How to fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Gmail is one of the dominant mailing services that is been used by people all around the world. So just in case you are looking for some reasonable mailing service that is user-friendly as well as totally free of cost then you had to sign up for it by following some of the easy steps. Now just in case, you have signed up for the account and now you are looking to use the service then you simply had to log in with the credentials that you get while you set up the account. Once you are into account, you can use it to send and receive the mails. Now just think of the scenario where you are using the mailing account but all of a sudden you are not able to perform your task since the Gmail has stopped receiving the emails.

Different ways to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue:

Anyone of us who are having an email account, the basic purpose of the same is to send and receive the emails. In case the purpose is not filled then there is no point of having the email account. In such cases users will have to try out different troubleshooting steps to find out the root cause of the issue and then fix the same. This tutorial will help the users with the same. Users will be guided with different modes of troubleshooting in order to get the issue resolved in one go without any hassles or giving any second thought. Without wasting any further time let us know jump to the same.

Step 1: Issues or discrepancies with the internet connection: One must have a good internet connection in order to access the services of Gmail. It may be that because of issues in internet you may not be able to access the services of Gmail account. Gmail is a web based email service, so users will need to ensure that they have a good internet connection before they proceed to access the services of the same. So if you have not connected then immediately connect to the same to enjoy uninterrupted services of Gmail account.

Step 2: Check by switching to other browser: The current browser may not support the version of Gmail account that you may be using. There could be some compatibility issues with the browser as a result of which they may be facing such kind of problem. In such cases users are advised to either check the current version of their browser or update the same to the latest edition and then they should try and access the services of Gmail account or they can simply upgrade or switch to other browser and then try and access the services of Gmail account.

Step 3:Check the storage of your email account: You may be using your Gmail account for a long time as a result of which the storage of your Gmail account may have got full. As a result of which you may not be able to perform operations with your Gmail account. In such cases users are advised to check the storage of their email account and in case it is full then users need to delete unwanted email so that they have space with their Gmail account. Once the space has been optimized then they should start sending and receiving emails from their Gmail account. Users also have the option to upgrade their storage or buy additional storage depending upon the need or requirements.

Disable the add-ons or Firewalls from the browser

It may be that the add-ons and Firewalls may be preventing the browser to open your Gmail account. In some cases it is also the antivirus which prevents such kind of tasks. Users simply need to do in such cases is disable the add-ons and firewalls from the browser and then they should try and access the services of their email account.

Users need to follow simple steps as mentioned below in order to get the task executed:

  • Start with opening the Task Manager
  • Once done then users will need to do is select the Start Up Tab and next they will need to click on the antivirus tab
  • Users can finally click on the disable option which will then disable all the add-ons and Firewalls from the browser

Check for updates in the app

There are many of the users who access their Gmail account through the app which could be android or iOS. There could be mandatory updates pending for long with their Gmail account as a result of which users may not be able to access their Gmail. Users will need to visit their respective stores in such cases and search for Gmail app and see if there is update option popping up. In case it is then users will need to immediately update the same and then they should try and access the services of their Gmail account which should then certainly work for the users without any sort of hassles.

Check for settings in the email account

In case users are accessing it through the desktop version then users may not have setup in an effective manner as a result of which Gmail may not be working or be able to send emails from their account. In such cases users simply need to do is check for the settings in their email account and enter the IMAP and POP details in the account in an effective manner so that they can enjoy uninterrupted services of the same without any hassles or second thought.

Check your account password

It may be that you may be entering the wrong password of the account as a result of which you may not be able to access your email account. Users will simply need to reset the account password and once they have done the same they should then try to first access their email account and then they should next send and receive emails from their account without any hassles or second thought. Connect with us as well in case you are not aware of the process to reset or recover the account password and is looking for the process to do the same.

Uninstall and reinstall the Gmail account

In case you are using the app version of the Gmail account and in case none of the troubleshooting steps is working for the users then the last resort or option for the users is to uninstall their Gmail account. Once the users have uninstalled their Gmail account in an effective manner then users will need to reinstall their Gmail account. Things should then certainly be working for the users. In case not then users can connect with us through our toll free number and we would be more than happy to troubleshoot the issue in one go. This will ensure that users do not lose any of their important productivity as well as their precious time.

Why Aren't I Receiving Emails on Gmail

Gmail has an inquiry arranged interface and a "discussion see" like an Internet gathering. The assistance is eminent among site designers for its initial selection of Ajax.

What should I do if Gmail is not receiving emails?

  • Firstly go you Inbox and refresh it, if you don’t received any emails then you go setting option and click on account manage option
  • Now they open account manage page firstly you clean all cache in your emails and reset your Gmail id
  • Then they ask your register contact number and they send one time password, if you enter right password then reset your account otherwise they do not reset your account
  • Now open your account once again and refresh your account now all emails are show you
  • In future If you have any issue you our directly connect our technical team they solved your all issue very quickly.

Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone

  1. Firstly you go your iPhone setting option and click on IMAP option
  2. Sometime in iPhone Gmail may not be dealing with your iPhone is that IMAP (the innovation Gmail uses to convey mail to your gadget) might be incapacitated in Gmail's settings
  3. So turn on IMAP option and go to Gmail account and refresh again now all your emails are showing you in proper manner.

Gmail not receiving emails on android

  • Firstly you go your phone setting option and click on Gmail option.
  • Then they open Gmail setting option and select which account you not receiving emails
  • Now click on sync option to view all features that you can sync.
  • Now all Gmail account and refresh again now all mails are show you

Google's mail workers naturally examine messages for different purposes, including to channel spam and malware, and to add setting touchy promotions close to messages. This publicizing practice has been essentially censured by protection advocates due to worries over limitless information maintenance, simplicity of observing by outsiders, clients of other email suppliers not having consented to the strategy after sending messages to Gmail addresses, and the potential for Google to change its strategies to additional diminishing security by consolidating data with other Google information utilization. In order to get in touch with them, you simply had to go to the official support site of Google and then you had to try to call them on the experts that is been given on their site. They will definitely look at the issue that you are telling them. Once they get to know the exact issue them they will give you the simple steps that you can follow in order to resolve the issue. If calling on that number does not help you can simply contact them through the mails. So simply draft a decent mail explaining your issue and then they will revert to you on the same mail and that too very soon. They will tell you the steps that you had to follow in order to solve the issue. So do all that is been told here and you will be able to use the Gmail service glitch-free always.


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