Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Gmail is one of the dominant mailing services that is been used by people all around the world. So just in case you are looking for some reasonable mailing service that is user-friendly as well as totally free of cost then you had to sign up for it by following some of the easy steps. Now just in case, you have signed up for the account and now you are looking to use the service then you simply had to log in with the credentials that you get while you set up the account. Once you are into account, you can use it to send and receive the mails. 

Now just think of the scenario where you are using the mailing account but all of a sudden you are not able to perform your task since the Gmail has stopped receiving the emails.

Gmail Not Receiving Emails-Disable the forwarding settings

Then this is a situation of panic and in order to resolve it, you had to follow some of the very easy steps such as:

  • Most of the time it has been noticed that people may use the forwarding settings of the Gmail at some point in time and then they forget that they have done that.
  • By enabling this setting the mails will not come to your inbox instead of that they will simply go to the account to which they have been forwarded.
  • Now in order to resolve this, the user just had to follow the simple process that is Go to the Gmail account on your favorite device that is your laptop or phone.
  • Once you reach there then you simply had to click on the settings icon that is been given there.
  • Once you do that then you simply had to press the forwarding and POP/ IMAP tab.
  • Once you do that then you simply had to delete the email address that you have given there.
  • Once you have done everything then you simply had to press the save 

So this is the simple process that you can follow in order to receive the Gmails or if you feel that this does not solve your issue then there are other methods also that you can follow. The other methods are given below:

Gmail Not Receiving Emails-Turn off the email filters

Now sometimes there is a possibility that you may have stopped receiving your emails since you may have applied some filter on your account about receiving certain kinds of emails.

Now in order to resolve the issue that has occurred because of this, you can simply turn off the filter. To do that:

  1. The simple thing that you have to do is to go to the settings of the Gmail that you own.
  2. Once you reach there, then you should simply click on the filters option and then tap on the blocked tab.
  3. Here you have to see if you have any active filters since these may be blocking the incoming mails.
  4. So simply delete them and this may resolve your issue just in no time.

Gmail Not Receiving Emails-Turn off the delete Gmail copy option:

This may also solve your issue so simply try to do that by following the below-written steps:

  1. Here you simply have to go to the forwarding and POP settings on the Gmail account.
  2. Once you reach there then you simply had to select the keep Gmail’s copy in the box option 
  3. And then you simply had to tap on the save changes button to save the changes that you have just done in the settings of the Gmail.

Gmail Not Receiving Emails-Look for no storage issue:

Sometimes it is quite possible that the storage issue of the Gmail may also be blocking the further emails that are coming to your account.

If that is your case then you simply had to resolve this issue by doing as written below:

  • You had to simply look for whether this is the reason. If this is the reason then you had to either delete some of the existing emails from your inbox
  • Or you can also try to buy the extra storage of your case is that you can not delete the existing emails.
  • In order to buy the storage, you can simply get in touch with the tech support of the Google company and they will tell you the exact steps that you can follow in order to buy the extra storage in no time.

So these are a few things that you can follow in order to resolve the issue of the Gmail not receiving emails. If even after doing all that is written above, you are not able to resolve this issue, then, in that case, you can not simply get help from the techies of the company. So you do not have to panic at all and simply have to follow some simple steps to get help from the people of the company.

How To Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

In order to get in touch with them, you simply had to go to the official support site of Google and then you had to try to call them on the toll-free number that is been given on their site. They will definitely look at the issue that you are telling them. Once they get to know the exact issue them they will give you the simple steps that you can follow in order to resolve the issue. If calling on that number does not help you can simply contact them through the mails. So simply draft a decent mail explaining your issue and then they will revert to you on the same mail and that too very soon. They will tell you the steps that you had to follow in order to solve the issue. So do all that is been told here and you will be able to use the Gmail service glitch-free always.

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