How To Add Signature in Gmail

Gmail is the product of Google. It is also known as Google account. Gmail is one of the best and most popular web-based email service providers all over the world. There are millions of people who are using Gmail, not only USA in almost all over the world also. In the Google account, your important documents and personal data are completely secure. There are no chances of fraud or hacking system in this account. Google Company protects your account with three-layer security. Several secure options are available in this account. If the user faces any type of problem at the time of using Gmail then they can take instant solutions to all their problems through toll-free numbers or with the help of the Google search engine.

How to add signature in Gmail

The email signature is a text like your contact information. Users can set up the signs that show only for emails you send from the Gmail app. If you are looking everywhere how to add a signature in the Gmail account but you fail to get helpful instructions then no need to worry about it you just follow the below steps carefully you definitely get to add a signature in the Gmail account.

Step by step instruction is given below to add signature in Gmail account:

  1. First of all, you go to the Gmail account to log in.
  2. When your Gmail is logged in, navigate to the gear icon which is shown in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. You can see so many options in that icon, click on the settings option.
  4. Then scroll down through the many settings and try to find the Signature section, you will see a text box.
  5. Add your signature in the text bar. You can format your message according to you by adding your image or changing the text style. You can type a maximum of 10,000 words in your signature.
  6. Click on the save change button, it appears at the bottom of the page.

How to add signature in Gmail app

The email signature is the best way to save your time when users wish to get back correctly but still want to give the message for your business or personal reason. If you do not know how to add a signature in the Gmail app then do not worry you just look out the given steps to get your trouble resolved within a short time. You should follow the steps carefully, because if you miss a step accidentally then you get to fail to add a signature in your Gmail app, in this way your precious time will waste.

Excellent instructions are illustrated below to add signature in Gmail app:

  1. First, go to open the Gmail app on your phone, if you have no app then first you should download it from Google play store.
  2. On the top left corner, you can see the menu bar, tap on the menu settings on your Gmail account.
  3. Then scroll down to the bottom and try to find the settings option, tap on it.
  4. In the settings option tap on your account, you can change or modify anything from this section.
  5. You should tap on signature settings to add your signature in the Gmail account.
  6. Then switch the mobile signature settings on.
  7. Add or edit your mobile signature.
  8. In the end, tap on the save button to complete your process, now come back on the initial screen of Gmail.

How can i add an image signature to my Gmail with logo

There are so many interesting features that are available in Gmail. The feature of Gmail is always good to increase these features and create something good for yourself. Gmail provides you to add a signature in Gmail with a logo. In this way, your signature represents your business and you can make it as a professional or personal reason. If you want to add it but you do not know how to add a signature in Gmail with logo, then you no need to go anywhere because an excellent procedure is given below you must follow carefully and get to know the instruction to add logo to Gmail signature.

Systematic instructions are given you should adopt and get to add signature in Gmail with logo:

  1. First of all upload logo on the storage location. If you don’t have your logo then you need to save it first.
  2. Then log in your Gmail account and go to settings and then select mail settings from it.
  3. After that go to general and scroll down and find the signature you will see an inbox with it, you can enter a custom signature. On the left side of the signature box, select the radio button in order to enter your custom signature.
  4. Then click on the image and select your logo from the store where you have saved your logo.
  5. Enter some text therewith your logo. You can change the font, size, the color of your text, this button show on the upper right corner of the signature field.
  6. At last click on the save changes to save it and come back from mail settings.

How to add signature in Gmail iPhone

Based on its user, Gmail is the most popular email service all over the world. Adding a signature to the Gmail Account saves time to write every time names and other details. It also makes the user’s email authenticate, genuine to its receiver. It is a very simple task for a user through the iPhone or mobile. If any user tries to add a signature, to the Gmail account and pursuit the same. Go through the below steps and follow all the instructions thoroughly and know the answer to ‘How to add signature in Gmail iPhone’.

First of all, download and install the Gmail App on your iPhone. After installing the same, open the app, to your device. Thereafter, tap on the three-line menu button where You can find this in the top left of the screen, beside the Search Mail option. now Scroll down and tap Settings which will be the third-to-last option of the setting. Here you need to select the account where you want to add a signature. Now hit the tap ‘signature setting’ where the user needs to select the option ‘Mobile signature’ After that add a customized signature on the box mention. Now on the next, save the changes.

Go through all of the above-deliberated methods the user can add their customized signature to the Gmail account. If any user fails to do so, you can also add the same through the computer where you need to sign to the Google browser and go to the setting option. After that, the user needs to go to the signature add section and then add a customized signature. If the user has any further queries about the process, they can directly speak to the customer care executive of the company and seek technical help on the same.

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