How to Fix Internet Explorer Not Working

Internet Explorer web browser is known for its speed and unique synchronization features. Explorer allows you to use bookmarks, browser history, and passwords, etc. It has some unique features such as fast loading, better security, quick search, private and secure browsing, many extension add-ons that are Pressed to pay, faster processing, download manager toolbar, and many others. Although Internet Explorer has these unique features, you may have some difficulties installing/updating your Internet Explorer browser. You cannot solve this problem by myself. For that, you need someone who has finished and has experience in the technical field so they can guide you on how to solve these problems.

Troubleshoot Internet Explorer not Responding Problem

The most important thing for the proper functioning of Internet Explorer is Internet connectivity. If the Internet connection is slow or does not work, the problem will arise. Internet connectivity can be verified simply by browsing the website. If the page does not display the content, it means that the problem is on the Internet. To resolve it, you must contact the Internet service provider.

Step 1: There are times when the browser does not close properly and the reason is the background processes. To close the entire process, the system task manager can be used and the processes can be terminated according to the requirements.

Step 2: Internet Explorer extensions may be causing the problem. To verify it, the user can try to disable browser extensions. Once extensions are disabled, a user can verify the operation of the Internet Explorer browser.

Step 3: Internet Explorer Not Responding issue can be resolved by using the Explorer malware scanner to remove the Explorer browser virus.

Step 4: The problem can be solved simply by restarting the device since it will restart all processes.

Step 5: When resetting the Explorer browser, the problem could be resolved as the settings will go to the default.

Step 6: To solve the problem, the user must remove incompatible and unused software and applications from the system.

Step 7: If nothing works, the user can try to uninstall the Internet Explorer browser from the system by removing all the explorer related files. Once it is uninstalled, it can be reinstalled by downloading it again from the Internet.

Reset Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer reset is the first method you should use since most of the time it solves the problem immediately. If you could not open Internet Explorer or could not reset Internet Explorer through the above method.

Then here is another method that is very effective for resetting Internet Explorer through the control panel. Follow the steps below:

  • Press the start button.
  • Press the control panel.
  • Press network and Internet.
  • Press on "Internet Options". (You will get a configuration window)
  • Press the advanced tab.
  • Press the "Reset" button. You will get another box, check the box labeled "Delete personal settings", then press the Reset button.

Here is the solution suggested by Microsoft to fix that the Internet browser has stopped, freezes, opens and then suddenly closes the type of problems. It also suggests restarting Internet Explorer.

Update the graphics controller or disable the software representation

Sometimes, graphic representation causes this problem, so try to update your graphics card driver or try to disable the Hardware Acceleration option on Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Press the Tools menu (press the "alt" key to activate the menu bar).
  3. Press the"Internet Options". a configuration window will appear
  4. Press the advanced tab.
  5. Uncheck an option called "use the software representation instead of.
  6. GPU representation". It's under "accelerated graphics."

Disable 3D in the "NVIDIA graphics driver"

  • Only if you have one, otherwise, skip it.
  • Turn off the "Stereoscopic 3D" option in the "NVIDIA Graphic Controller" application. (If you have Nvidia drivers and graphics software, if you don't have them, you can leave this step).
  • Open the Nvidia software from the system tray.
  • Disable the option called "stereoscopic 3D" of NVIDIA drivers. (the NVIDIA driver is a computer graphics driver that your software runs in the system tray).

Uninstall unwanted toolbars

Sometimes, a third-party toolbar can cause the problem. Therefore, it is better to avoid installing any third-party toolbar. If you have installed one and do not know how to remove it, see the steps below to remove the unwanted toolbar from IE.

  • Remove unwanted toolbars with Control Panel.
  • Go to add/remove programs and uninstall any toolbar available in the list.

Disable unwanted add-ons

  • You can disable additional Internet Explorer add-ons sometimes, a problem creating add-ons and are the main cause of the error.
  • Go to settings -> Manage Add-ons.
  • Select and right Press to disable add-ons.

How to fix the problem of Internet explorer is not opening

Internet Explorer is one of the best and oldest web browsers. It is a very faster and reliable browser but sometimes user faces that their web browser is not browsing any sites due to some reason. There are more than millions of people are searching in every second in this browser. At the time if you also face trouble regarding your Internet explorer and want to resolve it then you can look into some points which are given below, follow it you will definitely get rid of.

Best instructions are given to solve the problem of internet explorer:

Open the Internet Explorer to any other site: If you are getting annoyed due to your internet is not browsing any website, then you should try to open your internet explorer to any other site.

Check your internet connection: You should make sure that all the cables or wires are plugged into the modem or router properly and that the cord connects the modem or router must be connected to the computer.

Clear your history files of internet explorer: You should delete all types of files that the browser stored, excluding password, you must have the browser set to store.

Call your internet service provider to ensure the connection is still firm: Sometimes your low internet connection is also making the trouble into your browsing internet explorer. In this case you should refresh your network if the internet problem is still not resolved then you should directly contact your internet service provider company, they will definitely resolve your problem.

Scan your computer for Malware: Most of the time malware may be the reason behind Internet explorer not to respond. Once malware enters into your system then it can harm your crucial folders or documents, so that you should use antivirus to avoid malware. The antivirus helps to protect your computer from viruses and you can get advanced security features. When you scan your system for malware then you definitely get resolved.

Internet Explorer Not Working Support

If you cannot download Internet Explorer or update Internet Explorer or face any other serious error related to this browser, it is time to obtain the best and consistent Internet Explorer support service.


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