Yahoo Troubleshooting

Yahoo Mail-it is an email service which is provided by the American company, they offer four different email plan out of which three are of personal use as Basic, Plus, and Ad-Free and another for business. An email has made commutation easier and faster. As technology is growing faster so are we however there can be some concern with the email like signing in, mail not getting open, not able to send the email, having the account discontinued, and so forth some of the common concern are listed below and how one can take care of the same.

Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail To Slow

Yahoo mail running slow at times we receive an error message or at times not able to read the email, not able to delete the email without existing Firefox and then going back to Yahoo and not only this do have Microsoft Security Essentials and is not able to find viruses

In order to overcome the same take the steps as:

  • Make sure you have these two things on the computer one can also use the free version and then put your computer
  • Before running the Malwarebytes, it is essential that you go through the settings and check the items for actions and in case you forget to do so you will be required to go back fix the settings and run it again
  • In case you are going to go with Avast antivirus ensure that you do not have any other antivirus running.

Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Password

When I logged into the account in order to change the password and the precise reason for changing from the security point of view however now I am not able to read the email and getting the error message that you are logged out of the account for 12 hours and then I got the message that I will be getting a new password in my alternate email address which is not valid now.

  • One will be required to get in touch with the Yahoo team so that they can give access to the old email and do not keep on trying
  • One can reach out to the team either by calling on the number or through Live Chat
  • Make sure that you have these details as login name, your password, your date of birth location, the alternate email address associated with the account, your phone number

Having concern in sending the blind, have been doing so in the past years

  1. Although it is not the solution however the options do differ from device to device
  2. One can check if there are changes in the yahoo format
  3. The more prominent solution is that now you will be required t create a new folder of contact and when you will be sending the mail you will be required to write the name of the folder in the send area and hence all the people mentioned in the folder will get the same

Email not able to open and getting a message stating that the pixels are the wrong size and for this, you will be required to reach out to your internet provider

Troubleshoot Yahoo Not able to retriever Archive emails

Not able to retriever Archive emails one can try taking the step as below:

  • Clear your cookies by clicking on Tools option, look for the option Delete cookies and hit on delete files and then click on delete history click ok once it is done click on close and then reopen Internet Explorer

Emails moving to spam and Junk folder 

Emails moving to spam and Junk folder- in case you are not receiving email do check-in other folders as well,

If there take the action as below

  • Open the email you are looking for and mark it AS NOT JUNK and then you will be getting the emails as normal

How To Contact Yahoo Troubleshooting Experts

These are some common concern which one can come across however there can be many more which are not mentioned there one can look for the help from the community, in case the concern still persists then look for the help from the technician.

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