How to use Google Duo

You may be using your Google Duo account for the first time and maybe looking for an effective guide to use the same. If that is so then this tutorial will offer you effective guidance to fix the same. So just follow the path as mentioned in this tutorial and then you can be certain enough to fix the issue or get effective guidance to use your Google Duo account on an instant basis.

Steps for effective guidance to use your Google duo account on an instant basis:

Step 1: Users can start the process via downloading and opening the Google duo app and then agreeing to the terms and conditions of the app.

Step 2: Users will now need to grant permissions of the access that they would have to give it to their Google duo account.

Step 3: Users can next type in the phone number that they would want to use with their Google duo account.

Step 4: Users will now receive a verification code on to their number entering which users will now be a verified user of the Google duo account.

Now that the users have set up their account in an effective manner the next thing which users would want to do is perform various operations such as making a call, receiving a call, in-call controls, and Google duo settings.

How to use Google duo

This tutorial will offer you an effective guide to use your Google Duo account in an effective manner.

Making a call in Google duo account:

  • Users can start the process by tapping on the video call and then selecting the person that they would like to call from their contacts or simply type in the number that they would like to reach.
  • Now Google duo will start to make the call and users can now start doing the required call and once done then users can tap on the RED button at the bottom of the screen to complete the call.

Receiving a call in Google duo account:

  • Users will see two options in case they are receiving a call from someone.
  • Users can swipe up if they are willing to accept the call and they can swipe down if they are willing to reject the call.

Incall controls with the app:

  • In case the users want to mute the microphone then they can tap on the mute button which is available in the video preview button available in the bottom left corner.
  • Users can next switch on the cameras during the call by tapping on the camera button which is above the mute button available on the left side of the screen.

Changing the settings of the app:

  • Users can open the app and then tap on a three-dot menu which is available on the upper left corner of the app menu.
  • Users can simply select settings from there and then make all the necessary changes and then tap on save changes to ensure that all the changes that have been made have been saved in an effective manner.

How to use Google duo without a phone number

Is it possible to use Google Duo without a phone number? It is a question asked by thousands of users in recent days. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Google has made a change for its duo video calling service. This video calling software now allows the users to make calls or receive calls from the web without linking Duo with a phone number. This change was introduced very recently. Even though it is incomplete, the feature has turned live. It doesn't work with G Suite accounts. Yes, you can make calls, but it's a little awkward for others to call you. To get the facility, you need to navigate to on a non-G Suite account which is not linked to a phone number. If you do so, you won’t be insisted to add a number to continue. Instead, you will be prompted to the standard site, which allows you to search your Google account's contacts for making audio and video calls. However, you will get warnings and corner pop-ups as "use your phone number to make and receive calls" or "Let your friends find you by your phone number." You will be able to make calls after you have ignored those pop-ups. So, ignore those if you don’t want those facilities. Instead, you can try to go to Duo with a G Suite account that is not linked to a phone number.

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