Recover Chrome History

There are various reasons for recovering deleted Google Chrome history doesn’t matter but the most important is how to recover deleted Google chrome history.  So here are methods that can help you, such as recover internet history through system restore, desktop search programs, with help of cookies, and using log files. But the easiest way is restoring hence, we are discussing this method.             

Recover deleted Google Chrome history

When your Google Chrome history is suddenly lost or deleted, then it is upsetting situation and   above of all, when we don't know how to recover and retrieve them? This situation becomes worse!

Take a deep breath; here are ways to recover deleted Google history:

Actually, Recycle Bin has temporarily stored deleted history data, so check out Recycle Bin, if this present then select them and choose ‘Restore’ from the context menu. In case where Recycle Bin doesn’t have your Google history, might be you have permanently deleted the browsing history.

Now we discuss ways to how to recover deleted Chrome history via Google History:

  • Firstly, search Google History > Click ‘Welcome to My Activity – Google’.
  • Next, sign into your Google account.
  • Finally, all of your browser/internet history files will be displayed along with the date/time. Now find out/ browse your history as required.

Recover deleted history on Google Chrome Android

Likewise, the method to recover deleted Google chrome history on your Android phone is by using Google Sync.  In case if you have turned on Google sync in the past on your android phone, then you will be able to restore all your history within minutes with just a few easy steps.

Just you just need to open Google Chrome on your phone and sign in. Further, open your account and go to settings and go and restore your browsing history.

Here steps to recover history on Google Chrome Android:

Step 1: Enter the link of Google Settings and in a new webpage in Chrome. If you sign in to your Google Account, you can see and manage your info, activity, security options, and privacy preferences to make Google works better for you.

Step 2: Now, open your Google account and find a documented list of all your browsing history.

Step 3: After previous steps; scroll down through your bookmark. Then you should be able to see everything that your phone has accessed including Bookmarks & apps used.

Step 4: Access the bookmarks and use apps that you browsed through your Android phone.  Finally, re-save all your browsing history. Often most people are concerned about the amount of data that Google has about it,   but truth is that it's perfectly safe and ensures that you have a seamless experience with Android.

Recover deleted history on Google Chrome iPhone

Now, you can try these steps  if you have an iPhone:

  • Move to ‘Settings’ from your iPhone screen.
  • Then scroll down the screen and find Safari, tap on it.
  • Next, at the Safari page, scroll to the bottom and tap on the ‘Advanced’ option’.
  • Finally, head to the next section and find Website Data and tap on it and you will find some of your deleted browsers' history listed there.
  • You can recover your history and re-save it now.

You learned that nothing is ever deleted on a computer or your devices. However, you accidentally deleted your Google Chrome history then don’t a problem. But, it is essential to know delete functions exist the data still remains somewhere in the computer, whether on the hard drive or in obscure files tucked away deep in the operating system.  Therefore, recovering deleted internet history is quite straightforward if you know what you’re doing.


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