Eva Air Baggage Policy

Eva air also is known as evergreen airlines is a Taiwanese International Airline company founded in 1989 located at Taiyuan International Airport, near Taipei, Taiwan. It is headquartered in Liuzhou, Taiyuan City, Taiwan and operates around 40 international destinations in continents Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Eva Air is the second largest Taiwanese Airline, and a 5-star airline rated by Skytrax. Eva Air operates a combined fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft Eva Air was one of the first carriers to launch Premium Economy class in 1991.

Eva Air General information: If you are willing to know about the baggage policy of Eva air this article is goanna assist you to get addressed with all the segments of baggage policy:

  • Eva Air has quite generous baggage policy.
  • But you must abide by their baggage policy regulations in order to avoid any specific charges.
  • Baggage handlers are suggested to not exceed 23 kg (50 lb.) of checked baggage limit.
  • Otherwise, you have to reshuffle or transfer your stuff into different bags or pay extra baggage amounts.
  • Few specific commodities over 32 kg or oversize medical equipment, pets, sports kit, musical instrument or any household equipment must be pre-advised to the reservation office.
  • Their approval at least 48 hours before departure is compulsory.

Eva airlines Cary on Baggage

  1. Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business class commuter is allowed to carry two-pieces of hand-carry baggage and each commodity should not exceed a limit of 7 kg/15 lb.
  2. Premium economy/Economy class passengers are allowed with one carry-on baggage of weight limit 7 kg/15 lb.
  3. The preferred dimension of each hand-carry baggage should not exceed 23*36*56 cm/9*14*22 in or a total of 115 cm/45 in (personal stuff are not under this regulation).
  4. If hand-carry baggage exceeds the remarkable limit it will be either carried in the cargo hold or refused carriage.
  5. In addition to free hand-carry baggage, each passenger can have their one-piece personal item allowed in all classes of dimension 40*30*10 cm/16*12*4 in.
  6. If it crosses the above-described baggage limit then it will be counted in hand-carry baggage allowance.

The following comes under the list of personal item:

  • Laptop
  • Purse
  • Small backpack
  • Briefcase
  • Camera case
  • Rain gear
  • A limited amount of duty-free merchandise

For more details regarding special items, cabin baggage, travel gadgets you may visit their official webpage.

Eva Air Interline Baggage

You may visit Eva Air official website for the list of interline baggage policies with other airlines.

Traveling with Pets:

  • You are required to inform the Eva Air reservation office 48 hours before departure.
  • Eva Air does not allow transportation of live birds.
  • Animals younger than 10 weeks and pregnant animals are prohibited for carriage.
  • Eva Air prohibits the transportation of pets as unchecked baggage in the cabin except for service animals such as escort’s dogs, emotional support animals for which medical certificates are required.
  • Carrying snub dogs and cats in the hot season is not recommended. These animals are not favorable with maintaining normal body temperature in the hot season.
  • Passengers traveling with pets are supposed to check-in at counter 2 few hours prior to departure.
  • Some pets are strictly prohibited you can visit their official site to get more details about their pet policy.

Eva Air Checked Baggage

Passengers traveling to/from USA Canada and other certain countries in South and Central America:

  • Baggage Allowance: 2 pieces.
  • Maximum Dimension: 62 linear inches/157 cm (length +width +height).
  • Maximum weight for passengers in all class: 70 lb. / 32 kg.
  • Passengers traveling to other destinations:
  • Maximum weight for premium economy and economy class passengers: 44 lb. /20 kg total.
  • Maximum weight for business class passengers: 66 lb. /30 kg total.
  • Maximum weight for first-class passengers: 88 lb. /40 kg total.

Make sure to contact the Eva Air reservation desk or their website for more details. As there can be some exceptions in the above information regarding your arrival and departure city. If your baggage crosses the standard liability limits, you can declare it’s valued and extend Eva Air’s liability. You have to pay an amount of US$0.50 for each additional US$100.00 declared. For more excess valuation details you can visit their official website.



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