Why is Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone, Android and Mac

All the email service providers have offered their applications. It allows account holders to access their email account on their mobile phone. It facilitates the users to access the email account from any location and anytime as per their convenience. The Yahoo account holders have separate applications for their iPhone, Android and Mac devices. The users can download it from play store and can install it very easily as per their device. In contrast to this, sometimes account holders get stuck when Yahoo not working on iPhone. Apart from this, there are many other situations when Yahoo users get difficulty in using it such as the slow response of application, freezing, crashing the page immediately, getting difficulty to connect to the internet, unable to get account key and many more.

If you are one of those customers who is getting panic and unable to deal with these type of issues then don’t worry! We are here for you. Here, we are discussing some quick points that help you to run your yahoo application once again on your iPhone, Android, and Mac as well.

How to fix Yahoo Email is not working

This is the era in which the mode of communication has completely changed and the reason is email services that have fully captured the market. The weather is for personal or commercial use, without the life of the email being stopped. So, if your Yahoo email service is not working properly on your iPhone or Android, then you have to make certain changes to your settings.

Although Yahoo is a prominent email service provider and is used by almost every third user around the world. The outstanding services of this email provider are that it is very fast in communication compared to another email provider. But technology cannot always be far from the technical error that led Yahoo to not work. There may be many technical flaws that result in Yahoo not working properly on your Mac or iPhone.

Yahoo mail not working on Mac

Follow the steps, if your Yahoo is not working on Mac:

  1. First, open Yahoo on your Mac and then delete the unwanted caches.
  2. Restart your Mac. During the restart, press and hold the Shift key immediately. Now the Yahoo logo will appear on your screen.
  3. Now release the Shift key and then you will see a login screen. And then log in to your account to complete the process. Yahoo mail not working on iPhone

Yahoo mail not working on iPhone

IPhone users can solve the problem every time Yahoo does not work on iPhone.

Follow some simple instructions to resolve Yahoo mail not responding problem on your iPhone device:

  • Go to the POP3 settings because it will allow you to see the emails on the desktop through the TWC account. And hence the emails that are present on the iPhone, since they work in IMAP.
  • In addition, you can also use yourname@yahoo.com to solve the problem.

Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android

In case you are an Android user and have an error, follow the steps indicated below:

Step 1: First of all, select Emails, then Add Account.

Step 2: Email address: yourname@yahoo.com and then your password

Step 3: Select POP or POP3

Step 4: Incoming mail server host: pop-server.yourcity.yahoo.com

Step 5: Enter port 110

Step 6: Disable Yahoo's secure mail server

Get More Infromation About Yahoo Mail Not Working

If you still cannot solve your work-related Yahoo problems, contact the Yahoo toll free number to take advantage of the results-oriented solutions of qualified professionals. They will help your problems by providing your assistance. Each individual problem that users face in Yahoo is solved by the professionals in a very short period of time. You can make a voice call to get this information.


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