How To Change Wi-Fi Password

WiFi is a huge thing that happened in the world of the internet. In homes and offices, people now enjoy internet speed and unlimited data usage with WiFi in place. There are many companies that offer home and office WiFi connection. With WiFi in place, you can use the internet on any number of the device also. WiFi connection is installed at your place with a router and modem and cable connection. Your WiFi service provider provides you all this and sets up a connection at your place. They create a username and password for your connection. The password is created so that others cannot use your WiFi connection.

Kindly follow the various method to change Wifi password

Like your email accounts where you are suggested to change your account password on a regular basis, you are also suggested to change your WiFi password on a regular basis. So, the question is how to change the WiFi password? WiFi network passwords are always alphanumeric which means a combination of alphabets and numerical digits. Password has to be strong also for which there are few rules while creating a password. The password must be 8-63 characters long with no space in between. You cannot use any special characters also in your password. So, once you have a password in place and you want to change it you can do so with the Google Home app or Google WiFi app if you are using Google WiFi services.

How to Change WiFi Password With Google Home App

You can follow the below steps to change the WiFi password with the Google Home app:

Step 1: First, open the Google Home app on your mobile.

Step 2: Tap WiFi > Show password.

Step 3: Tap Edit now.

Step 4: Now, change your password here.

Step 5: Tap Save to finish the process.

How to change the WiFi Password Through Google WIFi app

This is how you can change the WiFi password through the Google Home app.

You can follow the below steps to change your password using Google WiFi app:

  • First, on your phone, open the Google WiFi app.
  • Now, tap the settings and action tab on your screen and then tap Network and General.
  • Now, you can see your network name under “Network”. You need to type it.
  • Now, enter a new password here which should be strong.
  • Tap Save to complete the process. 

How To Change Wifi Password using Web Browser     

So, this is easy to change the WiFi password. Now, if you have the WiFi connection of any other service provider also, you can change it using your web browser on your laptop or desktop.

You can follow the below steps to change the WiFi password of other internet service providers:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Now in the web address bar enter the IP address of your router. If you don’t know the IP address you can search for it or can ask it from your service provider.
  3. Now, you enter the IP address, and then you need to click on Settings.
  4. Now, enter a new password here to change the WiFi password.

So, this is how to change the WiFi password. But if you are not able to change your WiFi password on your own, you can ask your internet service provider who would guide you on the phone step by step to change your WiFi password.

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