Microsoft Support Number

Microsoft is a renowned name in IT industry. It is making the life awesome and very easy as delivering top notch IT services such as email, operating system, product, devices and many other services. Additionally the company has established several customer support channels where customers can connect with executives to get help for technical issues experienced by them. The customers can connect with support centers via email or phone. They can chat with technical experts available online anytime and get the best possible solution within few minutes.

Ways To Connect Microsoft Support Team

  1. Calling Microsoft Toll-Free Number
  2. Sending a mail to Microsoft Official Support Email Address
  3. Chat with Live Customer Support Executive online
  4. Official Social Links Launched by Microsoft
  5. Support Forum Launched by Microsoft

A legit support for your MS Office system

X Box Support

Are you unable to play games in XBox? Are you wasting a lot amount of your time and effort into this without getting a desire solution? We have a team of certified technicians who will ensure and offer you flawless services to resolve technical glitch associated with XBox in one go without any hassles.

In order to avail XBox support, there are different options that is available to the users. One is the phone support in which users can directly avail assistance through the toll free service. Users can avail such service all through the day and all through the year. The other way through which XBox support can be availed is through email support. In this case users will need to email their queries to us. Our support agents will contact and offer necessary troubleshooting guidance to fix the issue in one go. Lastly users can also avail chat support. For availing chat support users can quickly logon to our website and click on the chat icon and put in their email and contact details and also briefly on their queries. One of officials will live chat and get the issue resolved in one go without any hassles. Users simply need to do is dial the 24/7 Xbox support toll free phone number in order to avail phone support.

Hotmail email support

Is sending email becoming a cumbersome process for you? Are you facing a lot of technical glitch with your email account? Are you looking for one stop solution for the issue? If yes then you would be offered guidance for the same in this section of the tutorial. Follow the steps as mentioned below in order to quickly avail Hotmail email support and get one stop solution for the same.

Steps to avail Hotmail email support:

Step 1: Open our portal in a web browser of their choice and then from the list of available tabs click on the Contact Us tab.

Step 2: A list of available contact details which can be used for connecting with agents would now be available onto the screen.

Step 3: Users can now choose email as the mode to connect to resolve the query.

Step 4: Users can simply mail their issue or query and then one of the agents will quickly get hold to the query and get offer troubleshooting steps to resolve the same.

Outlook Support

Outlook support is a toll free service offered from world class agents to resolve redundancies or technical glitch linked with the account in one go. They are available all through the year and all through the day to offer world class services with regards to the Outlook account. The different modes through which assistance can be offered to the users are remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chat and mailing support. This totally depends upon the location and availability of technicians at that point of time. Users simply need to do is dial the 24/7 Outlook support toll free phone number. Apart from this users can also avail live chat and email support in case users are not being able phone support at that point of time.

Calling Microsoft Toll-Free Number

Connecting on phone call is the best way to troubleshoot your Microsoft product issues. You may find this toll free number of Microsoft official website and is active for 24*7. Here are the steps to be followed to connect with executives via phone call

  1. Dial Microsoft help toll free number followed by pressing number 3
  2. On the Second and third prompt press 6 or follow the IVR instructions
  3. Be stay online unless and until the call is received by an agent

If the call is disconnected due to all line are busy, keep trying again after some time followed by the instructions given above. To reach with customer support executive you have to cross many menus as given below

Main Menu

After dialing Microsoft toll free number, you will listen some IVR instructions such as:

  1. Press 1, if you want to inquire about Microsoft products and planning to buy
  2. Press 2, If you want to discuss issues associated with your product shipping, billing etc
  3. Press3, if you are looking for technical assistance

First Sub Menu

After pressing 3, you will be redirected to a sub menu. This sub-menu is entitled to provide assistance for services offered by Microsoft. So you are prompted to enter the number related to the product service belongs to you.

  1. Enter 1, If you are looking for help for Xbox
  2. Enter 2, if you are having doubt about Surface
  3. Enter 3, If you are having queries associated with your Office
  4. Enter 4, To get help for Windows
  5. Enter 5, to get assistance for cell phone related queries
  6. Enter 6, to redirect in Second Submenu  

Second Submenu

After pressing number 6, you will be redirected to the second submenu that says as follows

  1. Enter 1 to get help for Interner Explorer.
  2. Enter 2 to get in touch with Microsoft Band support team
  3. Enter 3 to connect with MSN support team
  4. Press 4 to get help for Outlook
  5. Press 5 for One drive
  6. Press 6 for other assistance.

After following the above discussed instructions, we are 100% sure that you will connect with agents easily in very short period of time and will get the best possible assistance from them.

Sending a mail to Microsoft Official Support Email Address

Microsoft is having its official email address on which customers can send an email containing issues associated with their product, services or anything else. The customers can find email address on Microsoft official website. Here are some steps that may help you to sed an email to support team:

  1. Sign In your email account
  2. Click Compose Mail, a new window will open
  3. Enter Microsoft Support Email address in Recipient section
  4. Type Subject regarding that you are looking for help
  5. Draft an email containing  your product, service, shipping etc details
  6. Click Send option to share your issues with customer support executives

After following the above discussed steps, you can successfully send your email and will get response from Microsoft withing 24 hours containing the most adequate solution.

Chat with Live Hotmail Customer Support Executive online

This is the most trending method through which customers can get support for their issues instantaneously.

To chat with live person from Microsoft follow the steps given below:

  1. Browse Microsoft official website.
  2. At the bottom right corner, you will find a pop-up to chat.
  3. Enter in chat box and type the issues experienced by you.
  4. The online customer support executives will respond instantaneously. He/she will analyze your problem and provide you the best possible answer for your query.

Thus, chatting with online professionals is the best and quickest way to get help from Microsoft.

Official Social Links Launched by Microsoft

Microsoft posts latest updates of their products and services on its official social pages time to time. So, you are requested to visit its official social pages if you are looking for latest update regarding software or other services. You can browse following for latest update:

  1. Microsoft Facebook Page
  2. Microsoft Instagram Page
  3. Microsoft Twitter Page
  4. Microsoft Official website
  5. Outlook Page

Support Forum Launched by Microsoft

The company has launched support forum where customers can ask and discuss their queries associated with Microsoft product and services. You can also view earlier discussions. For this you just need to browse Microsoft Office Support Forum.

Hope the above methods will help you to talk with Microsoft Live Person.

Are you looking for world class assistance for your Outlook account

You may be wondering if there is a immediate way out for complex issues with your Outlook account. If that is so then throw away your wonders straightway as we are here to help you and give you a high level understanding of the query or the issue that you may be having. Just go through this tutorial and then you can easily locate different ways to resolve the issue in one go without any hassles or second thought. Outlook or Hotmail consists of world class professionals who are trained rigorously on the Outlook technology and can easily fix or troubleshoot the issue in one go without any hassles. They can be reached out through the toll free service which is available all through the day and all through the year. Once reached out and technicians receive the users call then they can simply discuss the query or the issue that they may have been facing and based on the understanding of the issue the technicians will resolve the users issue from one of the modes as mentioned down in the tutorial. Let us now try to understand each of the modes in a better way which can be resolved by seeking assistance from the Outlook support phone number.

Microsoft Outlook support live person to troubleshoot the issue

Remote support - Remote support is the preferred support for most of the users all across the world. This is useful for resolving any of the query or any other issues in Outlook account in one go without any hassles. The users need to call the technicians and then they will have to give remote access to the system. Based on the query and remote access given the technicians will quickly perform troubleshooting steps onto the users systems so that the issue or the query can be resolved in one go without any hassles or second thought.

Onsite support - Onsite support is a kind of support which the users can avail if they are able to locate the technicians in the nearby location. Based on the availability the technicians will quickly come to the users place and follow a standard operating procedure to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot the issue in one go without any hassles.

Live Chatting and mail support - Lastly from our official website users can also locate the chat icon and the email address to discuss about the query or issue that they may be facing. Users can simply click on the chat icon to get the step by step troubleshooting issue to resolve the issue. Also users have the option to email the query or the issue that they may have been facing.

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