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Yahoo mail is quite popular among mail service users. After the user signs up for Yahoo mail services, the next thing that will occur to users will be how to set up the Yahoo mail account. Without the proper Yahoo mail settings, the user will not be able to send or receive emails. The user must configure both the IMAP configuration of Yahoo and the SMTP configuration of Yahoo to use Yahoo mail services without problems. Therefore, if the user has problems with the configuration of the Yahoo account, read the guide below in detail to know the Yahoo mail configuration step by step according to the type of user device and the email users. All the steps are really easy to follow and execute, the user can do it only for the user's device and the email account holder. When attempting to configure the users' Yahoo email account with a different email service client, the user must enter specific information/details that will help third-party email service users access the Yahoo account from the users. These details mainly include the IMAP Yahoo configuration, the Yahoo SMTP configuration, and the Yahoo Pop configuration, the user must enter all the details correctly to access the users' Yahoo account on different devices and different mail such as Android, iPhone, Outlook, etc.

IMAP YAHOO configuration (incoming mail server)

  • The IMAP server address of the Yahoo account:
  • IMAP username of the Yahoo account: full email address of the users' Yahoo account.
  • IMAP password of the Yahoo account: password of the Yahoo account of the users
  • IMAP port of the Yahoo account: 993
  • Yahoo IMAP TLS/SSL account is required: yes

After applying the configuration of the incoming mail server YAHOO mentioned above, the user can receive emails without any problem.

SMTP configuration of Yahoo (outgoing mail server)

  • Outgoing server address Yahoo SMTP:
  • SMTP YAHOO Port: 587
  • SMTP Security Yahoo: STARTTLS
  • YAHOO SMTP username: full email address of users' Yahoo account
  • YAHOO SMTP password. User Yahoo account password

Yahoo Mail SMTP Settings for Android Device

Do you want to access the users' Yahoo account on the Android device? Don't worry, read the step-by-step configuration of the Yahoo account for Android mentioned below, and enjoy using the services of the Yahoo account.

  • Go to the user's email application and chooses the settings.
  • Click Add a new email account.
  • Choose IMAP (IMAP YAHOO Settings)
  • Enter the Yahoo email address and password to the users. Now select "Manual configuration".
  • Now in the incoming configuration screen, enter the following information:
  1. Username: email
  2. Password: UW email-yahoo
  3. Incoming server:
  4. Incoming port: 983
  5. Security type: SSL
  • Click Next'.
  • Now in the outgoing configuration screen, enter the following information:
  1. Outgoing server:
  2. To the exit port: 587
  3. Security type: SSL
  4. Authorization required: yes
  5. Username: email
  6. Password: user email password
  • Click Next'.
  • Enter user preferences on the next screen and enter the user name and password of the users.
  • Finally, Click OK to save the changes and exit the window.

We hope that after applying the Yahoo mail configuration mentioned above, the user can use Yahoo's mail services on the users' Android device without any problem.

Yahoo Mail SMTP Settings for iPhone

Like Android device users, iOS users can also add their Yahoo account on their Apple devices. The user can find below the Yahoo account settings required to add the Yahoo account on the user's iPhone.

  1. Click on the user's email account and go to Settings.
  2. Click Passwords and accounts and then click Add account.
  3. Click Other and click Add email account.
  4. Enter the username, email address, password, and a description for the user's Yahoo account.
  5. Touch Next.
  6. Mail will attempt to find the email settings and automatically complete the account setup process.
  7. Click Done to complete the user account setup process.

Make sure the user enters the IMAP and SMTP settings as mentioned below while setting up the Yahoo account on the user's iPhone.

IMAP Yahoo iPhone Settings (Incoming mail server)

Use the IMAP settings of the Yahoo account under iPhone to complete

set up Yahoo mail on iPhone

Hostname: -

Username: - User email address

Password: - The password of the user's email account

SMTP configuration of YAHOO iPhone (outgoing mail server)

Hostname: -

Username: - User email address

Password: - Password of the Yahoo account

Hopefully, the steps mentioned above are useful for the user, to deal with the problem associated with the mail configuration of Yahoo iPhone.

Technical Guidance on Yahoo Smtp Settings Problem

We hope that after reading the above-mentioned guide, the user knows all the Yahoo mail SMTP settings required according to the type of device of the users and the email client. But if the user still has any technical doubts related to the SMTP server setting, then they can contact the technical support team of Yahoo mail through live chat or phone support for more guidance. Yahoo support team is ready to resolve all user queries 24*7.

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