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Apple ID is one of the most interesting features flagged by Apple. It not only helps you to log in to your account as well as you can fetch information from the Apple database in order to identify yourself on the iPad, iPhone or Mac. You can access iMessage, iCloud, iTunes Store, and Apple store. You can shop several games, applications, music from the Apple store via Apple ID. But apart from these what if Apple ID stops working? You cannot connect to the Apple store as well as cannot access any of the functionalities. So what are the reasons behind Apple ID not working and how can you fix Apple ID not working problem? Don’t worry here you will get all the suitable measures to configure the problem

Reasons behind Apple ID not Working and their Solutions:

  1. Internet Connection
  • Your Apple ID may stop working due to unstable, poor internet connection or faulty VPN route to iTunes Store.
  • In order to fix this make sure you don’t have any VPN enabled at the time of connecting with iTunes Store.
  • As well as monitor your internet connection and speed whether it’s working properly or not. 
  1. Apple Server
  • Maybe there can be any server issue with Apple. Using Apple’s service status page check the iTunes Store services in your region.
  • If there is any such problem you can hard reset your device.
  • Press and hold the home and power tab simultaneously for more than 10 seconds.
  • You can also fix it in Settings > App Store & iTunes and further sign in to your iTunes account. 
  1. Password
  • Another reason can be a mismatched password, maybe the password you are entering is wrong.
  • Verify and double-check whether you have input a correct password or not.
  1. Purchases
  • In case if you have altered your Apple ID on your devices maybe there can be a login squabble, as you access several IDs for various nations or a second-hand device.
  • Thus you need to log out from your account and re-login using the details you want to access.
  • And in case if you are not able to update the apps with this new ID, probably you have bought it with some different Apple ID. 
  1. Incorrect Time Zone
  • Incorrect time zone may lead to Apple ID not working. Well, it’s quite simple to fix.
  • In order to set up the correct date and time settings open Settings > General > Date & Time and ensure all the credentials have correct configurations.

Well, these are some reasons and their respective solutions to fix Apple ID not working. You can easily fix the problem following the above-mentioned directives.

Apple Id Not Working on Mac

Apple ID is very important to signing to an Apple account and accessing other Apple services such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TVs, Watch, iMessage, iTunes Store, iCloud, and Apple store. However, sometimes the complaint has been raised by apple users that Apple Id Not Working on Mac, and they were troubled.

So, whenever you are experiencing the same issue like when you are repeatedly prompted to enter your Apple ID password on your Mac or even iOS device or iPhone or iPad or Apple Tvs or Watch! Then you don’t need to bother. In this guide, you will learn everything that you need to know about how to fix this issue.

Reasons Why Apple Id Not Working

  • Internet Connection or Wi-Fi connection is not good
  • Incorrect date and time settings
  • Temporary outage affecting
  • Apple server status page down
  • Wrong an Apple account credentials

Troubleshooting Solution to Fix Apple ID Not Working Issue

Solution 1: Check Internet Connection

Often the Apple Id Not Working on iPhone and Apple Id Not Working on iPad, or even Apple TVs, Watch, or MAC devices? Then there might be an issue related to a weak Internet connection or WIFI signal. Also, verify that you have turned ON cellular data on your iPhone or iPad by just going to iPhone/iPad Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data.

Solution 2: Verify Apple Server Status Page

Often the Apple Server status page goes down, and due to Apple Id Not Working on Apple TVs. Thus, to fix the issue verify that Apple Server is working correctly. Also, verify the iTunes Store services in your area.

After that, you can also hard reset your device in the following two ways.

Way 1: Press & hold the “home” and “power” tab together for at least 10-12 seconds.

Way 2: Also, to solve it, go to “Settings”, then “App Store & iTunes” and then sign in to your iTunes account.

Solution 3: Verify Updated Change Apple ID

If you just change your Apple ID and you did not update it on your iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TVs, or Watch? So, when your Apple Id Not Working on Mac device, then don’t worry. To fix the issue Sign out of iCloud and sign back in again using a new password on your iPhone.

After that restart, both devices, turning both off together, then restarting your iPhone first.

Solution 4: Verify the iTunes Store location on the Apple TVs

If you can't sign in to your Apple TV or Apple Id Not Working on Apple TVs, then there is nothing to worry about. You should check the iTunes Store location on the Apple TVs.

If still not working, then you may have multiple Apple TV user accounts, that’s why it’s happening. Fix it, by the following way: Open the Settings app and go to Users & Accounts, then choose your account. After that, enter your Apple ID to sign in again.

Hence, after performing the above solutions, hopefully the issue Apple Id Not Working on Mac or another device is fixed now.

Apple ID Not Working Problem Solved

If the problem has not yet been resolved, reset your iPhone to factory defaults. Cleaning up the existing configuration could be the trick. And connect with the Apple ID not the working support team. They will guide you with all the requisite solutions to fix your issue.



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