Mozilla Firefox Not Working

You are unable to browse with Mozilla Firefox because it is not performing properly. If your issue is related to a single website, maybe that website has been blocked due to a certification issue. Most of the time, the problem arises due to an interrupted or timed out connection. Or maybe your web browser has reached its highest level of cookies, cache, and browsing history. Well, these are common issues, and you can deal with these issues with common troubleshooting techniques. But what if the issue is only with Mozilla Firefox while other web browsers and doing absolutely fine as usual? If your case is similar, then you are reading the right article as we have listed below the best and most commonly effective guidelines on how to fix it.

Is your connection settings proper:

  • Click on the Menu button, and then select Options
  • Navigate to the General panel and go down to the Network Settings section
  • Click on the Settings and wait for the Connection Settings dialogue box to open
  • In case you don’t connect to the internet through proxy or don’t know whether you use a proxy or not, then you are requested to select No Proxy.
  • Change your Proxy settings then
  • Close the Connection Settings dialogue box.
  • Close the about: preference page as any changes you may have made would be saved automatically.

Is your browser outdated

This is an issue usually encountered when some websites may see your Firefox browser as an outdated one even though it is the latest version. Well, if not then you can simply update your Mozilla Firefox browser. In case if your Firefox browser is of the latest version then we suggest you to report the same as there is nothing much that can be done since the issue may be with the website and not your browser.

Firefox not working and there is no error message:

Outdated versions of Comodo Firewall or Comodo Antivirus Security Software or even a leftover file after Comodo was uninstalled can cause Firefox not to start and yet display no error message. You can fix this by updating Comodo to the latest version in case if it is already installed. If Comodo software is not yet installed then check if there is a file with name as IseGuard64.dll or IseGuard32.dll in your C:\Windows\system32\ folder or your system drive. If found then manually delete the file.

Firefox is not working now, but it was previously working

If Firefox was already working but suddenly why Mozilla Firefox not working, maybe due to some corrupt data in your settings. Most sites will advise you to uninstall and install Firefox, but unfortunately, that usually may not work as your settings are not removed on uninstall. To resolve this, use the Profile Manager to create a new profile and once done, you can move your bookmarks and other important settings into your new profile and start using your Firefox browser.

Mozilla Firefox Not Working

Is there any content coding error

The content-coding error can be usually recognized when the error message is displayed as The Content Coding Error or the page view cannot be shown as it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression. To diagnose these error messages and to fix them, follow the steps mentioned below. Check the internet security application settings you are using, including firewalls, antivirus or even anti-spyware programs and privacy protection programs. Try and remove any permission these applications may have for Firefox and then add them back again. This should resolve your issue, i.e., why Mozilla Firefox not working, instantly. So, these are the few common issues that may you may face while using your Mozilla Firefox browser. We hope that you found this post useful.