British Airways Customer Service

British Airways- it is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom. In terms of the fleet size and the number of passengers carried it is the second-largest airline after easy jet. The airline has its headquarter in London, England. The airline is also listed on the London Stock Exchange and also in FTSE 100 index. The airline runs a frequent flyer program by the name of Executive Club or Avios and in order to get hands-on experience with the airlines, one has to get the reservation done which can be done over the web or by calling the reservation number.

British Airways Booking

If you want to go on the website and then do the reservation please take the steps as below:

  • One has to be on the official website which is
  • On this page click on the option and then select the type of travel Multi-city & Round the world then you will be required t enter the details of the destination, dates of the travel, number of passengers and from the drop-down select the cabin you want to fly among Economy, Premium economy, Business, First or you can also select flexible ticket then click on the search icon.
  • Now you can select the flight among the availability and please see the price one will be required to pay as per the cabin you prefer to go with and then click on agree and continue.
  • Please Review the flight and can also add facilities like adding a hotel or going with car hire and then click with agree and continue.
  • At this point either you will be required to create an account, login if you already have an account, or click on continue as a guest.
  • Please select the seat from the available option and then click on confirm seats and then please click on agree terms and conditions.
  • On the page tell us who is traveling you will be required to provide details like Title, First name on the passport, Last name on the passport, Phone number, email address, frequent flyer program details and click on continue.
  • In order to get the reservation through please make the payment from the available options.

Reservation by calling the number if you want, one can also call the reservation team who will assist you get the reservation through as they will do it while speaking with you please provide the details as and when needed and then make the payment for the same.

British Airways Travel Classes

Economy Class: one can get great value for money and family-friendly service.

Premium Economy Class: one can experience a wider seat, longer legroom, priority boarding, and all in a separate cabin and can carry an extra checked-in bag.

Business Class: one will be to avail the lounge services, dedicated checked-in, fully flat beds in case of long haul flights.

First Class: One can have the privilege to enjoy luxurious fine dining all in your private suite and one can use the departure lounges. To fly with first will indeed be a memorable experience.

British Airways Baggage Policy

It is always advisable that if we are traveling we should be aware of the policy and the same is laid as below:

Carry on Allowance

  1. 1 handbag or laptop
  2. 1 standard carry-on bag

Personal Item it should be up to 16x12x6 inches or 40x30x15 cm and in weight, t should not go beyond 51 pounds which means 23kg The standard carry-on bag should not go beyond 22x18x10, and in weight, it should be up to 51 pounds or 23 Kg. In case you are traveling with the infant then you can carry 1 additional baggage up to 22x18x10 inches and weight should not be beyond 51 pounds.

Stroller Policy: A small stroller which can be fully collapsed with a maximum dimension of 46x15x15 inches, it can be taken to the gate and then picked up outside the destination gate on arrival. Stollers which be collapsed and fit in the bag can be taken on board instead of standard carrying o bag and another thing to consider is that it should not exceed the maximum carry-on bag. If the stroller is large can be checked at the gate and it can be picked up at the baggage carousel in the baggage hall.

Checked Baggage Allowance: All bags should not exceed the weight of 51 pounds which is 23 kg if you are flying in Economy and Premium, if you are traveling in Business and First class can carry a maximum weight of 70 pounds or 32Kg and should not exceed the dimension of 35.5x29.5x16 inches in other words it means (90x75x43 cm).

  • If you are flying in Economy can carry 1 bag weighing up to 51 pounds 23kg.
  • In the case of Premium Economy, you can carry 2 bags weighing every 51 pounds or 23 Kg.
  • In Business class you can travel with 2 bags weighing 70pounds or 32Kg.
  • In the case of first-class travel one can travel with 3 bags weighing up to 70 pounds or 32 Kg.
  • I case you are traveling with infants between the age of 2-11 have to follow the same allowance policy which includes collapsible stroller, travel coat, car seat or carries harness.
  • In case of the infants under 2 years you can travel one can carry 1 bag and two items which will include a collapsible stroller, travel coat, car seat, or carry harness.

In case if you need more clarification one can ask to speak to the customer service team.

British Airways Check-In

British Airways offers a hassle-free check-in facility to its passenger. Whether you are traveling to a domestic or overseas destination, you are eligible for online and offline check-in facilities. You can make your check-in via the airline’s official website (web check-in), mobile check-in, and airport check-in. We have mentioned all the check-in processes here.

To make your check-in for your British Airways flight, you can go through and follow the information below:

Online Check-In:

  • Online and App Check-In with British Airways usually starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • To check-in online, follow the steps below.
  • Log on to the official website of British Airways and click on “Manage”tab on the options bar.
  • In the spaces provided, feed in your “Booking Reference Number”and your “Last name “.
  • Now click on the“Online check-In” tab.
  • This completes your online check-in and you can, now, simply print out your “Boarding Pass”.

Mobile App Check-In:

  • Open the British Airways Mobile App on your Mobile, iPad or you can also access the same on your Apple Watch.
  • Click on the “Manage”tab on the options bar.
  • In the spaces provided, feed in your “Booking Reference Number”and your “Last name “.
  • This completes your online App check-in.
  • Next simply download and print your “Boarding Pass”.

Airport Check-In:

For Airport Check-In with British Airways, go to the airport and visit the British Airways Kiosk. All you need to complete your Check-In process is your “Booking Reference Number” and any form of an identification document to check-in. This check-in facility usually closes 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for long haul flights and 45 minutes for short-haul flights.

British Airways Manage booking

You will be required to enter the details as booking reference and last name of the passenger and will be able to do the following:

  • View the details of the reservation.
  • Can book the seat, if not done at the time of booking.
  • Provide Advance Passenger information as passport and other details.
  • Email the itinerary.
  • In case you are traveling to the USA or Puerto Rico can apply ESTA.
  • Can check-in and print the boarding pass before the arrival at the airport.
  • Can change the flight, upgrade the flight and also claim the refund.

British Airways Cancellation and Refund Policy

Yes, we agree that plans get cancel hence the airlines have the cancellation policy in place which is described as below:

  • If the booking is done online and once you cancel the reservation within 24 of the booking, the passenger will be able to get the complete refund.
  • If the cancellation is done after 24 hours of the booking the passenger will be required to pay the cancellation charge which will depend on the flight.
  • The cancellation fee is to be calculated as per the fare rules of the British Airways.

British Airways Refund Policy

  • One can claim the refund by going on the official website and filling the form.
  • The refund will be processed within 7 working days once the form has been filled.

Contact British Airways customer Support

The customer team is the face of the company and the airlines ensure that the team is aware of the complete procedures and the policy so that the right information goes down at the customer level one can reach the team by calling, or through live chat as well.


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