Microsoft Troubleshooting

Microsoft Office- it is a family of client software, server software and services developed by Microsoft, first version of Microsoft Office had Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint however over the years new features have been added as spell checker, OLÉ data integration and visual basic for applications scripting language were added.

Microsoft Troubleshooting

In case one is facing some concern one can take the following steps to overcome the same:

Missing Ribbon – if the ribbon is missing the possible reasons are laid as below:

  • They might not be installed when the FileHold Desktop application was installed.
  • Microsoft Office.Net program support was not enable.
  • In case one is using Outlook and not able to see and not able to FOC option there is a strong possibility that it can only be seen when you open an email.
  • If the FileHold ribbon has been disabled. program support for Microsoft Office

  • You are required to go to programs and features on the control panel.
  • Among the available options do click Microsoft office and hit change.
  • Clock on Add or Remove features and click continue.
  • For the installation click on each FOC –supported applications and then enable the .NET Programmability support and then click on run. The FileHold Office Client supports applications as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and OneNote.  
  • In order to install click on Continue which help in the functioning of every office applications.
  • You will be required to uninstall and reinstall the FileHold Desktop Client so that Microsoft Office support can function properly.
  • Once all the steps mentioned above have been done reboot the system and then you will be required to launch the application as needed.

Enable the FileHold Add-on –each Microsoft application must have FileHold office client add on enabled and to check for the same you need to check your device as the location varies depending on the version of office.

  • In case one wants to enable click ok, once it is enabled open the window again in order to check for the same.
  • In case if you find that is not reaming enabled then you will be required to edit the registry although the key will vary as per the application and the version however you can try 2010 key and the data will be in binary format.
  • In order to check upon on the same open each entry and look for one for with, delete the same and then go back to first option.
  • In case the above mentioned steps are not helpful go to Registry Editor and look for FOC.Connect.
  • In case of each FOC.Connect key look for the LoadBehaviour and set the value to 3 and then immediately you will be able to see multiple entries and you will be required to check each one.
  • Exit the Registry editor and open any Microsoft application to check the FileHold ribbon is enabled.

IF One has office 2013 and higher if you are facing the concern you can block the genuine add-ins to ensure that it is working normally. Microsoft has the mechanism to flag genuine add-ins so that it is excluded from fragility checks.

If you are facing problems with other Add-ins, then you can enable miscode. drill or FOC will not work.

If the problem is due to Smart messages, then you can add the setting called FOCIgnore extensions in the FDA.exe.config file contains a list of file extensions which should not be taken into consideration by FOC because by default it will have xla extension and other files as xlam can also be added if feel the need for the same.

How To Troubleshoot Microsoft Error

In case one is facing concern in regards to hyperlink one can enable and disable the same.

By taking all the mentioned steps one will be able to overcome the concern of Microsoft Office.