Reset Instagram Password

Instagram is the most used social media platform to share images and videos. You can also configure it with your Facebook account, and Instagram posts will also be shown on Facebook simultaneously. You can recover the password of your Instagram account through Instagram, email or SMS. You should keep in mind that if you have access to the recovery email address linked to your Instagram account.

Steps to reset lost Instagram account password:

  • Open the Instagram app and click on the “Forgot Password" field.
  • And touch Sign in and enter your username or email address.
  • And enter the verification code
  • Now tap Reset Instagram password.
  • A verification mail will be sent by the Instagram team to your email address.
  • Now click on the link "Reset your password"
  • And create a new Instagram password
  • And then Hit on Reset password button. Once you have reset your password, log in to your Instagram account with this new password.

How to Recover Instagram Password

  • We all know that these complicated passwords can be quite hard to remember. If you forgot your Instagram password, you cannot really recover that same password, but it is very simple to get back your account by resetting your old password to a new one.
  • Your Instagram password is something private, so the only person who knows is you, you and only you. There is no such option on Instagram where you can find your password or save it. You must take it into account or write it somewhere on your phone or a meme, etc.
  • If you have forgotten your password, there Instagram will help you to change your forgotten password for a new one. You just have to enter the login page and press "forgot the password" or "get help to log in".
  • Whether you have forgotten your password or someone else has changed it without your permission, Instagram offers a fairly easy way to recover. And what we are talking about here is to recover your Instagram account if you have forgotten your password completely. Changing your password is a little different, it is when you can remember your current password, but you want to change it to a new one.

Instagram allows us to reset passwords in the following 3 ways:

  1. Reset using email or username. In this, you must have access to your email ID connected to your account
  2. Reset using SMS. In this way, you can get a reset link in your SMS and with that, you can reset your password
  3. Reset using Facebook. In this, you can use the Facebook login to reset your password.

In your case, the first and third points are not applicable, so you can use the second point to reset your password. But you must have your phone number connected to your account.

Reset your Instagram password through the website

Kindly follow the steps to reset Instagram password:

  • You need to visit Instagram website and log in to your account.
  • Click on "forget password" below the login field.
  • Enter the username, email or phone number linked to your Instagram account. And then click on "reset password".
  • Then you will receive an Instagram email that includes a link to reset your Instagram password. Click on the link in your email.
  • Enter your new password (a strong one), confirm it and click on "reset password" for the last time.
  • That's; Now you will log in and be redirected to your Instagram account.

Reset Instagram password through android or ios application

Resetting your Instagram password from the application is just as easy. And it's the same for Android as for iPhone:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram application and tap "get help to log in" on the login page.

Step 2: Enter your username, email or Instagram phone number and press "next".

Step 3: Then, you can have Instagram send you an SMS or an email, or you can log in with your linked Facebook account.

Step 4: You will receive an Instagram email that includes a link to reset your password.

Step 5: Write your new Instagram password (remember to make it stronger and more reliable) and then press "Reset password".

Then, you will log in and be redirected to your Instagram account.


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