Air France Customer Service

Air France is the French flag carrier Airline and a subsidiary of Air France- KLM Group and a founding member of the Sky Team global airline alliance. The airline provides services to 211 destinations and the frequent flyer program run by airlines is Flying Blue and to take the privilege of the same one will be required to do the reservation. Air France has enlightened the lives of many of the passengers by giving more to the passengers they deserve. They have increased their fleet size to across all the major national and international destinations. This is only because of the high quality service offerings that they have been getting consistently or parallel. But in the recent times many of the new passengers have shown interest in Air France and are eager or keen to know about the services or gain a better understanding of Air France. So we thought of helping such passengers by giving them a better understanding of Air France. The next section of the tutorial will help the passengers with the same.

Class of travel

There are two types of class in which passengers can book tickets in this airline. One is the business class and second is the economy class. Depending upon ease and services passengers can book tickets in any of the class to travel to their destination.

Air France class you can opt to fly with any of the below-mentioned class:

  • Business Class
  • Flexible Economy Class
  • Restricted Economy Class
  • Economy Lowest fares


Passengers of Air France can expect some top notch hospitality service. Some of the best quality food and drinks are available to the passengers once they have onboard the flight.


Seats are luxurious in nature and passengers can quickly and efficiently go to sleep the moment they have onboard the flight. For any further service passengers can also directly connect with us and we would give a better understanding with regards to the same.

Air France Booking Process

In order to fly with the airlines one can get the reservation done by carrying out the process as below:

  • First and Foremost go on the website and click on Purchase a ticket and then select if you want to fly Round Trip, One way or Multi-destination trip.
  • Now you will be required to enter the details as location, date of the travel, number of the passenger and the class and then click on search.
  • Among the options available select the flight as per the convenience and can also see the price you will be required to pay and the class you want to fly with can make changes now and then click to continue.
  • Now please enter the details of the passenger as title, first name, last name, select if you or you do not have the loyalty card and if you require or not mobility assistance and hit on confirm.
  • Now you will be required to enter the contact details like telephone number, email address and confirm email address and click on confirm.
  • In order to get the reservation done one will be required to pay and can choose to pay from any of the available options.

Air France Baggage Policy 

To avoid any hazel it is important that you know the policy well in advance.

Carry on Baggage

  • It depends on the destination and the cabin you are traveling in.
  • In case if you are traveling with the infants in total it should be beyond 12 kg and it should not go beyond 55cmx35cmx25cm.
  • Additional items such as jacket, coat, umbrella, duty-free items purchased on the airport, and children accessories as a collapsible stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and so forth can be carried.

Checked baggage

  • It is based on the travel cabin as well as the fare.
  • One can see the information on the electronic ticket and the trip summary as well.
  • For all travelers, each baggage must not exceed 23 kg in case you are flying by Business, and La Premiere it should not go beyond 32 kg and should not go beyond 158 cm in dimension.

For sports equipment and special baggage, one can speak to the customer support.

Air France airline checking-in process

Are you flying with Air France and don't know about all the details of the Air France check-in process? Then you should not worry. Here is mentioned the relevant information about the Air France airline checking-in process. So, let's see the details about it.

Online Check-in: Air France provides Online check-in within 30 hours before your flight’s departure. Only you will require to give the reservation or ticket number and the flight number. Then you can pick your seat and then collect your boarding pass through print or email.

Airport Check-in: Air France check-in process is possible by Airport check-in and then collect your boarding pass at the airport through Kiosk on the day of your flight. Or you can go directly to the check-in counter. After then collecting your boarding pass at the kiosk, and then drop off your luggage at the counter. 

Mobile Check-in: As well you can do a mobile check-in. In this situation, you will obtain your boarding pass directly on your mobile phone by email or text message which you will require to display to the boarding personnel. Also, you can download your boarding pass into your mobile devices by using the Air France app.

Air France Manage Booking

Manage your Air France bookings- Once the reservation is done and if you feel the need to make some changes as:

All the above mentioned and the so forth can be done by going on the official page and hit on Manage booking and enter details as Booking reference and the last name and then hit on a search to make the necessary changes.

Air France Cancellation Policy

Once the reservation is done, an individual might feel the need to cancel the reservation, it can be done if one is aware bout the policy.

Air France Cancellation policy 24 hours

  • One can cancel the flight within 24 hours before the departure of the flight
  • One will not be asked to pay any cancellation fee.

Air France cancellation policy beyond 24 hours: If one cancels the reservation after 24 hours, then the traveler will be required to pay General fee however fee is waived if the reservation is done using FlexAwards and the changes are not allowed for Promo Awards.

Air France Refund Policy

if you have already canceled the reservation and now you are looking for a refund one should be aware of the policy:

Ticket refund within 24 hours, if the reservation is canceled within 24 hours before the departure of the flight, in case the cancelation is done before midnight then the bank account will not be debited and if the same is after midnight then the account will be credited deducted the non- refundable charges as applicable.

To process the request one should ensure:

  1. One should have bought your ticket 48 hours and up to 12 months ago.
  2. One should not have revived the boarding pass.
  3. The ticket which you must have booked should not be a Flying Blue membership ticket.

In order to process the refund, go on the website and click on Manage bookings and follow the instructions in order to request a refund and it is calculated on the basis of ticket you have purchased.

Air France Customer support 

Air France customer support will take off all the concerns regarding the issues related to the reservation and even after the reservation is done, One can reach them by dialing the number and the team can also be contacted by filling the form available online and one will hear back. The team will ensure the concern or even if you are looking for some information must be heard.


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