Eva Air Cancellation Policy

Deserved to be awarded in the ratings of cheapest airlines, Eva has made a big place in the hearts of the passengers traveling in and outside Taiwan. Passenger’s book ticket to experience the world-class accommodation served inside the flight. Making the journey safe, different policies are formed to offer you the best service while traveling to the destination.

In case a passenger wishes to cancel the booked ticket due to any circumstance or the flight itself suggests canceling then a certain major policy is to be applied in this case.

Eva Air Cancellation policy process:

  • The cancellation policy can pertain to all tickets excluding the Award tickets purchased and also refunded through the official website.
  • To cancellation the award tickets, the passenger needs to connect with the local ticketing offices.
  • The refund request will have proceeded further only in the situation of over-sale or flight cancellations respectively.
  • If the refund is needed, cancellation must be accomplished within a day of booking of the ticket.
  • For all the tickets booked from the official website by a credit card, the refund will be made within 7 business days. On the other side, other tickets booked via cash or check will be refunded within 20 business days.
  • If the passenger decides to make the ticket cancellation after 24 hours of the booking but allows less than a week from the date of your journey then the airline allows a cancellation fee to the passengers.

This policy makes you aware before taking the wrong decision in canceling the ticket. One can make cancellation of the ticket according to Eva Airlines' rules and regulations because if you make the cancellation with your choice then you might be charged a certain amount. Always follow the in build instructions. Follow the policy and keep yourself updated in case you wish to book another flight.

Eva Airlines Refund Policy

Cancellation policy is considered to be applied every time a passenger chooses to cancel the booked ticket. There are several options to get help before canceling the ticket. One of them is the Eva Airlines customer service number. This number will always assist you whenever required. The 24 by 7 service serves the best outcome. Experts and professionals bring a high-quality solution which will surely help you in canceling the Eva Airlines ticket.

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