How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook has become a powerful social media tool and every user wants to connect Facebook every time and Facebook videos are also very famous but sometimes, users face trouble with Facebook video downloading so if you are one of them and wants to know how to download Facebook videos in a simple manner. Here you will get complete information about Facebook video downloading methods with different- different ways. To get those methods just see the below presented steps.

Steps to download Facebook videos:

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Choose any video from your homepage.
  • Click right on the video & Select “Copy video URL”.
  • Now, open the Google browser on your computer. (If you don't have Google, so you can also access Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or other)
  • Now, go to the website.
  • Paste your copied URL into the box & click on the “Download” button.
  • Click on the “Download HD” or “Download 4K”. (Quality of the videos)
  • The video will automatically download.

Therefore, users can easily download any Facebook video through the above-given steps as well as users can get Facebook videos with any quality but if you don’t have a personal computer and wants to know about how to download Facebook videos on android so just follow below-given another method.

How to download Facebook videos on android

  • Again, go to your Facebook account & right-click on the video.
  • Press the “Copy video URL”.
  • Go to click on the Google app on your phone. (Every android phone android keeps Google app or browser)
  • Enter the “” URL in the browser.
  • Now, paste the URL in the box & hit the “Download” button.
  • Select video quality & press that.
  • Now, check your video library, you will get their downloaded video.

Accordingly, users can simply download Facebook videos on android phone. If you don’t have Google browsers so you can choose another browser like Mozilla Firefox, Bing, or other. 

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone

If you have an iPhone and wants to know about how to download Facebook videos on iPhone so don’t go anywhere because here you will get an easy & secure way to download any video with any quality

So just follow the below steps:

  • Choose any video from Facebook account & copy that video URL through the right-click.
  • Now, go to the Safari browser & enter the URL “”.
  • Paste your copied URL in the FB down website box.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Choose the method of quality “SD or HD”.
  • Check your videos section on your iPhone.

Thus, users can easily understand through the Facebook video downloading process through the above-given steps.

Download Facebook Videos from Private Groups

In this post, you will get complete guidance on How to Download Facebook Videos from Private Groups? So, whenever you want to download someone else’s Facebook live videos from private groups or walls, or a group where the video was shared. For whatever reason behind it, whether you want to retain a copy for forthcoming reference, or you want to upload it to another social media platform or you want to repurpose it for somewhere else. Don’t worry.  It is very easy to Download Facebook Videos from Private Groups with just a few snaps. Thus, follow the below-given steps to do it.

Steps to Download Facebook Videos from Private Groups:

Step 1: Download Mozilla Firefox

  • Firstly, you will require to download the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2: Open the Facebook Group

  • Then open the Mozilla Firefox browser and then open a Facebook account. Then find the Facebook group where or Facebook video that you wish to download.

Step 3: Find & Search for the Video

  • You can Find or Search for the Video also by using the search group feature. To use this feature just go to the left side, and below the option ‘Group Quality’, you will view the option ‘search this group’ box. Here you can search for the video by name of the person who hosted the live video.

Step 4: Press on the Facebook Video

  • Once you find that Facebook video, then click on that video date to open it in its unique URL.

Step 5: Change The URL

  • Then you will need to change ‘www’ in the URL to ‘m’ and then press on the “Enter” key.

Step 6: Press Play Button & Save

  • Press on the video play button, and then right-click on that video and press on ‘save as.’
  • Now your saved video is ready for uploading.
  • That’s it.

How to download Facebook videos via experts

Facebook has created via critical and complicated coding by developers so sometimes, Facebook video downloading software doesn’t work for long video or quality video. But, don’t worry, you can take the assist via expert where you will get the latest information about the Facebook video downloading software’s as well as a quick method of video downloading methods. Experts are available 24X7 with a toll-free number facility and users can call anytime from all over the globe. Users can download quality videos by taking the help of the expert team so just contact experts and know the information about how to download Facebook videos via experts & their video short methods.

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