.
  4. Tap on “Account Details” to promote the language menu. This button is the very first option under the “Managing Your Account” header.
  5. Tap on “Change Password”.
  6. Fill your old and new passwords into the text fields and then save.
  7. Login again to your account to verify the changes made.

However, the changes applied will surely recover your hacked Hotmail account. These outcomes will fill you’re your difficulty with perfect solution. Justifying each and every plan, one can easily maintain his Hotmail account by keeping unique password as well as which can be easily remembered.


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