Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Southwest airlines are a major American airline based in Dallas, Texas, and are the largest low-cost airline in the world. The Southwest airline was established on March 15, 1967, by Herb Kelleher as Air Southwest. And it adopted its current name, Southwest Airlines in 1971. When it began operating as an intra-state airline within the state of Texas, flying for the first time between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio 4000 departures per day during the high travel season. As of August 2019, Southwest transports most of the national passengers of any airline in the United States. The airline has scheduled services to 101 destinations in the USA and 10 additional countries.

Get to know about different classes in Southwest airlines

We are well aware of the fact that each airline has two sets of classes. One is the business class and the second one is the economy class. Each of the classes has its own set of services and features which we will try to understand in this tutorial so that one can make a quick decision when planning to travel via this airline. Feel free to connect with us in case you are having any of the difficulty in trying to identify the class in which you want to travel and we would be more than happy to assist you and resolve any level of complexity within a very short span of time. So just stay tuned to this tutorial for further information with regards to different types of the class available in Southwest airlines.

Southwest Airlines Booking

Southwest airlines have got to offer anything to everything to all its dedicated travelers which make it a preferred choice among many of the travelers. As this is the first choice of many of the travelers so the demand for people traveling across the airline is also increasing. This results in discrepancies when booking tickets in the airline. There are two different ways through which the travelers can book tickets in this airline. One is through immediate assistance offered from the qualified agents and the other is through following a set of protocols and procedures as mentioned down the tutorial to get the bookings done.

Southwest Airlines business class: In case you have a considerable amount of budget when traveling across a destination then you can easily book tickets in Southwest airlines business class. By booking tickets in these airline passengers are the first to board on to the airlines. Also, there are not any specific seats assigned to a passenger and one can choose any of the seats of their choice. Also, the passengers get a premium drink from the airlines' side with a coupon that is valid all day through the travel. Also in case you are a frequent flyer then you get 12 points per dollar which can eventually be redeemed whenever you are planning your next travel.

Southwest Airlines economy class: Like most of the airline, the airline also got an economy class which means the people who do not want to spend much when traveling across a destination can book tickets in this airline. The seats are comfortable and one can have a nice travel. There is quite a lot of in-flight entertainment services also offered to the people of this airline. Also, there is a paid in-flight hospitality service also offered to all the dedicated people who wish to travel via this airline.

Steps for instant booking of tickets in Southwest Airlines:

  • Travelers can open the official website of Southwest Airlines and then from there they can simply log in to the website from their desire account username and password.
  • Once logged in to the official website then travelers can simply locate and move on to the Booking section of the airlines. 
  • Travelers can next enter the mandatory information to quickly book tickets in the airline and then quickly confirm if all the information that is being entered is correct and move on to the payment page.
  • Finally, travelers can book the ticket by making the payment, and then they can travel to a destination of their choice on the specified date and time for which they have booked the tickets.

Southwest Airlines baggage policy

There is an abundance of travelers who have some sort of bookings made either for their business or personal or holiday purpose. But one of the common problems which many of the travelers face or mainly the new ones is the baggage policy of this airline. People unaware of the baggage policy tend to land up paying higher charges which obviously they do not want to pay.

  • First-time travelers of this airline should understand that they are only allowed to carry two luggage with them. 
  • One is the carry on which they can take along with them in the airlines and second is the big baggage that will come along with the Cargo when you have successfully landed up.
  • Travelers will not be charged anything for this unless and until it is overweight.
  • Apart from this if there is any other luggage which the people are carrying they will have to pay some extra amount with it.
  • In recent times the qualified agents have set up a process through which they can offer direct assistance to all the dedicated travelers.
  • For getting all the desire Southwest airlines baggage policy through this route they can connect directly with the qualified agents and get a one-stop solution for all the baggage policy.

What is the Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy?

The Southwest airlines check-in policy is almost the same as other airlines check-in policy. It is always in favor of passengers. At the times of check-in only bags are not checked at the airport some other equipment like personal documents, ticket, passport, electronic gadgets, etc. also included in the check-in process.

  1. When the passengers arriving at the airport their first process is to start with check-in.
  2. At the airport Southwest airlines check-in is the same as other airline's check-in process.
  3. There are several processes of checking bags sealed bags are passed away by the bag scanning machine and these checking is known as online check-in.
  4. After check-in the entire luggage is sealed by the security team.
  5. In the electronic check-in machine, bags are dropped by the passenger himself.

Southwest Airlines manage booking

Travelers can anytime manage their bookings in Southwest airlines if some mood swings happen at any point in time for the travelers. Travelers can anytime go for Southwest airlines manage to book if they are willing to modify the date of booking of their airlines to some other dates or are willing to make some sort of other modifications. Travelers can anytime move down the tutorial and follow the below mentioned sequential procedure to manage the bookings in Southwest airlines.

Steps to manage booked tickets in Southwest airlines:

Step 1: Travellers can simply log in to the Southwest airlines official website from where they have been booking tickets.

Step 2: Travellers can next move on to the left-hand side where the list of menus is available and then from there they can simply locate to the manage booking section.

Step 3: Travellers can next look for the modifications which they are willing to make in their Southwest airlines.

Step 4: Once that has been done then travelers can click on Save Changes to ensure that all the changes that have been made have been saved in an effective manner.

Southwest Airlines cancellation policy 

Steps for cancellation of tickets in Southwest airlines:

Step 1: Travellers can simply log in to the Southwest airlines official website from where they have been booking tickets.

Step 2: Travellers will now need to move on to the booked tickets section and then from there they can find the list of tickets booked and also locate the ticket that they want to get it canceled.

Step 3: Travellers can finally click on that ticket and then next click on the cancel to get the cancellation done in an effective and smooth manner.

The amount will then be refunded back as shown on the screen depending upon the airlines' policy. Once done travelers can find the amount reflected back onto their account depending upon the days and time of the transaction for the same.

Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

There would be many of the things which may remain unclear for the travelers when reading the above-mentioned tutorial or they may be having some other doubts and queries when reading the above-mentioned tutorial. Such travelers can easily resolve such type of issue and query by taking direct assistance from the qualified agents which is available by dialing the 24/7 southwest airlines phone number. It’s a toll-free number and travelers can seek assistance for any level of complexity without any sort of hesitation. Services are completely legit and premium which means travelers can feel free to connect without any sort of hesitation.


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