How to solve Gmail SMTP Settings Problem

Gmail is an email service provided by Google which is free, one can use the services on the web and the same can be used through third-party programs that work by synchronizing email through IMAP or POP protocols. Gmail has made communication really easier on the personal and at the commercial level as well as one can exchange messages. Gmail smtp settings– Gmail is a part of life, if one comes across the situation where Gmail is not working, it feels like life has come to an end there can be a couple of reasons for the same one also has to ensure that the simple mail transfer protocol is correct or one can set up the same in the following way:

Default SMTP Settings for Gmail if one has created an email account and in order to synchronize a screen will come asking for Gmail SMTP information:

  • Gmail SMTP server address –
  • Gmail SMTP Username – one will be required to enter the individuals' email address.
  • Gmail SMTP password – one will be required to put in his or her email password.
  • Gmail SMTP port (TLS) -587.
  • Gmail SMTP port (SSL) -465.
  • Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required– yes.

Gmail Default POP3 and IMAP Settings

SMTP is required for sending an email , however for receiving the email is done either through POP3 or IMAP servers.

One will be required to enable the settings:

  • Click on settings.
  • An individual will be required to look for the option forwarding and POP or IMAP.
  • In the section of POP, download click the tick box against the option enable POP for all mail or enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.
  • On this page select, the option When messages are associated with POP one will be required to choose between the options.
  1. Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
  2. Mark Gmail’s copy as read.
  3. Archive Gmail’s copy.
  4. Delete Gmail’s copy.

One will be required to choose between the options wisely as it will have an impact on how you will receive the emails.

Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox

  • When you even delete a message in the email client, one will still be able to see the same in the Gmail if one opens through the web browser and this will also impact the limit of the account resulting in emails not getting delivered.
  • If one clicks the option to delete Gmail’s copy, in this case when a message gets downloaded it gets deleted from Gmail and which is not accessible from the Gmail website as well.
  • Once all the changes have been made one will be required to save the same by selecting save changes.

Configure Gmail POP Settings 

One can also configure email client with Gmail POP settings by taking the following steps:

  • In outlook, look for the file tab and select info.
  • On this page select account settings and then again click on account settings.
  • From the options available click on the email and select the option new.
  • Now in the add account one will be required to enter the details like name, Gmail email address and password and the rest of the details will be filled by outlook and if that is not the case one has to go for manual setup by clicking manual setup or additional server types.
  • On this page please select POP OR IMAP and hit next.
  • Please enter the details.
  1. Gmail POP server address –
  2. Gmail POP username – An individual will be required to enter the complete email address
  3. Gmail POP password – one will be required to enter the Gmail password
  4. Gmail POP port – 995
  5. Gmail POP SSL required – yes

One will be now required to select next now and Outlook will inform by when the downloading of the messages will be complete.

How to effectively use G suite SMTP settings

You may be planning to use G Suite SMTP settings for sending mails from your account. But the concern for you may be that you may not be aware of the desire procedure to use the same. If that is so then this tutorial can offer you an effective guidance for the same. In case something is not being followed by you in this tutorial then you can always go for direct assistance to resolve such kind of issue and get the issue resolved instantly.

Steps to effectively use the G Suite SMTP settings:

  • SMTP server (i.e., outgoing mail server):
  • SMTP username: Users will need to enter their required Gmail address or G Suit address for which they are looking to get their settings done in an effective manner.
  • SMTP password: Users will need to enter their Gmail password or G suit password which is linked to their account.
  • SMTP port: Users can enter 465 as their port number in this section.
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: In this section users can simply do is check on Yes to get the settings executed or completed in an effective manner.

How to configure Gmail for Outlook

Google has developed a world class email service named Gmail that is widely used all over the world. However people can use Gmail as stand-alone webmail service, but many people use it with other email clients for better emailing experience. Outlook is one such application that can help users configure Gmail account with it. Outlook helps users view mails in offline mode too. It also has many advanced features that help users to access their email account more securely. To use your Gmail application in Outlook you need to configure your Outlook account properly so that Gmail could work well in it. 

Gmail SMTP settings should be done carefully otherwise you won’t be able to send or receive your mail over the Gmail. Outlook helps users in:

  • Managing multiple account in a single click.
  • Organizing mails in an advanced way.
  • Viewing Gmail mails in offline mode.

Process to use Gmail in Outlook

Thus to use Gmail in Outlook, you need to setup your for Outlook.

Follow these settings to use Gmail in your Outlook account:

  • Open Outlook and click on Tools menu.
  • Click on email accounts.
  • You will get a pop-up window. Click on “Add a new email account”. Click next.
  • Choose POP or IMAP as server type. Click next.

User Information: Enter your name and your complete email address in the field as shown on the screen.

Server Information: Account Type: IMAP, Incoming Mail Server:, Outgoing Mail Server:

Logon Information: User Name: your complete email id, Password: your Gmail account password.

  • Click on “More Settings” to move forward. Place a checkmark in the checkbox saying “My outgoing server requires authentication”.
  • Also click on “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”. Click OK.
  • Now go to “Advanced” tab. And enter these details.
  • Incoming server (IMAP) - 993 or 143.
  • Type of encrypted connection – SSL/TLS.
  • Outgoing server (SMTP) – 465 or 587.
  • Type of encrypted connection – SSL/TLS.
  • Click Ok and then close the settings.

This is a Gmail SMTP Settings for Outlook and you can use this steps to configure Gmail to your Outlook. By taking the steps mentioned above one will be able to send and receive the emails without any hazel and if some concerns are still being faced on can seek help from the support team.

Solve Gmail Smtp Settings Problem

Gmail is the most trusted application of Google connected numerous users from each other. Gmail is one of the valuable and productive free email service providers which offers 15 GB of capacity with less or no spam and it is portably agreeable as well. You can save your critical records or documents in the Gmail suite and can even save your recollections in Google drive without the dread of losing them. It additionally upholds the email customers through the POP and IMAP conventions. You can without much of a stretch discover Gmail application in your devices as well whether it is Android or iOS from the respective play store and App Store. The technical issue is something which can anytime and anywhere, and to face technical glitch we should always prepare for the same, So at any point,

If your SMTP setting is not working quickly follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of the issue:

  1. First of all log into your Gmail account.
  2. Navigate for the 'Less secure apps' page.
  3. Now make sure to turn this feature 'ON'
  4. You have to wait at least 1 hour for Google to update this setting.
  5. Test your mail application again by sending a Test mail to anyone. It should now send correctly via SMTP.

The Problem in the SMTP settings can disable the email to send to anyone, but by following the above steps mentioned below you can resolve the issue anytime. At any point, if you are facing the issue while resolving the above error always get in touch with the most genuine and advanced professionals who are always available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your service in order to provide you the swiftest, reliable, and authentic solution to your issues. You can now get in touch for any of your technical glitch by simply dialing to our highly skilled professionals even on holidays as well for all the help you are seeking for Gmail SMTP Settings using the Toll-free number, or direct chat or email without paying any extra charges and get solution your all the issues in a stipulated period of time.

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