How Do I Recover My Google Account Password

Google has provided several ways through which any user can recover their account in a couple of minutes. Here we are discussing particularly recovery through phone number. If any google product users have forgotten his or her Google account password or something like this then they can recover their account easily with the help of this article. Now a day there are millions of people using android and other google based products. Below is the end-to-end process of Google account recovery through phone numbers. Google has become a giant of information technology and all the products could be accessed by sign in into a single Gmail account. The recovery of any google account is a very common problem among the users. The thing is there are more than thousands of accounts available over the internet and also the people access more than one email account or other than an email account. Thus in this way, it becomes sometimes tough to remember all the accounts and passwords. There is no point in worry because the company takes care of each and every customer. You will get all the solutions for all the problems easily over the internet and also from the support system of google.

Steps to be adapted in order to recover google account using phone number:

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is to open your android mobile device and open the setting app means google settings. The option could be geared icon.
Step 2: On top of the screen you will find the Security option, just click on it.
Step 3: There would be several options underway we can verify it is you.
Step 4: Among the several options, you have to select the recovered phone.
Step 5: Now you have to enter the recovery phone number and click on the proceed button.
Step 6: Here now you will get a unique code like a one-time password in your registered mobile number.
Step 7: Enter the correct one-time code and click on the ok button.
Step 8: You might have to follow some other steps also listed on the screen.
Step 9: After completion of the process, you will be able to sign in again in your Google account easily.

How To Recover Google Account Using An Alternate Email

This is the best process of recovering the google account. At the time of making a fresh account, you must have noticed that you have been asked for the alternate email address. This address if very helpful in the account recovery, how? let us discuss in the below steps. There are several reasons among people behind forgetting the password and need for recovery of google account. Now a day everything is getting digitalized and for that, it is mandatory to have a google account.

You can sync everything through you google account in a click only:

  • When you open the official website of google mean when you open the Gmail web page you will get a sign-in option.
  • You do not have to do anything with the login option just click on the forgot password below the login section.
  • Now you will get several options for recovering google account.
  • You just have to click on the option recovery through email.
  • Here you have to enter the alternate email address that you have provided at the time of making the google account.
  • Make sure that the alternate account should be active.
  • Now go and check that email account inbox, you will definitely get a link sent by google.
  • Click on the link and the password change option will be appeared.
  • Enter the new password and repeat entering the password again.

This is all, now you will be able to access your Gmail account with the new password. All the steps are very precise thus be make sure to follow the above steps carefully. The above is the step that shows how to recover google account using an alternate email in a couple of minutes. In case you are getting any kind of difficulties then you can directly take help from google support which is active day and night both. All the personnel of the support system is highly educated and they are completely able to assist you in a better way.

How To Recover Google Account Using Security Question

There is no lack of availability of recovery options for google account. People will find it very easy if they recover google account using security questions. Here while the recovery of google account you will have to answer some security questions. These question will be among those questions and answers which you have done while making the new google account. Therefore there is very least chance to recover the google account from another person. Some of the people get confused about how to recover google account using security question because this option is being availed by very less number of people.

Let us discuss the point-to-point steps of google account recovery:

  • In this case, you have to open the official site of Gmail.
  • Click on the forget password and there will be many options for recovering the password.
  • You can choose the recovery through questions.
  • Now you will be asked around four or five questions and you have to answer those questions correctly.
  • If people answers on or two wrong answers then there is no problem again you will get another question.
  • Answer them correctly.
  • When you answer all the questions correctly and precisely then you will be able to recover your password.
  • Follow some screen instructions and you are done with that.

How to contact Google account recovery phone number

Google has released google account support number, google account support email address, Google account support live chat. People are requested to get support if they are unable to recover their account. It is not mandatory that all the people are well educated to get all the thing self. In spite of getting support form any other common people, you are advised to take a solution from these authentic sources. Now a day people are liking live chat support because both google user support team is at the desktop and users get real-time advice or solution. In case the problem is consistently coming then you will be advised to drop the email and raise the ticket. Raising tickets would get a couple of days to be solved. Over the mail getting support is also beneficial because it becomes the recorded advice you can get it in the future as well.


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