How To Create Facebook Page

Facebook is one name, in today’s social media networking world that does not require any form of introduction or any advertisement. Now, for beginners, what exactly is Facebook? Well, Facebook, as mentioned earlier, is a social media networking site that makes it possible for us to connect and share various events instantly with our family, friends, and dear ones instantly online. Facebook, originally designed for students, was created in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, while he was still enrolled and studying at Harvard University.

Learn how to create a Facebook page today

With its Headquarters based in Menlo Park, California in the United States, Facebook today has become not only the most known and social networking site but also a happening hub for mass media advertisements, commercials, all sorts of campaigns, entertainment, and almost every other thing that you can imagine of not only on your computer but also on your Smartphones through the Facebook App. You can enjoy these by simply having your own Facebook Profile or also by creating your own Facebook page. Learn how to create a Facebook page today!

How to create Facebook Page

Facebook is a great tool to gain more business by creating a page to promote your business. Mobile phone has become handy and most people use Facebook for connecting to the world. So in this scenario Facebook can be an incredible tool to promote your business over the digital platform. Creating a Facebook page is very easy and to do so all you need is to follow the tips below and you will be good to go. So today we will share with you a few tips on How to Create a Facebook Page and also share some advice on how to fix a Facebook page not working and some other tweaks that will assist you in having an exciting experience while using Facebook. Facebook Pages can be or are mostly created to connect business, your cause, for a celebrity, band, event, occasions, celebrations, or even yourself to the worldwide community of people on Facebook. To get started, you can simply log on to the Facebook page creation link: can gain access to this link from the main Facebook log-in page as well on Once on this page, select a category from the options displayed on the screen which usually will be “Business or brand” and “Community or public figure” and click on the “Get Started” tab. Once done you will be automatically redirected to the main Facebook login page where you need to log on by entering your sign-in Email address or phone number. If you are new to Facebook and do not have a profile of your own yet, then you can simply click on “Sign up for Facebook” and create your Facebook profile. To create a new Facebook profile, all you need is your Name and Email address or your Mobile number. Having done this and once you are into your profile, you can start the process of creating your desired Facebook page by completing the form which will usually ask you to enter information that is simple and know to you.

Why should you create a Facebook Page for your Business

More than 1.5 million people join Facebook each day. The active user base of Facebook is huge and you can reach to your leads in an easier way through a Facebook page.

How to Create Facebook Page without Account

Currently there is no option to create a Facebook Page without an account. Facebook always need an admin profile to handle a page. However there is option to make any other user the role of admin and remove your account at any later time from the Facebook page.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter the details about your business.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions till the Facebook page is complete.
  • Once the page is created, you can use it to promote your business digitally over the Facebook.

To make another person an admin, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Facebook page and open “Settings”.
  • Select Page Role Option.
  • Click on Add person to page.
  • Invite any of the users to make an admin.

Facebook page not working and how to fix it

How to fix the Facebook page not working: It’s quite common that at times you may find that your Facebook page is not working or its features are responding as usual. For all these types of issues, you can always get the required assistance from the Facebook Help Centre. The Facebook Help Centre is always keen on identifying the problems that are reported by its users and tries to fix them in a minimal period of time. This domain of Facebook can be accessed through For more options on the type of fixes, you can click on the “Help Centre” on the top left part of the same page. This page also gives you a detailed idea on getting the required help on Facebook page creation.

How to report a problem: To report a problem on your Facebook profile/page or something that isn’t working, you can simply follow the steps as Log in to Facebook on your computer or the Facebook App. Click on the question mark (?) on the top right corner of your Facebook home page. Select “Report a problem” and then simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen. This is how to contact Facebook page customer service without using the official helpline number.

How to get the help of Facebook page creation

While Facebook serves as a very decent and easy way to connect yourself to the people around you and throughout the world, it is also strongly advised that you do not use it to post or spread vulgar, irrelevant, illegal or any type of information (how to get the help of Facebook page creation) that may pose a threat to anyone or anything. Doing so may, at times, also result in your Facebook Profile or even your page being suspended or blacklisted permanently. So enjoy yourself and stay connected but always remember to use it wisely and continue enjoying the fun.

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