Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone

Yahoo is a highly renowned email service in the market. Billions of users are associated with this email service. There are many people who are facing different challenges with respect to Yahoo. However this email service provides flawless performance but there are certain things like sometimes Yahoo does not work on iPhone, Yahoo creates problems in android as well as Yahoo not working in Mac. These are not a Yahoo error these are some kind of device problem due to which people face challenges in running the Yahoo in their particular device properly. Any kind solution like How to fix Yahoo mail not working on iPhone can be resolved through the Yahoo support number. There you have to give your basic introduction and raise your query. The support team will provide assured solutions within a certain time span.

kindly follow the steps of Yahoo mail not working on iPhone:

You can first sign in into your Yahoo account on iPhone and then sign out: Many of the time it is observed that Yahoo gets stuck in stop performing due to the privacy concern. By doing this you may get resolved.

First, delete and again add Yahoo account in your iPhone: if by following the above step you are not able to resolve then it might be some server issue with the mail service. It is recommended to remove your Yahoo account from your device and again regain your account from scratch.

By enabling the mobile data option in the mail app: Sometimes what we observe is people usually connect their iPhone through a wifi connection in the home as well as in the office. And also sometimes it is seen that wifi connection gets lost or disconnected. In such a case, users are recommended to switch on their mobile data and try using the Yahoo email.

Make sure your iPhone operating system is up-to-date: In the absence of the latest version of the device software, Yahoo stops working. Yahoo is a very trusted email service and it upgrades its products from time to time and the recommendation sent to the user to update the compatibility of the device so that Yahoo could be operated smoothly.

You can try restarting your device: Generally, many of the issues are resolved just by restarting the iPhone device so you also should follow the restart option and see the performance.

How You Can Fix the Yahoo Mail App Not Working Issue

Yahoo mail app is easily accessed on desktop and mobile devices. However, sometimes users may confront the issue when Yahoo mail app not working on PC/ Laptop and Mobile devices. Therefore, here are mentioned troubleshooting steps to get fixed the issue. 

Simple Instructions to Solve the Yahoo Mail App Is Not Working Issue:

  • First, verify internet connection is properly working on your pc or mobile devices.
  • Clear the cache of the app on your pc or iPhone browsers.
  • Try to restart your pc or mobile devices.
  • Verify your browser is updated with the latest version.
  • Try to disable temporarily antivirus software, and firewall products. 
  • Try to open the Yahoo mail app from another computer or mobile device.
  • Reset your browser to default settings.

How You Can Fix Yahoo Business Email Error on Your iPhone

Furthermore, if you have a problem and search for an answer ‘How to fix Yahoo business email error on iPhone?’ then don’t worry!

Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  • First, unlock your iPhone and tap on the ‘settings’ icon
  • Go to ‘Passwords & Accounts’, then ‘Add account’, and then others option.
  • Hit on ‘Add mail account’. Enter your Yahoo business mail id and password.
  • Tap on ‘Next’. Go to the ‘IMAP settings.
  • Now write ‘’ in the hostname. Submit your Yahoo business id and password.
  • Then go to an outgoing server set up and in the hostname, write ‘’.
  • Tap on ‘Next’. Then set up an account as a business email.
  • Move to ‘advanced settings’ and enter the details of the incoming & outgoing server.
  • Hit on ‘Done’.
  • Now your Yahoo business email has been set up properly.

How do I reset Yahoo email on my iPhone easily

Want to know how do I reset my Yahoo email on my iPhone then follow these steps:

  • First, delete your Yahoo mail account from your iPhone. Go to Settings app> Accounts & Password option>then tap on Yahoo account which requires to delete>then select the Delete account option.
  • Then re-add the account. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone again. Go to ‘Accounts and password’ option> then ‘Add account’>choose ‘Yahoo’>then type the email id and password>tap on sign-in. 
  • Wait until complete the procedure to red-add the Yahoo mail account.
  • Done. 

Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android 

Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android step-by-step:

The functionality of the app can be the reason:- Most of the time it is observed that yahoo freezes, responding slow and sometimes it gets crashed. For this make sure whether you are using the latest version of yahoo app or not. And also your device should not be very out-dated.

  • You should follow the clearing the cache and app data and then restarting the android device.
  • Users can try force stop the application because force stops will refresh the app memory and data and your Yahoo might run.
  • The last you can do is to uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo app in your android device and check the performance the process is very easy in android.

These steps will definitely resolve your issues. In case you still worry about How to Fix Yahoo mail not working on android then directly contact the technical advisor of the company which is absolutely free of cost.

How to fix Yahoo mail not working on Mac 

Follow the steps of Yahoo mail not working on Mac:

  • Login your account and the login should be separate in another browser.
  • Go to the internet browser and go to the official website of yahoo.
  • Put your login id and password to login to the account.
  • Then as usually separately create or compose the email, you can try by using your own email address of another email account and write something in the message.
  • Send the email and check the event by opening your email account and inbox.
  • Look for the system update:

However, the mac is a highly renowned device and it gets updated itself from time to time but sometimes it doesn’t happen. In those cases, you have to go for a manual update. There might be an update issue for not working on yahoo properly.

First, delete your account then add your account: Many of the time what happens is the system gets corrupted for some specific applications. This could lead to the problem of not working on Yahoo in macbook.

  • You can launch the mac mail application.
  • Tap on the menu and choose the mail option right there.
  • After which select the preferences as the option.
  • In the next step, you have to select the account that you want to remove or delete permanently.
  • You just have to hit the minus button.
  • One more step will ask your confirmation for the deletion of the account.
  • After the successful completion of these steps again add the Yahoo account from the beginning.
  • You can also check the Yahoo mail setting account in your Mac.
  • If there is any kind of antivirus in your device the disable it ad recheck the performance.
  • Check whether the auto-forwarding property is enabled or not.
  • Check the server error, if there is server error then wait for sometimes. The problem will be resolved automatically after some time.

There are plenty of people who are using Mac for their personal as well as for professional use. And in the same row, there are plenty of people who get confused over How to fix Yahoo mail not working on Mac and start worrying.

Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone

There is nothing big problem you just have to follow the above steps. In case you are not able to resolve such problems then raise the query ticket over the Yahoo email not working. You will get assured answer within less time. All the personnel of the Yahoo support system is highly educated and they only work for resolving the multiple issues in a day. Thus you will also get the solution on time. The support system is digitally quipped and thus they provide hassle-free communication with the concerned person.

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