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Yahoo search engine is worldwide used by users for searching so many tasks. But, sometimes since of some technical glitches, yahoo features incline not to work effectually and show an error hitch comes up is on the phone or the Android. It was also reported by several users that yahoo search not working. Well, this is one of the most common problems and can be frustrating, particularly when users are in imperative necessity to access their Yahoo emails. Thus, this issue could be occurring due to various reasons, but also fixed by following some simple troubleshooting solutions mentioned below. Then read this post to get the complete information about the issue and the best solutions to fix it.
Let’s have a rapid look at the various reasons which trigger the issue.

Here is a few of them:

  • Incompatible or outdated browser
  • Cache and poor internet connectivity issue
  • Corrupt or inappropriate settings
  • Using incorrect Yahoo Mail login credentials
  • Existence of malware or virus on your device or Laptop
  • Yahoo mail account with any third-party program

Yahoo Mail App Not Working

The Best Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix the Yahoo Mail App Not Working:

Solution 1: Check Internet Connection: First and foremost, verify the Internet connection is properly working on your laptop or mobile devices. Sometimes, due to Low storage, poor internet connectivity, and WIFI signal, yahoo mail tends not to work correctly.

Solution 2: Clear Cache: You should try to clear the yahoo app cache files from your Android phone’s settings while yahoo search not working on android. Ensure Caches usually block the yahoo mail website to function effectively and promptly. Then check to see if your Yahoo search is working on Android or not.

Solution 3: Restart the iPhone Device: In case your yahoo search not working on iPhone or Android then you restart the device. All you necessity to do is press & hold the “Power” button till you sign that the power off slider pops on the screen. You can then wait for the iPhone to turn off. Finally, press & hold the “Power” button again until you realize the Apple logo on the screen.

Solution 4: Disable Temporarily Antivirus: Another useful solution to resolve issues is that try to deactivate antispyware, antivirus, and firewall products for the moment/temporally. And in some instances, these tactics cause uncertainty in yahoo.

Solution 5: Update your Yahoo Mail app or the web browser: When yahoo search not working on iPad, then you should verify your Yahoo Mail app or the web browser is updated with the latest version. If not, then keep your browser up to date, as yahoo works best with an updated version.

Solution 6: Ensure Enabled JavaScript: In case the problem persists, then you need to ensure that you have enabled JavaScript and for that, you check that you would necessity to go to the “Settings” and then “Advanced” tap then “Content settings” and then “Privacy & settings” option. And after that check, if the issue is fixed.

Solution 7: Reset your Browser to Default Settings: Therefore, when yahoo search not working on Pc or device, then you should try the current settings, may it be corrupted. So then try to delete your mail account then recreate it.

Solution 8: Re-login to Yahoo Mail Account: When yahoo search not working on iPad, then you must remove the Yahoo mail account on your iPad and after that re-login on the yahoo mail account. To do it by going to the option “resetting network settings”, then “restarting iPhone” and then re-login to your Yahoo Mail account.

How to Fix Yahoo Search issue through experts

Therefore, in case still if the yahoo search not working! then you should connect with the Yahoo customer service team and get instant help. The yahoo support expert will provide the correct guidance or immediate solutions to solve the issue. Hence, the proficient expert will provide accurate approaches to how you can get rid of the issue quickly and easily.



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