How to Contact Snapchat Support Number

Snapchat is the most trending mobile social messaging app. The app becomes very popular in a short span of time among the young generations. Snapchat includes text massaging with sharing photos, videos. With all these advantages, although with the passing days Snapchat customer service team receives a noteworthy number of requests for technical and other issues. firstly, we must have some knowledge about the issue what the customer face with Snapchat.

Follow the below points about Snapchat issues:

  • If the Snapchat account gets hacked by some hacker or other theft-related issues.
  • Help in Snapchat settings issues like changing or canceling a Snapchat account.
  • Troubleshooting some technical support.
  • If the account gets account suspensions.
  • Regarding any inappropriate content and copyright issues

The services are totally online service Snapchat customer service representatives can assist their users with billing issues and address concerns about unsuitable content and the contacts that violate personal interest as per laws. Snapchat customer care executives are also well-expert to resolving the matter related to setting up and canceling accounts, troubleshooting, and any other support. The executive can’t assist their customer's issues related to any hardware issues like phone and computer compatibly issues or other hardware problems.

Methods to Contact Snapchat Support

Suspicious, the user of Snapchat must remember the matter that, Snapchat does not offer phone-based customer service. The user who wants assistance from the customer care team must complete an online or in-app support request form and wait to hear back from Snapchat's customer service representatives. The customer care representatives are also handling their customer's requests professionally and quickly. Here will elaborate on the methods of how do i contact Snapchat Support.

Go through the below steps:

  • Open your Snapchat app on your device and if necessary, sign in to your account.
  • Hit the option profile option from the upper left corner.
  • After that, go to the gear icon from the upper right corner and scroll down your cursor to the ‘More Information section’
  • Here hit the option ‘Support’ followed by hitting the option ‘I Need Help option’
  • Now, hit the option Contact Us tab.
  • Choose the option which you want to support by tapping the option circle
  • After that, choose the specific option which you want to support
  • Now, you can read the instructions for the troubleshooting procedure and try them to troubleshoot it.

After going through, all the above processes, if you still face a problem, go back to the instructions for that particular issue and go down to the bottom of the page. Go to the Gray question block that says, and ask help with something else? Hit the option ‘yes’ and submit it. On the next screen, a form will appear. You need to fill the form with your Snapchat username, phone number, device details, issues faced with, and an optional screenshot attachment with this. You can also describe some more points or other proofs which can justify your concern to the customer care team. If required you can also provide your email address to the form and click on the tab SEND and submit its form.

Contact Snapchat phone number

Snapchat doesn’t provide any direct phone number to contact with their customer care executive. So, the users who search for the methods about how to contact Snapchat Support Phone Number must need to know about the matter. For those reasons, many Snapchat users are unhappy not to engage in real-time communication with customer service representatives either by phone or live chat. However, Snapchat customer service centers are famous for resolving issues via available customer support. Although some people are very happy with the support level provided.

Get Snapchat customer support executive via Twitter:

You can also try to contact with Snapchat customer support executive via Twitter. Here you can make a tweet to the customer support executive. Rather than, you can also send a direct message to the service executive by describing your issues face with the company. The executive will contact you and also may ask for some more information to figure out your issues. After a certain time period, the executive will fix your issues as soon as possible.

Submit feedback to Snapchat Support

After submitting the complaint form, there is not any fixed time period when the customer care executive will get back to you. In such a situation you can submit your feedback to the company. Generally, it's not a problem that you're experiencing with Snapchat, rather than a suggestion. The company will improve its services depending on the suggestions provided by its customers. To submit feedback, you need to go to the general list of selections shown above and choose the option I have feedback. Here fill all the required boxes and describe the details of your feedback and submit it.


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