How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Phone Number

Emails have been an integral part of our daily lives. We all depend on emails to communicate with people around the world and also for other commercial and personal purposes. But due to some mishaps, it may happen that users have forgotten the password of the Yahoo account. If that is the concern of users, then users do not need to doubt for the same, as mentioned below, are the effective steps through which users can easily perform Yahoo account recovery. The steps are simple and very easy to use, so users will certainly not face any problem or problem by following the easy-to-use tutorial mentioned below. Do not hesitate to connect with us at any time in case of doubts or discrepancies when you go through the tutorial and we will be more than happy to offer all the necessary assistance and solve the problem of desire and consultation at once.

How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Phone Number

If you forgot your yahoo password and even your phone number is not linked with your account then there are following ways to recover or reset your lost password. One must go the official yahoo account sign in section.

Click on the sign in helper [need help] in the yahoo account which will redirect you to the next section for password recovery:

  • First go the sign in page of yahoo account.
  • Once you entered in sign in section
  • Click on the option “I don’t remember password”.
  • If you have forgot your email address also there is another option to recover your email id. [ but here we are concerned about recovery of password not mail]
  • Add your valid email ID that will lead to the next step of recovery.
  • This step is necessary as they should confirm that you are a yahoo account user.
  • Click on the option for password recovery,
  • As there are 2 options to recover your password without phone number.

How to Recover Yahoo Password without Security Questions

When we talk about the safe and secure email service, the name came out is Yahoo. It is one of the best webmail services that can be used by users without paying a single penny. It offers enormous email features that the users enjoy at the most. It offers a large data storage, video conferencing, chatting and the safest platform to secure your data. Here, the account holders can send and receive important information on a secure interface. In spite of these all, Yahoo account holders may be stuck to Recover yahoo password without security question. We know that it is very easy to rest the password after following very easy steps but it is quite difficult for those customers who are not well versed with technical terms related to email account thus get panic.

In addition, it is a smart decision to change yahoo email account password so that the hackers get difficulty in accessing your email account. They can steal your banking credentials, business quotation and many other important information that you want to make it confidential. So it is advisable to change the account password in a regular way.

How to recover yahoo password without alternative email

Do you want to Recover yahoo password without alternative email? You don’t worry!

Follow the steps to Recover yahoo password:

  1. Open your browser and enter
  2. On the Yahoo login page, at the top right corner click Sign In
  3. Enter your Yahoo email account in the respective field and click Next.
  4. Click IForgot my password, a new dialogue box appears.
  5. Click I don’t have access to this phone
  6. Click I don’t have access to this email address
  7. Click Visit Help Site
  8. Enter your Yahoo Account, tick I am not a robot and click Get Started.
  9. The Yahoo sends you recovery code, enter it in the respective field.

After following the above-given steps, anyone can easily access their Yahoo account. If you are still facing any problem then contact to an authentic email support team. The experts will deal with your account issues and provide you the best solution. After getting access to the Yahoo account, it is advisable to change the password on a regular basis. It will protect your email account from hackers.


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